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  1. Cream of peanut butter soup

    You should try Sateh or Gado Gado (Indonesian). Gado Gado is one of the dishes I like to make when I have guests, it's basically a vegetable salad with peanut sauce dressing not so different from the peanutbutter cream soup. Alas I am not allowed to give the recipe for it's a family secret! Sateh/satay sauce is btw quite a popular condiment in the Netherlands, goes with fries and most meats as well as cucumber... (and probably the source for the qolliquoism for the Dutch-indies repatriants... "Pinda", which means Peanut... could refer to the skin color too...) ooh, and a peanut butter roll with cucumber and sambal is the best! try it!
  2. Six Thoughts...

    1. I believe in nossink! 2. ve vont ze monay Lebowski! 3. Ow man! that's just... uh... uh... you know... uh... your opinion man. 4. You're out of your element Donny! You're out of your element! 5. You're entering a world of pain! 6. Sometimes you eat the bar, sometimes the bar eats you.
  3. Kate Bush

    She is very much alive! released a new double-album in 2005 called "aerial", which is a very good record too. It's in my mom's cd-collection so I might give it another spin today or tomorrow...
  4. Six Thoughts...

    1. saw curse of the golden flower, awesome movie 2. I like movies better in their original language 3. If I don't understand it I seem to prefer English subtitles for some reason.. 4. "Snoopy's Guide to the writing life" is a terribly funny little book 5. I think I'm going Anglophonic... 6. I'm planning to make an action-comic, but don't know which language to use...
  5. Six Thoughts...

    1. Ghostworld is a great movie 2. Playing the Blues ROCKS! 3. Playing the blues without the standard 12-bar structure rocks even better 4. I fear for Pakistan, situation critical... 5. I should watch that anti-Geert Wilders movie 6. Will Wilders ever make that "the Qu'ran is evil and fascist" movie or was it just a publicity stunt? a cry for attention? he's such a loser.
  6. music is unappreciated

    As a musician I actually (co)wrote a rap song or two and once did a freestyle goodbye as announcer at college radio, it's not easy at all. It takes quite some control of voice and diction as well as a good feeling for rhythm and melody (you CAN actually rap out of tune!). heck, one of the rap songs I co-wrote was a miserable failure 'cause the (amateur) MC was had no feeling for rhythm and lacked general musicality (but as a poet he was quite funny)... that was a waste of a great guitar-riff, bass-line and a few hours of making a good beat. I know the work one has to do to compose and record a rap song and even though I dislike some rappers and crews, I respect the effort they make (especially those just starting out with limited means). It's not done in a few minutes, it takes hours, even days to get that backing track ready. And if it's a jam, a freestyle... well, to jam to a good standard (no matter the style) takes musicality and knowledge of basic theory. and there's no denying the musicality and rhythmic feel of a good beatboxer, is there? the best can do both beat, bass and melody at the same time... how cool is that? Chemo Limo has some cool and simple beatboxing on it... or should that be one of the songs the like of which you'd rather not hear Spektor do again? style tsd-tsd-toow-tsd-tsd-tsd-d-dud style tsd-tsd-toow-tsd-tsd-tsd-d-dud style tsd-tsd-toow-tsd-tsd-tsd-d-dud
  7. music is unappreciated

    shame none of us might be able to change your mind on this subject... but well... let me have one last shot: have you ever heard the early work (pre-one hot minute) of the Red Hot Chili Peppers? ever heard JAMES BROWN? I do not enjoy some genres myself, but I wouldn't go as far as to declare them being not music at all. besides, every genre has (or should have) at least one artist that anyone might like, even if that anyone loathes the genre. Your reputation is shot to me, you a hater! (and nothing you say can make me change my mind )
  8. music is unappreciated

    quote: Originally posted by MusicLover_2007: Sure rap has DIY origins, but for me the criteria is musical talent. Those guys are rhymers, maybe spoken-word poets, but not musicians. It's an insult to real musicians to classify rap as a form of music. That's why I can only tolerate Consequence of Sounds from all hip-hop type songs. For me, musical talent is the #1 thing, but that's maybe my cultural background talking. So phrasing and rhythm have nothing to do with music or musicality? Then... how do you think singing works? or composition? Most rappers are arrangers too, not just lyricists. And you've still not heard The Roots, which I believe will make you change your mind... They did change mine. yeah, in my rock-purist days I had the same "Rap ain't music" attitude, untill the Roots and Outkast came along.
  9. music is unappreciated

