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  1. Ah! Nobody likes me here.

    I'm not Anti-American either. There's lots of things that I like about it and draw me to it. My favorite artists and my favorite forum (this one!) are American... It's the leading culture of the world, as tearose said: America is universal... Studio's. I think this MusicLover2007-situation is not that different actually (but then, I am a guy who can come up with the weirdest paralels)... there's this one guy/state who tries to force his opinion on the rest of the people/nations, and feels unloved when the opinion is met with resistance. It seems a bit "with me or against me"... It's never that simple though. There's always middle ground, but both sides have to approach that spot.
  2. Six Thoughts...

    1. if only I could play like Brian Setzer 2. I finally got my Wah-Wah back from my Brother 3. Wah-wah-wa-o-o-a-aw-wah-wah 4. And now "Sleepwalk" 5. Ploing, ploing, ploing-ploing-ploo-ioing-ploing-ploing. 6. DA NUMBA OF DA BEAZZT!
  3. Insane Clown Posse sucks!

    And this should be a thread here...why?
  4. Ah! Nobody likes me here.

    quote: Originally posted by MusicLover_2007: quote: Originally posted by tearose: quote: Originally posted by MusicLover_2007: Also I'd hope that everyone around the world would believe in the American concept, which is larger then the physical country. It's about freedom. i'm not complaining, i'm disagreeing, i don't believe in the American concept, i don't see america as a beacon of freedom, i don't see america as a beacon of anything. i would say that people in other countries are perfectly able to come up with there own ideals without relying on america. to me america is just a country, it's not the best country, it's not the worst and it's certainly not something i celebrate. the whole "america, land of the free" thing annoys me, given what the rest of the world sees of america, but then again you can think, and say, whatever you want, so can i, not coz of america, coz we're civilized people Can you name me a country that has more freedom overall then America? Particularly in economic freedom which is probably the most important one? There's plenty of countries just as free as the USA in Western Europe. The USA is just more chauvinistic about it... Face it, the USA is the adolescent boy among nations here, thinking he knows best simply because he has the newest hi-tech moped that, surprisingly, can go way faster than daddy's Volvo...
  5. Enough Of Soup!

    Soft cheese in a gold "cup"
  6. weird dream about a writer on the stix

    Yeah, funny coincidence... to be honest, it was more of an early morning dream though. So it might have been an impatient Jehova's Witness
  7. weird dream about a writer on the stix

    I had a weird dream last night... A dreamed-up member of the Stix had written a book she said in a thread. I decided to take a look-see and clicked the link. The next thing I know is that I hold this Foto-album filled with A-4's. The printed story was well-written, featuring some mansion with guests and romance and all... but it stopped right in the middle. The next pages, right to the end were like a Teenage girl's diary with drawings of hearts, photo-collages and small poems. On the last sheet there was this little note saying "Hey Beechcraft, I live in Zwolle too and I am in love with you" I was baffled and woke up to my doorbell ringing (but the caller was gone when I got to the door).
  8. Songs you hope to see in the next album

    Haven't replied on this one because, well, I wouldn't know which older songs I'd wish she'd put on the new album (there's some nice early-work-compilation albums in this thread though )... I'm gonna let her surprise me with her creativity. Some previously written gems on it would be fantastic, sure, like "acing to pupate", that's a great song... But I'd be just as glad with an album filled with completely new material. though... she has so many unrecorded songs I'm unlikely to hear in the near future (Regina, please come to the Low Countries again, pleeeaaase, pretty please?) that I'd see them as new to
  9. Regina revisits herself?

    But is using the same chord sequences in different songs really revisiting? Not in my book (revisiting to me, is going back to an old song and rewriting it, rather than repeating it with different words)... but then... I usually play blues which is notorious for it's few standard progressions... Lots of artists do it though and it's fine. Some sequences will always strike a chord in such a way that you can't hear it and it's variations enough. I mean, the blues and doowop progressions are so often used (and used by almost any popmusician) because they's so freakin' good! Also, some progressions are "natural". especially when you just start to sing something improvised out of the blue, you might just do it in the "progression" that's most natural to you, or which you are partial to. In short, using a certain progression more than one time is the "Consequence of sound" (liking it so much you feel that just one song you wrote using it just isn't enough ).
  10. Regina and her piano talents.

    I rather like the blues waltz (I think it is in 6/8 or 3/4) of Lady... but the keys on her early work, especially the "skippy-jumpy" consequence of sound is great. She's actually the one piano playing singer-songwriter I like with a passion (honestly, I find most piano playing pop-singers a bit boring). with other piano-singers in pop music it's just nice playing in a generally common style. Regina goes way beyond that and is clearly not concerned with what might sound funny or weird. She has an unique and distinct style unlike any other singer-songwriter that uses the piano... anyone playing similar nowadays must have been influenced by her and I honestly can't think of anyone in popmusic before her who played in a likewise manner ... maybe Tori Amos to some extent? haven't listened enough Amos to judge that though (hardly heard anything at all :s)... I think the piano playing is quite a big part of her genius
  11. If Regina would ever do a cover song.....

