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  1. Setlists

    I add all these setlists on
  2. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    I read this in pitchfork news, My week starts in the best way possible Monday, March 16 Regina Spektor Spills About New Album "The myth of rock'n'roll doesn't weigh heavily on me." Regina Spektor Spills About New Album On the quirky scale, Regina Spektor makes Zooey Deschanel look like Jennifer Aniston. Everything about the Russian-born singer-songwriter is a little bit skewed-- her accent, phrasing, pronunciation, hooks. So, after toiling in the downtown NYC scene for the first half of the decade, it was a pleasant surprise when her 2006 album Begin to Hope cracked Billboard's Top 20 on the strength of bittersweet pop bites like "Fidelity" and "Better". Based on an advance listen to some of the tracks from her follow-up, Far (due in June via Sire), we can happily report that success hasn't spoiled Spektor's oddball charisma. For Far, the singer enlisted a quartet of hit-making producers: Begin to Hope's David Kahne, Mike Elizondo (Fiona Apple, Maroon 5), Garret "Jacknife" Lee (U2, R.E.M.), and-- most surprisingly-- ELO frontman/Paul McCartney and George Harrison collaborator/Traveling Wilburys member/overall rock'n'roll institution Jeff Lynne. Though her production collaborators come from a wide range of backgrounds, it's tough to mistake Spektor for anyone else. Among the songs that may be included on the record (the tracklist has yet to be set), there are dark narratives ("Genius Next Door"), sprightly sure-to-be hits ("The Calculation"), and some trademark goofiness ("Folding Chair", which features Spektor doing an uncanny dolphin imitation). As she gets ready to work on the final mixes for Far, Spektor took some time out to talk to us about her creative process, working with Jeff Lynne, and her sci-fi prediction for the year 2309.
  3. does regina post here?

    i just want to know
  4. does regina post here?

    i just want to know
  5. More Anti-Folk

    labels is just a way to try to explain what a musician/band plays, but at the end they just make the music squared
  6. Ever wonder what Tori fans think of Regina?

    Tori is a prodigy, is hard to compare someone with her. The first time that i heard Regina, Tori and Fiona Apple came to my mind, but and the same time i felt that her printed her particular style. They are similar becouse they play the piano (DUH!), red haired, some tones of the voice are similar, even in some points the music could be classified with the same label. But Lirically are completely different, Tori is more deep and depressing, Regina try more to be lovely and funny, is not a rule, but I feel it in most of their songs. The music is also different, Regina sometimes is more classical and have more only piano songs, Tori is more "pop-ish". I have to choose, maybe i will choose Tori, but it doesnt means that Regina is not very talented.
  7. Stockholm show March 4th. Anyone going?

    well maybe is becouse im really use to Latin American crowds, in general we are really loud and emotionals (sometimes more than it have to be). But it was only an impression, maybe im wrong. When I saw im from barcelona it was completely different, but they use to try to make the public part of the show and after Bloc Party maybe I will take better conclusions. another completely offtopic question... how is the accelerator, the big one? which kind of bands usually perform there, how much could be the tickts?
  8. Stockholm show March 4th. Anyone going?

    well, I was in the worst place of the theater, in the balcony, in the last line and in the last seat heheheh.... but i really enjoyed the gig.... regina is simple lovely
  9. Stockholm show March 4th. Anyone going?

    Please dont take this as an insult, . Im from Venezuela and right now im an exchange student in Uppsala. This one was my first gig here in Sweden, but I have a question are the swedish crowds usually as cold like that? i mean... they didnt scream really loud, didnt sing, didnt seem really enthusiastic... if you know what i mean.
  10. Stockholm show March 4th. Anyone going?

    Field Below Better
  11. Stockholm show March 4th. Anyone going?

    some videos that i found in youtube Aint not a cover (esta fue la primera) The flowers Poor Little Rich Boy That Time Samson Fidelity Apres Mois
  12. Stockholm show March 4th. Anyone going?

    tack sa myckey Lina excellent pictures
  13. Stockholm show March 4th. Anyone going?

    can anybody post the setlist?
  14. Stockholm show March 4th. Anyone going?

    the gig was awesome... i traveled from Uppsala to see her. She is so shy and funny at the same time, but with a really strong and powerfull voice. Nina thanks for the pictures, I will keep it in my computer, anyone videos???