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  1. Machine is like "The Flowers"

    It's like saying: "us" is like "the flowers", itsn't it? sorry about my english again.
  2. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    I don't read all this post...but i'm listening right now "far" !!! do you?' love Machine

    It's reminds me this Silverchair's video: http://vids.myspace.com/index....ual&videoid=10321515 http://vids.myspace.com/index....f6-a5b7-090878fc93d6 ( They have some pictures aboute Magritte)
  4. Regina Song Showdown!

    The Flowers the ultimate song?? The flowers vs Prisoners live (extended)
  5. Regina Spektor NEW ALBUM!!!

    let her do whatever she wants...i'll be wonderful whatelse!
  6. What are you Eeting right now?

    Empanadasde carne!! de desayuno...las que sobraron de anoche "meat-in-bread"!!! breakfast in the morning...Those who exceeded of last night
  7. New Blog, New Blog!!!

    here is a new latin-forum http://reginapolis.foroactivo.net/ aca esta un nuevo foro latino Have fun!
  8. Regina @ Outside Lands

    thanx!! beautiful photos..but i can't download anyone, could you (or anyone) please post them in the forum? at least the 2nd one (where she is like screaming) thanx again!
  9. regina lyric chain game!

    I can't help but making a big round incision Left near the bookshelf by that book on division - AB (it's allowed to play by ownself?) (está permitido jugar con uno mismo?)
  10. regina lyric chain game!

    And you're making that face that I like And you're going in, in for the kill, kill For the killer kiss, kiss For the kiss, kiss - ode to Divorce
  11. regina lyric chain game!

    I've woken up once And i've woken twice And i've woken up millions and millions of times - A Cannon
  12. "so young..." "... until you're not " ""...but always... ""... so pretty As pretty as can be·
  13. photos of ourselves !

  14. Thanx for the interview!! aand... i read somewhere some interview with John Cusack (the actor from Hi Fidelity, I remember this when she told the "Fidelity" creation) that he was a big Regina's fan and would like to invite her to (act in ) his next film!!! Gracias por la entrevista!! yy... lei por algún lado alguna entrevista a John Cusack ( el actor de Hi Fidelity, me acordé esto cuando ella cuenta la creación de "Fidelity") que era un gran fan de Regina y le gustaría invitarla a (acutuar en ) su próxima pelicula!!!
  15. photos of ourselves !

    je..getting ready to play..( if i find anothr better, i'll put it)
  16. pictures and videos of interest...

    bueno, mi primer grabación, sin muchos preparativos ni ensayos..Perdón! well, my first rec, without a lot of neither preparations nor study...Sorry http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=luFEZqRxXDk
  17. he estado discutiendo sobre cuales es/son el/los mejore/s tema/s de regina, y sé que para cualquier fan es muy dificil eleguir 1, 2, 3..un numero finito de temas; asi que me pregunté (y ahora a uds.) Se puede elegir cual es el menos mejor ( el peor suena feo, y improbable)? Yo elijo: Kids i've been discussing about which is/are the best/s Regina/s song/s, and I know is very difficult to pick 1, 2, 3... a finite number to any fan; so I ask myself (and now to you): Can be choosed a less better ( the worst sounds ugly, and improbable) I choose: Kids
  18. regina lyric chain game!

    quote: Originally posted by rspektorfaneire: We all know that our whole world is around us all the time--Begin To Hope You can't spend your whole life waiting for god, to kiss you - Dulce et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori-
  19. the "worst" song

    quote: Originally posted by Nat: forgive me, for i have sinned, its been 21 years and 9 months since my last confession ....i dont like one more time with feeling...wow it feels so good to get that out, its been eating me up inside Nice you can do catharsis !!! and it's came like an pacefull place, because I've been reading a lot of discussions about "how you don't like this or that song", or "how can you love this or that". althogh anothers discussions have been interesting. take it with humor (or don`t take it!) - even if when I read some post i think "how you dont like this or that song..."-. Que bueno que hagas catarsis!! y esto se vuelva un lugar algo pacífico, porque he leído un montón de discusiones como " cómo no te puede gustar esta o aquella canción", o " como te puede gustar esta o aquella". Aunque algunas discusiones han sido interesantes. tomenló con humor (o no lo tomen) - pese a que ha veces cuando leo algunos comentarios pienso "cómo no te puede gustar esta o aquella canción..."-.
  20. Is anyone else into heavier music?

    i was a marilyn manson fan, also Dream Theater, and you can add Chirs cornell, Silverchair, Piazzolla, Fun People..they rocks! fui fanático de marilyn manson, tb de dream theater...y los que puse ahí. Now is Regina's time Ahora es tiempo de Regina
  21. Explain Your Name Here!!

    fd, is from fede (federico is my name)...and sounds like "is fede" or "hey! fede!", spelling in spanish. fd, es de fede (federico es mi nombre)...y suena como "esfede" o "e'fede", deletreando en español
  22. regina lyric chain game!

    "I kissed your lips and I tasted blood" your honor
  23. Regina Demographics

    I'm 1/4 of Century (un)digital boy. tengo 1/4 de siglo.
  24. language nerds !!!!

    Obviously: No. well, may be I'm a spanish-nerd, 'cuase i make wrods games all the time. and something similar with english but mixing spanish.... (i don't kow if this was about the post.je)
  25. Am I the ONLY one who hates soup?

    quote: Originally posted by Stepped On A Syringe: fd, are you really in La Plata? YES!! why? I'm living in La Plata (the silver), Argentina.