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  1. Could someone please send me a copy at Thanks muchly.
  2. 11:11 CD for sale on Ebay

    I feel kind of bad for the winning bidder. I was the 2nd highest bidder. I stuck a snipe in with auctionsniper (acution ended in the early hours of the morning UK time) and decided that it was the music that matters, not the CD so intended to cancel the snipe, but forgot all about it. If I'd remembered and cancelled it, the final price would have been half what it was.
  3. When she recently played the UK she had a Steinway. I have no idea as to the model. But after the show a piano movers van turned up, bundled the piano out of the venue on a trolley, packed it up and headed off, presumably to the folling night's gig.
  4. $80 well spent

    Because the bus was right outside the venue, you couldn't miss it when leaving so a load of people figured if they'd hang around they'd get to meet her as she came out, but the numbers dwindled at a pretty steady rate as people's lifts home arrived, people had trains to catch, or when they just decided the wait wasn't worth when you've been waiting an hour and are thinking it must be any minute now and then the stacks of pizzas arrive to be taken in, presumably for her/the crew/staff and you realise you're in for a looong wait. And then the rain came. And then the dopeheads sifting through the bins in the alley... By the time she came out I think there were only half a dozen of us still waiting. She was really sweet and polite and talked to everyone, signed stuff (but not my arm!), but I did get the impression she was wanting to get away as soon as possible. But who can blame her? It was 1am, cold, drizzling with rain, in a didgy street, she'd just done a show and had to ride on to Birmingham for the next night's show. Not the perfect environment for hanging out. One thing I thought was funny was that by the time she came out we'd been waiting that long, we were all sat on the pavement across the street. When we saw her come out, I think everyone was overcome with shyness and nobody wanted to get up and dash across to her. So we kinda sat there for a second or two and for a moment I thought she was going to get on the bus and leave with us all sitting there dumbfounded. In the end she saw us and she was the one that came over to speak.
  5. $80 well spent

    quote: Originally posted by Senza: Was this in Liverpool? Someone there also asked Regina to sign some part of them (think it was the arm), but she refused. She would've signed his shirt though.. Yep, that was me.
  6. Regina on Democracy

    quote: Originally posted by toastnuances: Join me in nominating reg for President of the World! Oh, the irony.
  7. $80 well spent

    I don't think that Regina has a problem with tattoos or people with them as such, but I think I can say with some certainty that she doesn't approve of them. Not just for herself, but on others. I met her and asked her to sign her name on my arm, with the intention of going straight to my tattooist to have him go over it, creating a pretty unique Regina tattoo. She wasn't into it at all and refused to do it. She even asked the question that all of the people I know that are into tattoos hate more than any other..."why would you want to do that to yourself?". I still may work up something to have done...maybe an entire leg composed of imagery from the sings, the album covers and maybe some choice lyrics, perhaps a stylised picture of Regina herself in there somewhere. Seems a little odd though, doing it knowing that she would disapprove. Not that I'd be doing it for her, I get my tattoos for me alone, but still...
  8. Birmingham Academy show anyone?

    Here you go
  9. More tickets released for Lonodn show

    I'm not sure of the exact row/seat numbers. I think though that I'm at the front of the upper stalls(?). Or the upper circle, maybe? Front/middle of the upper level anyway. I'm also going to be at the shows in Liverpool and Birmingham too! I'm going to be knacked driving from Newcastle to Liverpool for a gig, then back home that night, then to Birmingham the next day, then back again. It'll be nice to have a seat at the London show and be able to relax more than being jammed up front with the crowds at the other, standing, shows. Are you planning on sticking around to try and get to meet her afterward?
  10. More tickets released for Lonodn show

    quote: Originally posted by Sweetest Downfall: I'm going to that show! I really can't wait - and only just over a week left now. Will anyone else from here be going? Yup, I'll be there
  11. Download the new "Better"

    Thanks a lot for this. I'd buy it if I could but until they decide, if ever, to put it on the UK iTunes store I'm forced to rely on the helpful folk of the fourm
  12. Explain Your Name Here!!

    People from my town (South Shieds, UK) are known as Sanddancers. Pretty straightforward really.
  13. A question about regina shows

    When people have met her, whereabouts have they waited? I'm okay to wait, but I'm not sure whether to try and hang around the stage area or sneak out and scout around for the back door or a tour bus or something. Knowimg my luck I'd be stood outback in the cold while she's holding a meet & greet at the stage or vice versa.
  14. New Better on iTunes USA!

    Any ideas if/when it's going to be available on the UK iTunes store?
  15. Regina Spektor - Birmingham Academy, UK 7th September!!!

    quote: Originally posted by pesh: ARGH I cant find any tickets for the london gig anywhere!!! how did people but tickets for this gig? would be great