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  1. The Virginia Qeen "backwards"!

    wow, I'm scared minnow is a complete song with funny words, i like it a lot... especially that "ew, I found gerf". Maybe it was the original song, but reversed to get fidelity, how about that? In light of her earlier work, "I'm Scared, me" is a bit more Spektorific why the fish?
  2. I hate life.

    aw... math exams... I remember the 5 years of crushed hopes and in- and deflating confidence... No one was more self-assured walking into the test room as Beechcraft... the first to start, the first to finish, leaving the room filled with confidence, thinking "yeah, I nailed another test"... WRONG!!! In my second 4th year of high school (11th grade?) I JUST managed to pass thanks to one very good test, which proved sufficient to close the chapter of Math Class A1 (statistics & probability) with an 'alright' mark. And then I had to do a very similar course again in my first year at university... Failing the test 2, 3, 4 times. It took me 2 years to finish a 10 week course when numbers are involved, my IQ is halved it seems...
  3. Regina "hobbled" onto the stage at Tribeca

    quote: Originally posted by MusicLoser_2007: quote: Originally posted by MusicLover_2007: Ah, another America-bashing film by the Hollyweird left. What else is new? Unfortunately it shows a disturbing trend from Regina in supporting radical left wing causes. I sense a disturbance in the force. This just in: Some people have different ideas than I do. THEY ARE EVIL! Everyone who doesn't agree with me is wrong. I'm right dammit, and no amount of "evidence" will convince me otherwise. I happened to be born in this country and I support everything it does. That's perfectly sensible, right? Where would the world be without people who blindly followed their national leaders without question? The world would be far more peacefull: No Crusades, no napoleonic wars, no colonial era massacres, no genocides in africa and the former yugoslavia, no world war I, no world war II, no holocaust, no gulags and cleansings in Russia, no wars based on lies, no oppression of the freedom of expression, no betrayal of neighbours to junta's and dictatorial secret services, no extremists, no fundamentalistic terrorism. It's okay to love your country, it's okay that you support your government, but the officials are people too. they make mistakes and should be held responsible. They need to be criticized on retarded policies or they will keep making the same mistakes. What kind of American are you if you're inclined to have criticasters of the government silenced? do you really love your country if you never disagree with the authorities even if they are wrong and screw up lives with their mistakes and ignorance? Isn't the right to disagree something very important to democracy? and which country has crowned itself the defender of freedom and democracy? isn't that the country you live in and love? Then why are you so intolerant of contrasting opinions? I say once more: If there were no people with blind faith in their government, the world's history wouldn't have been so bloody and violent.
  4. If Regina would ever do a cover song.....

    Zanysteve, you're a genius! That would be awesome... though I doubt the ancièn terrible would do it...
  5. Regina Replies to us all through her blog...

    Regina's words put a smile on my face. I completely understand her sentiment of doing "whatever the fuck" she wants, even if that is listening to advice. being able to listen and change opinion is a virtue as long as you take a stand for your choices. Of course producers give advice and tips, it's their job to do that, they're not just the guy who hits the "record" button. Good producers know their client's earlier work and their style. They should know how the client likes to write and play and work with that. Producers do not only give advice, they need to listen to the artist's wishes first and then give suggestions. I think any good producer will do just that. Let her be creative in any way she wants, with whomever she wants. I for one find it hard to believe that producers who produce more commercial artists and records do just that, and like just that kind of music. It's just their job to do those things. producers need to eat and pay the rent too. If that means producing Avril Lavinge's new album on a $3 million budget, well, fine. (Extreme example: )If the same producer goes into the studio with, say, a band like Tiger Army (for $3000)... does that mean Tiger Army will switch from Psychobilly to the current Emocore fad?
  6. Price of Gas

    Try living in Western Europe... The price of gas is twice as high compared to the USA. of course, the US depends more on motorised transport than most western european countries because of the magnitude of the country. True, a german or frenchman has to cover more distance than a Belgian, but it's still small fries compared to USA distances... this also means that demand will stay high and keep getting higher and the supply will do nothing but decrease. in a few years or decades, gas will simply be too expensive and the world population will switch to cheaper fuels. A change is gonna come sometime. We have to abandon oil as fuel and should also stop using it for packaging.
  7. It's important to kiss someone

    If you kiss a French fry, your French-kissing skills will improve greatly...
  8. language nerds !!!!

