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  1. Other good music

    quote: Originally posted by Klachopis: I've been most impressed with the Alabama Shakes. [/url] I love them! It's one of my favorite 2012 albums so far, together with Anais Mitchell's "Young Man in America" and Sharon Van Etten's "Tramp" (but I prefer the previous records of both of them). Talking music Regina's fans might like, I suppose everyone knows Joanna Newsom? "YS" is her most acclaimed record but I personally prefer the last one "Have One on Me". Also Agnes Obel's "Philarmonics" is well worth a listen.
  2. Other good music

    In these days I'm developing a strong addiction to Sharon Van Etten, especially to some songs of her latest record "Tramp" but most of all to her 2010 album "Epic" which is like its title says.
  3. Let's go to the Movies...

    I don't know if it has already been mentioned, but a few days ago I watched "Mary And Max" and it was one of the most wonderful things I have ever seen. So beautiful and cute and funny and sad and smart all a the same time. I'd recommend it to anyone, with any kind of taste!
  4. Introduce Yourself! Brümstix Questionnaire

    Ciao! As I wrote on another topic, I'm subscribed since 2008, but never relly participated so now that I'm back I'll introduce myself to all the good people here. Stats Name or nickname: elena / evolvingdodo Age: 27 Gender: female Orientation: good sense of. Relationship status: oh, i didn't even tell it to facebook. Location: bouncing from one town to another in the north of Italy Languages: Italian, English, some French and German. Life Occupation: Soon specializing in Cinema TV and Multimedia Hobbies: watching boring movies and silly tv shows, dunking biscuits and trying hard not to use the words "nerd" and "genius". Political Views: very pessimistic. Religious Views: very perplexed. Favorite Things Foods: tiramisù, pizza, french fries. (i actually make a healthy vegetarian diet, but those are still my 3 favorite things!) Color: green Books: oh, this is hard. my favorite is The Master and Margherita. TV: I am a TV series addicted so this is would be too long. my favorite current show is Parks and Recreation. Movies: Young Frankenstein, all Wes Anderson, all Woody Allen, Hollywood's 50's, the new German Cinema and a whole lotta love for Scandinavia. Music: any girl with a guitar or a piano, as long and she is crazy/rough/weird. oh, and R.E.M. Misc Origin or meaning of your Username: it's along story, but basically the evolving part comes from Ani DiFranco's album Evolve and the Dodo part comes from the song by Dave Matthews, the album by Aimee Mann and the dodos from Ice Age. thought it would be nice to make an extinct animal evolve again and it usually make people laugh so I'm happy to wear it. First time you heard Regina: March 2007. a friend of mine played Soviet Kitsch in his car while we were driving near the sea in Tuscany. It was instant love. Top 5 Regina Spektor songs: Après Moi, Carbon Monoxide, That Time, Samson, Love (You're a whore) Random fact about yourself: Yesterday I cut my hair by myself for the first time and while I was doing that I noticed that Samson was playing in my stereo and it was weird. By the way, nevet cut your hair by yourself. Who/What inspires you: Miranda July, Ali Smith, Regina, Ani DiFranco and anyone who can tell colorful stories by naming little things. Best thing about last year: Meeting Brandi Carlile hanging around in Oporto the day after her concert. Looking forward to this year: Regina's show in Berlin!
  5. European Tour

    Hello everyone! I had subscribed 4 years ago but I only poste once. My Regina-addiction came back strong with the latest announcements and I bought a ticket for the German show. I'm flying to Berlin from Italy, probably I'll be alone but I am so so so haaappy!!! I've never seen her live. She came to Italy only once, but it was an unlucky date for me and I couldn't go. Ooh how sad I was. I can't wait for July to come and I'll definitely hang around here more from now on. ciaociao! elena.
  6. I WANT REGINA IN ITALY!(Fan italiani leggette per favore!)

    hello everyone nice to meet you all, i've just subscribed... and i am italian too and desperately want regina to come play here!!!! piacere scrocca, che possiamo fare?