    quote: Originally posted by MusicLover_2007: quote: Originally posted by graph theory: yo, i get that a lot of really amazing music is very under-appreciated and that some pretty bad music gets too much media/radio attention but don't make all those generalizations about rap and hip hop.. maybe it's just me and that I like soo many different types of music.. but there isn't one thing that like defines good music. you say rap isn't musical (i'm assuming you define musical as having a melody--but it's so much more..lyrics, rhythm, soul etc.) but a large amount of rap and hip hop is actually really good/original/emotionally charged- and yes it does mean a lot to so many people! and doesn't a lot of rock and roll just talk about sex, drugs and rock and roll?? and what's so bad about talking about that anyway? so yeah.. just try to be more open-minded and don't hate- you might be surprised if you give things a chance. don't give up on today's music!! Ah no not really. Rap is crap. If Eminem is the most talented rapper, that's proof enough. Rap has no musical value whatsoever. I hope Regina doesn't do any more rap songs. Eminem the most talented rapper? Don't believe everything Mtv/the entertainment press tells you! And even so, his first album was hilarious. and rap can't be all that bad, it's actually good training for singers on rhythm and flow... doesn't Amy Winehouse come from a Rap/Urban background (Frank is a more contemporary R&B album than Back to black)? And what about the great Funkmetal bands? The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rage Against the machine? the amazing cross-overs of the 80's and 90's? The early work of the RHCP's is rap with Hendrix guitars, powerfull drumming and amazing bassguitar licks. What's crap about that? Most "crews" of today use real instruments rather then just turntables and other devices (the Roots! check them out and turnaround), after 3 decades still evolving. Rap, while not my favorite genre is a very strong (and to many people empowering) style. And rap/hip-hop originated from a punk-like DIY-ethic fed up with the clubs of New York and Disco music. At least it's genesis was honest and there's still a lot of rap artists who keep to the original ideals. It's not a formula designed by the industry, the industry just has a way of assimilating, manipulating and "corrupting" genres once they see it's value and appeal. and I have to agree with Graph Theory that the Lyrics in Rap are not very different from the lyrics of most other genres. Rock 'n roll is about cars and girls too and used to be filled with slang like rap is today.
  10. music is unappreciated

    Have you no faith in music at all? how terrible! I have to disagree with you. I fear you have been disappointed by the music broadcasters of today's media. Rap is neither replacing "real" music nor is music unappreciated. I know people with various musical backgrounds and of the Hip-hop/rap I can say that it does mean a lot to some people, a meaning that goes deeper than "It's cool 'coz of da clothes an' them bein' tough an' 'avin da sexy chicks an' all". Most rap-artists also have eclectic tatstes in music too. They know music, and they make choices. Like we all do. If Rap has no meaning to you, if you feel music is deteriorating, that will be your private opinion and observation, yet, you put it as a statement of fact. Like so many music purists do and have done since the invention of jazz. You shouldn't despair about "the state music is in today", music is fine. Nothing is disappearing, nothing is deteriorating. I think you've been looking in some of the wrong places. I mean, there's still children enrolling at music schools to learn an instrument, the higher music educations are not closing down, rock bands still exsist and the culture of genre v.s. genre seems to be on the brink of extinction. It's actually all getting better. Have no fear and switch channels 'till you find what you need.
  11. Some guy Falco did the glottal stop 25 years before Regina

    Didn't Buddy Holly use it too (peggy sue-a-oo-a-oo-hoo-oo-oo)? Or do we just call that Hickupy singin'?
  12. Regina is frizzy !

    quote: Originally posted by LittleVoice: You say "Tom-ay-toe" I say "Tom-are-toe", You say "Reg-eeee-na" I say "Reg-I-na", You say "Vag-eeee-na" I say "Vag-I-na", Let's call the whole thing off! I just love every one of those to bits, however you pronounce them, particularly Tomatoes! some people say tomaterz... In Dutch & German it is "Toe-maah-ten" (Tomaten)
  13. Sexuality

