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  1. Six Thoughts...

    1. I miss my old thursday clubbing club 2. how would my emigrated friend be holding up, over there in the US? 3. Why doesn't she write like she said she would? 4. I bet people often say she has a funny accent (she had a major accent [Frisian] in Dutch too)... 5. what would happen if all countries didn't go to the Peking Olympics to make a statement about human rights? 6. naaah... [sarcasm]Sports are way more important than freedom of speech and protest[/sarcasm]
  2. ever hear people say bad stuff about regina?

    quote: Originally posted by PilingAndTwisting: kailee, I know how you feel. My bro is a tard too (no offense to your brother...really - I'm just trying to relate here). A few weeks ago he told me "Regina sounds like everybody else...she isn't different than the other mainstream musicians..." then goes on to say that Amy Lee from Evenescence is different! hahahah - I was so flabberghasted, but I retorted, hard and said flat out...she sucks and has NOTHING on Regina. He wouldn't know good music if it bit him on the arse! Wow, I'd be Flabberghasted too. It's like saying Jimi Hendrix is a terrible Guitarist followed by "tha dude frum Simple Plan is way bettah"...
  3. Spektris - a stix cover band

    ['scuse me Dutch]1 april kikker in je bil die er nooit meer uit wil![/Dutch] Nice prank Andresseng!
  4. Six Thoughts...

    1. After all the uproar about it (for, like, 3 frickin' months), Wilders' Fitna was somewhat of an anti-climax. 2. No riots, no bombs, only a few upset people 3. some under-eductated and frustrated Dutch People finding the movie "essential". 4. Instead of a picture of the Murderer of Theo Van Gogh, the movie used a picture of a Dutch rapper (they do look alike) 5. it is not a movie at al! It is a power point presentation! 6. It reminded me of Eric Cartman's "ginger people" presentation... it's that stupid.
  5. photos of ourselves !

    here's a foto of Beechcraft! At long last!
  6. Six Thoughts...

    1. meh, moo, moa 2. into town I gotta go 3. buy hair product & maybe some guitar strings 4. the best independent record store of Amsterdam closed last month... so sad. 5. and yet another closed it's doors today 6. It's the downloading they say
  7. Six Thoughts...

    1. meh, I have to work today, again, 'till closing time... 2. Why am I so sleepy? 3. I think it's the writer's/musician's rhythm of spending the day... eh... I mean, night 4. I'm gonna miss this town I'll be leaving 5. Snow is nice... IN WINTER 6. Thank Darwin for my great-coat. I get to places dry, however much it snows or rains
  8. Winter.

    I had a white Easter! It was snowing sunday, monday and yesterday... Unusual, spring snow...
  9. What are you listening to right now?

    too hip, gotta go- The Stray Cats
  10. Six Thoughts...

    1. My oh my, it actually SNOWED last night, I guess the Dutch proverb holds true: Maart roert z'n staart (March spins it's tail). 2. I had to cycle home from work without a hat and thus got very wet 3. Some of my early songs are better than I thought, but poorly mixed 4. It would take real attentive listening to hear the vocals 5. in doubt if I should go to my parents for laundry today or tomorrow... or I could just go to my bro' 6. with twins, the elder sibling often acts the youngest, much to the younger sibling's chagrin, who acts like he's the elder...
  11. Six Thoughts...

    1. where does my money go every month? 2. I should STILL do the dishes 3. wish I was at my new home right now, it would just take a push on a button to do it... 4. Even though I have a gig on monday, I think about busking this friday if the weather is nice enough 5. I should finish my application to the provincial songwriters talentshow 6. if you combine the greek hex with the english six, you have the word sex... or hix.
  12. Good News Thread!

    I'm going to move to another town and live with my twin brother! I'm really excited about it even though I'll be living 95 more kilometers away from work (a x19 increase in distance!), college and my regular jam session venues. The perks that come with living with my bro' just outweigh that. I mean, aside being my best friend since before we were born, he has the cuisine skills of a French-chef, a dishwasher and washing machine (no more lugging laundry to my parents house! Jay!) and a bathroom that's not in a "public" hallway. I'm kind of self-concious when I go to the bathroom where I live now. Furthermore, I'll save about a 100 euro's on rent so that he can save about 200 e's (a win-win situation!). He also has his own internet-connection, the last few months I have been exploiting the wireless conection of I don't know who I can't wait 'till june! Oh wow... It'll be summer when I move to a place with two balconies, near the edge of one of the most beautifull countrysides in this country. Long live my brother's soon-to-be-ex-roommate!
  13. Six Thoughts...