    quote: Originally posted by PerksOfAWallflower: quote: Originally posted by Yaya: man, I didn't recognize any of those! thanks though Perks! I'm gonna write these down on paper somewhere. its okay, these are really really tough. i'll write the literal translation and the idomatic engish expression. À cheval donné on ne regarde pas la bride. one doesn't look at the reins of a given horse. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Le chat parti, les souris dansent. The cat leaves, the mice dance. When the cat's away the mice will play. Il ne faut pas vendre la peau de l’ours avant de l’avoir tué. It's necessary not to sell the pelt of a bear before having killed it. Don't count your chickens before they hatch. Avoir une araignée au plafond. To have spiders in the attic. To have bats in the bellfry. Qui ne dit mot consent. He who doesn't say a word, consents. If you say nothing, you agree. Quand on parle du loup, on en voit la queue. When one speaks of the wolf, one see's his tail. Speak of the devil and he appears. C'est la Pitié qui se moque de la Charité. It pity that mocks charity. The pot calling the kettle black. La caque sent toujours le hareng. The barrel always smells of herring. What is bred in the bone, comes out in the flesh. and Chantez à l'âne, il vous fera des pets is sing to a donkey and he will fart for you. lol not really translatable. so cool to see how popular sayings can be similar in different languages... here's the Dutch version of all those (in same order) 1. Je moet een gegeven paard niet in de bek kijken Don't look a gift horse in the mouth 2. Als de kat van huis is, dansen de muizen op tafel If the cat is away from home, the mice dance on the table 3. Verkoop de huid van de beer niet voor hij geschoten is Don't sell the bearskin before you shot it (almost the same) 4. (If it's to do with dark, private secrets: ) lijken in de kast hebben to have dead bodies in the closet... yes, it's even darker than a spider or bat in the attic 5. wie zwijgt stemt toe He who doesn't say a word, consents 6. Als je het over de duivel hebt, trap je op zijn staart Speak of the devil, tread on his tail 7. De pot verwijt de ketel dat hij zwart ziet Pot calling the cettle black (literally) 8. Positive: De appel valt niet ver van de boom Negative: al draagt een aap een gouden ring, het is en blijft een lelijk ding "The apple does not fall far from the tree" or, "A monkey wearing a golden ring is still an ugly thing" 9. Parels voor the zwijnen Pearls for the hogs/swine/pigs... expl: The gift is too good for the receiver (who apparently does not appreciate the gift's message, sentiment and/or value out of ignorance). can be applied to cultural expressions too (the audience does not understand the work)
  9. Handed-ness

    There are right-handed people who appear to have two left hands... these people should be kept clear of heavy equipment, dangerous tools and anything that breaks easily for their and other's safety
  10. The power of the review...

    I hope reviewing music will one day be my job (if I ever get that school-of-media diploma), free records, jay! could be the easiest or the hardest job in journalism. (opinion? facts? "i got this record for free, but would I pay € 20,- for it?) I find reviews usefull at pointing in the direction of something I might like. ayone here who actually got reviewed? My last band got one review, mildly positive as the verdict was "download" rather than "avoid" or "buy it!"
  11. weird dream about a writer on the stix

    I had a weird dream last night... A dreamed-up member of the Stix had written a book she said in a thread. I decided to take a look-see and clicked the link. The next thing I know is that I hold this Foto-album filled with A-4's. The printed story was well-written, featuring some mansion with guests and romance and all... but it stopped right in the middle. The next pages, right to the end were like a Teenage girl's diary with drawings of hearts, photo-collages and small poems. On the last sheet there was this little note saying "Hey Beechcraft, I live in Zwolle too and I am in love with you" I was baffled and woke up to my doorbell ringing (but the caller was gone when I got to the door).
  12. language nerds !!!!

    If Regina had been Dutch, her name would have been Reina Inspecteur, or Regina Schouten (south or north)...
  13. Regina on Patti Smith

    we Brümstixer have Regina Regina has Patti Smith Patti Smith Rocks
  14. Advice, or not.

    He needs to realise how annoying he's acting. If he doesn't and you explode in anger... ah no, that wouldn't work, he'll just say how beautifull you are when you are angry... I was annoyingly limerent too, a few years ago... it took about 3 months before I finally decided that it wasn't going anywhere (and that was 3 months after the lady made that conclusion)... while the whole "romance" had been resolved in about 3 days at the start of that time. and I shouldn't have bothered no more after that. I lost a friend there... tell him stories like that
  15. Six Thoughts...

    1. Happy Hermits with thought, the solitude bit 2. I felt like being one once, became one for a week but it didn't work, people kept calling and e-mailing me 3. I'm selected for the Provincial singer-songwriter contest! Jay! 4. Finally I'm in! 5. They call it "The Harvest of Overijssel" 6. I feel like wheat
  16. American Idol

