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  1. 3 word story

    and surreptitiously spread
  2. Good News Thread!

    First day of school today, rode my bike to school, damn I feel I'm contributing to the rescue of our earths ozone. But it was a boring day. I have an ok schedule, except the fact that I have Mr. E. for English. Ughhh, that man looks like a pedophile. Other than that, awesome awesome schedule, me gots Photography in semester 2. YAY! And I start piano lessons soontime. Grade nine piano not fun since the first list is mostly Bach, and Bach can suck my dick. Ok, going to do laundry now.
  3. "Sailor Song" Video

    Dude, this was beautiful, you did it justice.
  4. New music we should all hear

    Good music to listen to, eh? (Yep I'm Canadian). Magnetic Fields, Iron & Wine, Beirut, The Dresden Dolls, Brand New, Marilyn Manson, Matt & Kim, Blonde Redhead, Yaël Naïm, Yeah Yeah Yeahs. If anyone's into hardcore chicks who can outgrowl any guy check out Otep. Also, Lamb of God (Randy is the man!), Cradle of Filth (Danny is so damn beautiful). And of course Regina but we all know that.
  5. Wee Rants

    My lower retainer broke. So I am waking up early tomorrow so I can get there before 10. Hopefully no one will have to pay 200 dollars for a new retainer. The wire just snapped in the back, it can be welded back together, maybe hopefully.
  6. Good News Thread!

    STarted reading Perks, I think I may cry. It's so beautiful. NExt letter is september 7. The shitty part is that I'll be reading them all one day later than the suggested day. In the book Charlie's first letter is on August 25, 1991, which was a Sunday, this year it is a Monday. Gahhhh. Oh well. I'll live. Reaper is on tonight!!! Ahh can't wait!
  7. Good News Thread!

    I went into my room to go look for my liquid eyeliner becuase I was bored and wanted to draw on my already existing eyebrows. But instead I found my Spongebob mittens that I am wearing right now. And my toy gun. Dexter Season 3 is out this September, tomorrow is the 25th of Augusst which is the first letter that Charlie wrote. CANT WAIT! MUST WRITE BLOG!
  8. Good News Thread!

    Theres a bunch of those Youtube challenges, how many sour candies can you eat? Or how many marshmallows can you stuff in your mouth? SO I made my own, How long can you smile? Hehehehehe. We'll see who can beat me! I smiled fo 8 minutes. It was originally 12 minutes but that was too long and the file couldn't be posted on the tube. Winner will have a song written for them.
  9. Good News Thread!

    quote: quote: JesusChrist says: I was however the first person in line for her concert, I waved to her when she was in the car and then again when she played. Wait which concert? Because i know you aren't talking about McCarren, because the first in line were Serge, JohnnyC, and I... and the next ten or so people to follow were also Stixers... Also... her entrance was at the back... how did you wave to her if you were in line at the front? Just wondering... whoa, major confuzzlement. i went to see Regina in November of 07, but this was in Toronto (the Canadian Toronto). Edit: I am reading Perks for the billionth time. And all this time I thought Aunt Helen was super skinny. Charlie said she was "corpulent" and I had always thought it meant corpse-y. So dead skinny. Fuck, dude. All this time! Now I have to reimagine her.
  10. how did you get into regina?

    quote: Originally posted by ShutMeUp: OMG. It's Seean^^^^^^ It's Jamie!
  11. Wee Rants

    quote: Originally posted by PerksOfAWallflower: wow...i hope you got al that frustration out, yea that really sucks but one of my new philosophies in action that has worked surprisingly good is....... step one: survey the sitation 2: can you change it with anything in your power 3: if no then use G's advice and fuhgetabottit (or however its spelled). chillax a bit and just let dumbfucks be dumbfucks and dont let them get you down. also on a happier note SYNESTHESIA!!!!!!!! you should feel lucky you got the only cool neurological disorder in the book! seriously dude, that is cool as fuck! and you lucked out and got the visual/ hearing synesthesia! man, not to be make a molehill from your mountain (im sure there are other things not as cool about it) but dont worry about your friend... i think youre cool Don't worry, Perks, I got it out. I also have it with numbers and I can taste the colour brown. I get this taste in my mouth every now and then that I can only describe as brown. It used to happen a lot when I was a kid and when I did taste it I'd say it out loud or in a whisper loud enough for me to hear "I'm tasting brown!" Love always, Charlie
  12. Wee Rants