    1. wow, I totally did a gig of rock 'n roll covers at my mom's birthday party... never thought I'd do that... 2. On the same party my brother asked me if I could come live with him as his roommate was moving out and his appartment is a two-bedroom all-inclusive... 3. despite the fact I will move about an hour-long train-trip from work, school and regular jam sessions I'm really excited about it 4. I think that's what kept me up 'till 4.30 A.M last night 5. The town's name is Hengelo, which anglicizes nicely to Hang-a-low 6. I like to hang low... If the string breaks, I won't drop as far
  14. The Meaning Behind 11:11?

    Thanks andreseng. funny... I now realise that I've been occassionally wondering what it meant exactly for like 10 years... I think I knew at times, but then forgot (stoner!) dammit! I browse wikipedia on history but not on things I could actually use? I actually once wrote the "5pm blues" meant to be about insomnia, not knowing it actually meant 5 in the afternoon rather than 5 after midnight I can be such an airhead
  15. The Meaning Behind 11:11?

    Dutch Indie Band Voisct has an album titled 11:11 too! Their reason was that they started recording at 11 in the morning and stopped at 11 in the evening (not quite familiar with the AM/PM thing... I know it's after-/pre-, but that M? Midday?) oh and 11-11 (11th of november) is Saint Martin's day... a Catholic Children's festival in the Netherlands rather like Halloween without the costumes.
  16. Regina on this year's True Colors tour.

    quote: Originally posted by music box: quote: Originally posted by Beechcraft Bonanza: Honestly, these homophobics should be good phobics and get their phobia treated. Homosexuals are not some kind of underground conspiracy race like they seem to think. who's they? the homophobes
  17. Regina on this year's True Colors tour.

    Those anti-gay campaigners are so ignorant... especially that "No country that embraced homosexuality lasted more than, you know, a few decades" The Japanese (nobility) had embraced a form of homosexuality during their feudal era and their civilisation lasted for almost 800 years... The Hellenistic Greeks of old weren't out of the ballgame within decades either (and some of them practiced pederastry, allowed and encouraged)... they just fizzed out when the Romans surpassed them with the culture they (the Greeks themselves) engineered. And how does she prove this danger it poses to a society or country? she doesn't really 'cause she can't! There ís no proof and there will never be any. Honestly, these homophobics should be good phobics and get their phobia treated. Homosexuals are not some kind of underground conspiracy race like they seem to think.
  18. Ghost of Corporate Future analysis thread

    And cutting your own hair is petty funny... I did it a while ago, made a mess of it at the back. and then my mom stepped in... my hair hasn't been this short (about 2 inches at the top) for like 10 years! No mo' 'fro! It's an interesting Ghost, this Ghost of the Corporate Future. It reminds me of that Dickens (?) Christmas Carol too... Ghosts visiting in the night...
  19. If Regina would ever do a cover song.....

    aw "under the bridge"? are you serious? I mean... It's been covered lots of times and always rather terrible... oh wait... Regina could actually do a GOOD cover of that song... what would she do with it? Improve it probably...
  20. Stage Dressing

    "Heeelp! There's a snake around my neck! Heeelp!!!" sorry... the picture kinda "screamed" it at me
  21. Six Thoughts...

    1. In my pre-english speaking days, I actually thought that a bEAt was, well, a beet. 2. I don't like beets, they're weird and taste funny 3. my 1st neighbour's appartments smell sweet-soury weird... is nauseating at times... should tell them 4. mine smells a bit like tobacco... 5. ugh 6. open up that window Beechcraft.
  22. Regina on this year's True Colors tour.

    mmkay... What does LGBT stand for? Lesbian Gay and Bi Tolerance? It's there in the USA and a few (yes, a FEW) European countries... but beyond Germany or across/around the Mediterranean you'd better be straight (as soon as you cross the old Iron Curtain line, you're in...well... countries where homosexuals and immigrants are rather unwelcome... or so the media tell us). so a tour that promotes tolerance is good. Shame it will not have any effect in the non-tolerant countries, nor would such a tour be allowed there... and if so, there will be violence and protests. I'm not that enthusiastic about Homosexuals being outrageously "themselves"... yeah.. like you're really a Brazillian Carnaval dancer or the Silver Surfer...
  23. Insane Clown Posse sucks!

    There is a special thread for you, musiclover2007 to prove the paradox of your name right Here
  24. Recommend a book here...

    For all aspiring writers: Snoopy's Guide to the writing life! Yes! The peanuts comics of Snoopy behind the typewriter combined with writing tips by famous authors. "It was a Dark and Stormy night..."
  25. Six Thoughts...

    1. it's time to restring Black Maggy... 2. can't have a string break at tonight's session 3. Got a gig at the end of the month 4. jay! 5. May also be backing up a poet 6. *static noise*feedback*weird Myxolidian riff*