    Yeah, that's been going on for a while. The city council is gradually "cleaning up" the Red Light District (which in addition is also Amsterdam's China town). Their main concerns being people-trafficking (forced prostitution) and some shady figures owning real-estate there. They want to improve the district but state they can't do so without reducing those red windows. I don't know how I feel about this, in one way, "de wallen" will lose some of it's character (and atraction to tourists), while on the other hand, some bad practices will be dealt with. I do believe it's all a bit influenced by this new "neatness" promoted by the Christian-Socialist cabinet (very evenangelical-like vice-premiers by all three parties, the two christians and the socialist.), a return to an ideal of the Netherlands as neat and tidy country. Maybe they are fed up with the image of the Dutch being stoners and prostitution clientele
  14. 3 word story

    Salivated by Simonists
  15. Sexuality

    Hold your breath... some sexuality in media in the Netherlands. This has put all the distress about Geert Wilders' (right-wing politician with weird hair) Qu'ran movie on the backburner. A Dutch Public television channel is going to air the (pornographic) movie "Deep Throat" this month at some late hour... Christian parties are in uproar and held some kind of wake last night at the Tv-studio's in Hilversum because "they go against God's will"... It could be especially disconcerting to some that the channel who is going to show this movie is BNN, the "youth culture channel", but it fits nicely with an extra programme of "Spuiten en Slikken" (squirting & swallowing), the drug and sex education show of the same network... which of course, was also a target of Christian discontent (as if it was to promote drug use and all kinds of sexual activities, rather than being an educational show).
  16. Pause for Reflection

    I really should get a camera, there's lots of places like this around my home-town, either east or west across the river (a.o. Veluwe national park).
  17. Things to do before you die

    I'd like to go on a trip to the United States, either backpackin' or roadtrippin' Which brings me to my second "to do before I die": get my driver's license Also I really want to: Partake in the Eleven Cities Ice skating marathon (Elfstedentocht... slim chance with all that global warming) Do a Buddy Holly tribute gig at febuari 2nd 2009 Work at a music magazine write a novel graduate... :s Write tons of good songs.
  18. Six Thoughts...

    1. It took 3 years before I finally penned down one of my nightly bike ride improvisations. 2. It's one of the best rockabilly songs I ever wrote. 3. got dinner guests tomorrow 4. they'll bring my black guitar back home 5. I should go shopping 6. I should do the dishes
  19. Pause for Reflection

    LV, those photographs are wonderful! You live in a really beautiful place (if you took these near home that is!). especially the tree in the rays of the sun. Makes me miss having a good camera myself
  20. bands you think should go away forever

    quote: Originally posted by Auckmann: Everyday at work they play the radio so everyday I here the same horrible excuses for music and I drives me insane. Right now I hate "apologize" by Timberlame, That Fergie song, Gwen Sefani, "bubbly" by Corrie Calbait (or whatever the F her name is). I want to kill whoever made that song with all the whoo hooing. Do you know which one I am talking about? I think it may be Gwen Sefani. Although it may be a good song if I didn't hear it so god damned much, I hate that Alicia Keys song. And last but not least, that song that goes something like; "I'm not gonna write you a love song". At my job they too put on the most terribly mainstream radio-channels with all the crap of Plain White T's and Alicia Keys... On such days I'd rather be in the dish washing kitchen, 'cause our dishwasher-dude plays his blues rock records the whole day through (Canned Heat, Led Zep, etc.) ah, but yesterday our intern-cook switch to "Arrow Classic Rock FM" and the channel wasn't changed throughout the day, jay! Not that I really dig that channel either, but it's way better than Slam or Sky Radio (which is sooo middle of the road I lose my appetite, I mean, they get the likes of Phil Collins, simply red and James Blunt to do adverts for them... ugh!), I even heard the Stray Cats when I was at the plate service. Now, that makes a workday all the more pleasant. Why do people like Simply Red anyway? I mean, it's so boring and the guys voice is so whiney...
  21. Six Thoughts...