    So I have this youtube account where I make countless covers. And have been since I was 14. So people come along and make such retarded comments that I ruined the song because apparently improvising vocally is bad. Or playing a random note in a chord that isn't supposed to be there. Anywho....I get throngs of useless comments from these dumbfucks and they tell me things like "You killed my favourite song!!! I HATE YOU! GO DIE!" or "That's not how you play the song!! You're supposed to play an E in the Bb chord and a C when you play the G chord!" They basically go all apeshit on me because I didn't play it the way they would've liked me to play. The worse part is that they go and watch other videos and comment on those. Fuck the fuck off, cuntwad! If you don't like my fucking videos then why the fuck are you even watching them, let alone taking the time to write me a comment?! I mean it's not fucking rocket science, you dumb piece of shit! You could've simply pressed stop and watched something else. Don't fucking put the blame on me! Don't you dare fucking come on my video that I worked so fucking hard on (seeing as that I have a really slow computer and it takes approximately 3 hours to upload something as short as 2 minutes) just so you can whine like a 6-year-old. I'm not your goddamn mother! It just pisses me off that these people feel that it is I that ruined their day. No silly poop, you ruined your own day. No one asked you to watch me, no one asked you to like me, so please tell me why you are wasting your time and crying about it like it's my fault? God if I could only strangle these people I think I would be happy. I really do. And what else makes me mad is that I get homophobic comments from people. Who the fuck are you to tell me who I am? Don't go opening some bible and read me some faerytale because a man (that we have no proof of exists except for a book written by 4 bored men) said it was a "sin". You know it says a lot of things in the bible, sweety, things like "Love thy neighbour as you should love thyself" and "He who is without sin, cast the first stone". It strikes me odd that there are so many homophobic comments on gay-related content. How on earth did you even get there in the first place? If you really hate us gays, why did you type homo, fag, gay, queer in the search engine? Are you deprived of common sense? Sorry, I had to vent. I'm normally a very cheerful person. I really am, no lie. I smile a lot, and laugh like a wee baby, but I can get pretty angry. Yes I know my display name is Jesus Christ, and that last part about the bible was rather contradicting, but really people...actually I'm not going to further explain myself. Another thing that has nothing to do with my youtubeness. I told a friend about my synesthesia and how I can see streaks of light when upon hearing a sound or a noise and she gave me a strange look. Then told me that I needed to get checked by a doctor and get surgery ASAP. That or talk to someone because I needed help. I told her that it was nothing bad, it's not like it's a disease. She told me it was a stupid condition to have. Ughhhhh. If only people could see what I see, damn I think the world would be a better place.
  13. how did you get into regina?

    Not that interesting but a friend and I were sharing music with each other and I was giving her stuff by the dolls (songs that hadn't heard before) and she asked if I've ever heard of Regina Spektor. I said I did hear of her name but never looked into it. Also because that name is so fucking unique I thought it didn't exist. Kind of like my last name (It's really really uncommon, like 15 people in my city have that name). So she gave me Fidelity and I was instantly hooked. But of course she gave me more and more and more and more and MOAR MOAR MOAR MOAR MOAR! Until I basically had all cds on my iTunes. That I eventually lost do to a crashing of the computer. I used to have around 200 songs by her (this included rarities that I now know don't "exist" and live stuff). So fast forward to about 6 or 7 months. Regina was playing in my city, Toronto, at the Kool Haus. Me, said friend, and another friend went to go see her. It's actually quite an interesting story because it was all our first Regina concert and we happened to be the first people in line. Oh and we saw her drive up in a car and we waved to her like maniacs. She did this claw thing, like the letter E in ASL. Later on when she came out on stage and sang her opening "This Ain't No Cover" then slowly and cutely walked over to the bench and smiled to us all. We waved to her again and she did the claw thing! Now I can't wait til she comes back.
  14. What are you listening to right now?

    Cruz - Christina Aguilera. Yes, I LOVE Christina Aguilera don't hate! And I'm singing along as I type. And damn it's hard to type while singing....
  15. photos of ourselves !

    quote: Originally posted by stwongbad: first of all props to me for re activating my original pre feb 2005 brumstick user name (sans the 85).....i finally dug up my old "" email address and linked up my old account to my new yeah....... . . I don't think i have his permission.....(do i need it these days?....these legal matters of the www are so bothersome).....but here is a and Adamjk.....but his picture is all over the net no surprises there....with Amanda Palmer at a DD/Panic at the disco show about 3 years ago or so.......i was not there to see me..... Its funny...i have met/bumped into/stalked Regina several times, but don't have a single clear/unblurry/direct picture of us together.....and now that she is uber famous, it seems that I missed my chance and will just have to hold on to those precious memories for dear life.....hoping they don't wither away in my old age....sigh. . . . . I am the 12 year old wearing the Redskins hat btw..........(why do i have to look so ridiculous in every bad ass photo op i get?) Amanda!!! She's sweet....wait you were actually twelve when that was took? Taken? snapped? ugh, I suck at grammar at the moment. Cigs make you really light headed.