    I'd imagine a Regina Cover of Conway Twitty's "Million Teardrops" would be so sweet I'll cry and laugh at the same time It's a song that would go very well with her cute voice... just imagine her singing 'drup, drup, drup, drup, drup, drup, dripping from my eyezzz'
  12. Six Thoughts...

    1. Jack Scott rocks! 2. Eureka Jamsessions are the best! 3. I'll never be a virtuoso, it restricts movement 4. I have reason to be arrogant, I got the hair and eyes of Buddy Holly and Elvis' groovy legs and purdy lipzz 5. I once thought I was a punkrocker but I'm a Rockabilly Cat 6. My little black guitar will nevermore have six strings, for the memories it holds.
  13. Music from the past

    Jack Scott Conway Twitty
  14. Let's go to the Movies...

    Last Saturday when I was eating nice mushroom-vegetable soup at my brother's we watched "The Pick of Destiny" (the Tenacious-D movie), awesome movie, especially if you're into (rock) music. It is immensely funny and well, Jack Black and Kyle Gass are great musicians with a fantastic sense of humor.
  15. What are you listening to right now?

    Grizzly Bear- Jack Scott
  16. Fellow Musicians

    Does anybody go to jamsessions? It's one of the best learning experiences for any musician. you'll play styles you didn't know you could and play with other musicians. I only started playing really good after a lot of I've been in bands and many jamsessions... Also great occassions to discover your own style and sound, these jamsessions.
  17. 3 word story

    Inflamed location and
  18. I'm a dude who likes chick flicks

    I'm quite chick-flick tolerant, but cringe at the more dramatic movies. I'd rather watch a funny chick flick than something dramatic...
  19. Weight loss sucks.

    I lost weight too two months ago. I just lost it! People asked me where I'd last seen my missing 6 kilograms but I can't remember... I'm now eating lotsa fibrery stuff, dairy and meat, combined with a few Kung Fu/Tai Chi excersises because 54 Kg was quite on the unhealthy side of the scale for a person my length (1.78m). always been slender and proud of it, but my disinterest with weight and weighing (stood on the scales for the first time in 5 years in januari) made me slip!
  20. Six Thoughts...

    quote: Originally posted by andreseng: Eh yo Guido, how yah dooin? I'm arright, and yah Andy? actually, I LOOK Italian too (but I'm not...), even have the hairstyle and look good in black suits... I think my parents are just Italophiles, It's their favorite holiday destination and cuisine and gave both me and my twin brother Italian names. Indo dad+european mom= mediteranean apperance... my brother and i do blend in nicely in the countries around the med
  21. Ah! Nobody likes me here.

    I 2nd that. You're unique dude, a lone champion of certain causes many here don't agree with... but don't let that get you down! Would it be fun if we all agreed on everything? I'd say we only have to agree on one thing here, and that's how awesome Regina's music is!
  22. Six Thoughts...

    1. I can't stop thinking! 2. Flip (Phil) is the sweetest cat ever! 3. He just licked my chin. 4. He's like an unemployed person, sleeping 'till dinner time! 5. My first name is a derogatory slang term for working class Italian-American... nrgg! 6. So if I go to the states and an Italian American asks my name... I could insult him if I leave out "my name is..."
  23. What are you listening to right now?

    Tutti Frutti- Elvis Presley
  24. Ever Been Banned?

    I've never been banned, but have been the cause of other people getting banned on a guitarists forum because I said/did something those guys thought to be ridiculous and they began to spam insults and became very unfriendly. It was either about some artist/band held in high esteem by the banned (me not liking him/them) or because of my first "sub-standard" recordings I posted there for feedback, which were indeed, not very good, but not so bad that people should begin to curse and swear and insult the creator (diseases, genetic/mental disabillities and various cuss words featured in their commentaries)... oh well, it was a long time ago...
  25. Enough Of Soup!

    quote: Originally posted by LittleVoice: Bird's Nest Soup, like Shark's Fin Soup is no myth. Moving on to more wholesome, tasty culinary delicacies, at present I am addicted to Irish Barmbrack! Go here IRISH BARMBRACK hmmm... Some European countries do share more cuisine than I thought. In the Netherlands we have our own variants on this kind of bread, the "Krentewegge" (a square barmbrack), "Krentebol" (soft roll with raisins and sultanas) and the "Kerststol", a christmas fruit cake with almond syrup in it.