    1. Forgot about gigs, but the jamsessions in town just get better and better 2. HOW could I leave my black electric guitar and Boss tuner at a Friend's girlfriend's house? 3. Why did I not ask the phonenumber of that cute German girl last thursday (who keeps asking me to sing Amy Winehouse's Rehab everytime we meet)? 4. I could be in love again... 5. How long the blues? 6. Plenty of riffs and chords, but not quite enough words.
  22. Sexuality

    wow... the list of safe bands is way shorter than the list of gay bands. The website reminds me of that Southpark episode were Butters Stotch is send to some Christian-camp for "confused" boys who might turn gay later in life... it's one of the typical Butters plot-lines where he is not confused or wrong at all but is made to believe he is due to the usual miscommunication and misconceptions that feature in this character's "life". One of the classics I'd say.
  23. Male Singer-songwriters

    I just checked out Duke Special, he's fantastic indeed! The accent isn't really apparent to me, quite generic English to my ears with a hint of "british" (hope that's not perceived as insult to Irish, don't know how deep history goes...). Very orchestrated... he looks like some nu-metal dude! appearances can be misguiding
  24. poetry anyone???

    I've read these poems, they're fine! Goddamn! Why haven't I posted in this thread? My poems and lyrics, they ain't so bad But if it's poems, well most are Dutch and here's Americans and Hispanics and such So they'd have to google for translation guides Or ask me to shed a light On words so foreign to most of them like my absurd masterpiece I here recite In original speech, for it won't be right To translate into another tongue That would only spoil this song. featuring many Dutch politicians as characters... SCHANDAAL! Er is niks leukers dan vreemdgaande presidenten "Dat copuleert maar van onze centen!" Zal het verbolgen volk dan zeggen En die arme man moet dan op televisie alles uit gaan leggen. Onze premier moet ook maar eens meedoen Ja JP moet een schandaal En niet vallen met een skateboard Dat is zo provinciaal Nee, hij moet met Miriam Sterk aan de haal In de achterkamertjes Het hoeft niet persé met een sigaar En een trio met de stagiare Dat is ook een beetje raar Misschien iets met S&M waar foto's van Blijken te zijn gemaakt Dan wordt de politiek goed overhoop gehaald En de journalistiek ontwaakt Wat een circus zal het zijn Wat een festijn! En Maxime Verhagen spuit zijn venijn 'Dat kan toch niet zijn? Dat kán toch niet zíjn?!' Zegt de politicus verontwaardigd 'Dat is onze premier toch niet waardig? En van mevrouw Sterk vind ik het ook zeer onaardig Het secreet De Fractievoorzitter gaat voor 't is dat ze het maar weet' En alles komt op Hart van Nederland En bij Pauw en Witteman En dan schudden JP en Max elkaar de hand En Bianca kust Miriam op elke wang En Miriam vise versa. MAAR! Bisschop Simonis schopt stampij En Bas van der Vlies staat hem bij Samen met Rouvoet, Marijnissen En de Boer op een rij Ze grijpen Miriams hoofd en duwen haar opzij Met haar gelaat in de brij (Daar neergezet door Rita Verdonk En die vreselijk stonk). En de elite morde Dat ging echt veel te ver Ze hakten de rij in stukjes Om te verspreiden Her en der En alles werd weer rustig Zo erg was het toch niet? of wel? 'Het had niks te maken met het politieke spel!' Zeiden Jan-Peter en Miriam fel 'We zaten lekker in ons vel maar nu is ons leven een hel, dat snapt u toch wel?' en ja, Daar was alles wel mee gezegd Al was er nog helemaal niks mee uitgelegd Dat hoeft ook niet, 't was puur privé Dat premier Balkenende wel eens elders vree.
  25. friends and odd music?? eeeh

    wow, that's odd... But there is a hint of similarity, if we might judge it by that one song Lene Marlin is known for. Regina's is better, sure. Among my friends "odd", different, non-mainstream and older (pre-90's) music is actually the standard. I think they all like Regina Spektor (at least 2 have BTH), but sadly, anything before BTH isn't exactly their taste (too "artistic" osmlt). And when it comes to odd/weird music, Regina is not so odd/weird if you've heard the likes of Phillip Glass, or the more obscure free-jazz!