    That's good, sure, but the Dutch 2nd edition winner was a real soulman, now only famous for his couture brand I agree that the final selection holds a lot of quality and diversity each time, but in many countries, the talent found with Idols is mis-used. In my opinion the US-version breeds "stronger" artists because the US is the birthplace of popular music, they have REAL expertise and flexibility when it comes to musical fads, fast exploitation and a timely move-on to something new. Outside of the US, we just follow your lead (with a small delay) when it comes to pop music and milk it 'till a record company goes bankrupt (and then we discover the USA moved on long ago and dip into the new hype)... A teen-idol from the US is a welcome new artist all over the world (USA music=good music), European teen-stars are confined to their own countries and rightly so, the USA puts out enough of those people as it is a bit of a simplification, but that's how it works. I greatly enjoyed how all Dutch "we're gonna create the new Backstreet Boys/Spice Girls!"-televesion shows had great ratings but never achieved it's great goal of creating a world famous teen-group. It's throw-a-way, one-use music. The albums put out are meant to keep the audience satisfied 'till the next series/season and when it comes, last years winners face obscurity if they ain't really good and have a creative team behind them instead of some mediocrities who still believe in the culture of '90's manufactured pop.
  17. For all you Alicia Keys worshippers

    reading bio's of black panthers? how evil/un-nice can that be? It's part of American history and probably an important part for Afro-Americans, wether they agree with the movement or not. It's only bad if you decide to live your life like a violent revolutionary who doesn't realise the "war" is over... which is a mental health issue, yes. Maybe she wants to be tough in the eyes of her afro-american fan-base... I doubt she brandishes a real assault rifle and shoots people. There might be some metaphor involved...
  18. I rather dislike kate nash

    quote: Originally posted by andreseng: Pop Muzik LOL! isn't this the song used for the Ghostbusters theme?
  19. American Idol

    Dutch idols always starts with lots of bravado about discovering a new Dutch superstar who's gonna make it big all over the world... In the end, they either become local musical-actors or melt back into obscurity after one or two very generic and mediocre albums filled with undistinctive covers and formula songs. I think Idols is not only past it's prime (which ended at the same time as the first season) it was an outdated idea to start with. The 21st century sees a re-emergence of the Rockband as dominant musical style, the singer-songwriters come back into view and still the people who got rich with boybands and teen-stars in the 1980's and '90's think a formula act can still become legendary and stay that way for a decade... I truly think those times are over, Idols is the last spasm of a dying musical culture. The dance-routine pop-star groups will stick around for a while of course (Because the idea of a girl- or boyband is still interesting to mainstream youth), but I doubt their domination of the airwaves will last, or get back to the same level as in the '90's. we witness the advent of a time where artists can again do the things they like themselves (even if that is singing about sexy people and dancing in sync), instead of fleshing out a concept cooked up by some manager.
  20. bands you think should go away forever

    In Nickelback's defence: While Nickelback's music is really nothing special, they ain't a format-group. It's a bunch of barristo's (hence the band name, which refers to giving chance, the nickel back) who got lucky playing a (undeservedly) popular genre of music they themselves appear to enjoy. ah... Post-Grunge is like the 21st century blues, a standard genre for those who like their rock to not rock too hard... and like the good ole' blues, there's formulas to post-grunge writing (soft-loud dynamic) which are in essence the abuse of Smells Like Teen Spirit and any Pearl Jam/Soundgarden song. Grunge is dead, Post-grunge killed it and the famous bands who play that genre today are oblivious...
  21. Hey brumstixers...

    If it were true, it'd be quite a problem for Aretha Franklin, the Gossip, the Magic Numbers, Gospel Choirs, Opera singers and the Weather Girls
  22. Six Thoughts...

    1. this week is the anniversary of my bachelor life 2. ouch, it's been 3 years since I got laid. 3. 2 since my last kiss 4. Some people say they'd die after a month without it... I could easily last another year or two, but it's not what I want to do 5. 6. I should brush up my charms, make 'em shiny and irresistable.
  23. bands you think should go away forever

    I could really do without Phil Collins too. He is terrible. He should have stuck with bashing drums and cymbals...
  24. Six Thoughts...

    1. Ya gotta get yaself sum maable caallums 2. Who's that writing? 3. Beechcraft Bonanza 4. who's that writing? 5. Beechcraft Bbonanza 6. who's that writing? Beechcraft Bonanza wrote another batch of songs
  25. Wee Rants

    I'm going to do a wee rant about Geert Wilders His "movie" sucks He has a creepy head His statements suck His "party" sucks, it has only ONE member and some henchmen. Membership is restricted to Wilders alone, supporters can only give money. I don't know why he came up with that, but it's creepy and dumb. how would he go about municipal elections if his party does not have members? Will he just round up a new batch of henchmen and henchwomen? He is a terrible person His ears don't work, he never listens He should be in an Episode of Southpark, it will be hilarious. Wilders coming to town and scaring everyone with his extremist philosophy and becoming friends with Eric Cartman. One of the traits the Cartoon-Wilders will have is yelling "BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH-I'M NOT LISTENING TO YOU-BLAHBLAHBLAH!" Whenever someone tries to talk to him. Distaster comes, and Kyle and Stan quickly go on a quest to fetch Ayaan Hirsi Ali who appears to be the only one who can reason with him to put a stop to all the drama.