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  1. language nerds !!!!

    quote: Originally posted by cusibryant: Friesian is the language i speak. There are 600,000 people who talk and write this language. We have our own culture in the north of the Netherlands. Cows and horses are our main export products. Welcome to the forums... that makes 3-4 Dutch people (even if you're a Frysian first ) I once tried to learn some Frysian 'cause my girlfriend was a Frysian, and her best friend also, they spoke Frysian a lot... But by the time I could say a simple sentence she broke up with me so I didn't continue. Never had real difficulty understanding the language, maybe the exact literal meaning was beyond me, but the general message is easy to understand for most Dutch speakers who know their languages (that'll be English and German) and have spent a lot of time among Frysians who talk in their own language to each other most of the time... hehe... At first they tried to talk about me while I was sitting right next to them, but they stopped doing that when they realised that Frysian and Dutch are very close family sharing more words than most Frysians seem to realise
  2. Six Thoughts...

    1. what should I pick as subjects for my over-due school-projects? 2. Are my wisdom tooth coming trough? 3. Where did I leave my copy of Morihei Ueshiba's "the art of peace?" 4. Should I write a novel? 5. I should get more gigs 6. What record should I listen today, and tomorrow?
  3. Regina is frizzy !

    I just got my curly hair to get into a rock-a-bily-style quiff (which got some people to hum that well-known weezer song)! I moved on ye know... I've been there, I stay ahead! and when the quiff comes back, I'll be going back to the 'fro!
  4. Male Singer-songwriters

    Thanks for all the recommendations, I'll check them out
  5. Come into my world..

    I maybe the guy of summer in the city... Or the bloke adressed in Edit... which is kind of tragic because I'm studying to be, indeed, an editor... And I'm in doubt of what is meant by "White Lines". is it coke or just a metaphor for a writers-block? I'd rather not use coke, my nose is way to perfect to put something like that in it
  6. Favorite Soup

    quote: Originally posted by Yablonya: It tastes like beets and a crap load of vegetables (potatoes, leeks, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, carrots, cabbage...) You know you made really good borscht when you can stick a wooden spoon in the center of the pot and it stands up on its' own; that's the olden rule of borscht, haha! [really, it is] Personally, I like the way the Ukrainians make it better; really cold and sweet, Awesome in the summer time. Yeah Borscht shpeel(?) over Borscht might be the only soup I don't like because it includes the only vegtable I'd rather not eat (Beets).
  7. Male Singer-songwriters

    Lately, the emerging singer-songwriters have mostly been women, I mean, the (fairly) good ones... but the guys aren't really doing it for me at the moment... I mean, Plain White T's and James Blunt are even more tedious than a cricket game and "The Nightwatchman" (Tom Morellor of Rage against the machine) was a bit dissapointing. Who are the new interesting songwriting young men at the moment? I'm looking for a Billy Bragg-like writer, some guy with an electric sound, but there's not much of those around (am I the only one?). It's all acoustic fingerpicking or pianoballads. No Angry young men left? I haven't heard a male songwriter who peaked my interest in ages...
  8. new year's resolutions

    1) Find and visit more rockabilly/Psychobilly concerts 2) play more shows 3) Find some new Chinese Classic Literature to read... I've read the three kingdoms over and over, it's time for something else...
  9. The Golden Compass

    quote: Originally posted by JohnnyC: That's what I'm sayin'. Even if the entire book was specifically about the Pope being in on a huge fraudulent scam, and was in cahoots with the likes of Nazis, terrorists, and the Dutch, it wouldn't matter because it's FICTION. Hey! I'm going to protest such a book! The Dutch are Not conspiring with the Pope! how dare you mention the Dutch with the likes of Nazi's and Terrorists!?! That could be very dangerous, what if George Bush reads that book? He'll attack us right away and then we have no choice but to blow ourselves up in 2nd-hand cars!
  10. Kate Nash

    She's getting some attention the Netherlands too. Last week I was switching channels on the TV and tuned in to the national showbizz/tv-tabloid show RTLboulevard... and there she was being interviewed. She doesn't only sound like Regina Spektor (music), she has the same fashion-attitude/style (prefers vintage clothes). The influence is apparent. Made me wonder, is she influenced by, or imitating? I remember an article posted here where Regina described her clothing style and Kate Nash practically said the same as she did! But then, even if she's influence by Regina, I can't imagine her acts to be like a Spektor-tribute act. They might just like the same things. I'm always interested about why some artists sound similar. The reasons can be manifold... and if there's a lot of artists who sound similar you have a genre (there's always a "godfathert/mother", and then comes the offspring) Could this be the start of SPianEKTORock? Fidelityfolk? Jazz-blues-pop-punk-folk-rock?
  11. Vladimir Putin: Person of the Year????

    Putin makes me a little bit nervous... he's so oligarchic... He looks like a James Bond Villain's top henchman. The recent Russian election was just a little suspicious... I mean, pre-election he appointed his successor to the presidential office and then ran for prime-minister himself and had a landslide victory. I read that there were Poll commitees that were 'advising' people what to vote ('You're going to vote Putin, right?').
  12. What are you listening to right now?

    Don't you rember me baby? - John Lee Hooker
  13. language nerds !!!!

    In the holidays I have been surrounded with dialect speakers (Tukkers) when I was crashing at my brother's in the far east of this small country. Oh, and at my work there's some people speaking the local (Zwolle) accent, sometimes I can't understand them 'cause they talk so fast and leave out half the vowels... last week I saw the apallingly gore-y (a lot of blood, dirt, violence and sloth) rock movie Ex-drummer in West-Flemish. It helped a lot that I've read the book ... If you think standard dutch is hard to understand... check out this movie Some of the best accents are however, the way non-native speakers talk their second language. Especially in Dutch 'cause it's so different (though it's been said it sounds a bit like Hungarian)
  14. Music from the past

    I'm going to make a longer list featuring very old (some dead) artists: - Little Richard (especially the live-album on which no other than Jimi Hendrix is the guitarist) - Ella Mea Morse (house of blue lights) - Herman Brood (say:broad) & his Wild Romance (recently serenaded by Frank Black on his bluefinger album) - Cuby & the Blizzards (Herman Brood used to play keys with this band) - Tony Sherridan & the Silver Beatles (that's right! the Hamburg days record!)
  15. language nerds !!!!

    English, like Dutch, is a compound of germanic dialects, though with romantic influences. The ingredients are the roman-influenced Franconic (from the Normans, which might also mean scandinavian influences) and (low)Saxonic (from the Saxons). Hence, English and Dutch are mainly germanic. The link between French and German is not so apparent to me, but I can imagine their connection, the "franks", the tribe that settled france in the dark ages were Germanic.
  16. Recommend a book here...

    quote: Originally posted by ain't no cover: My favourite book ever is The Solitaire Mystery by Jostein Gaarder A boy and his father driving through Europe They are from a little town in Norway near Düsseldorf and they even met a dwarf, but in another town ... I read it long time but it always makes me think of Düsseldorf But Norway isn't even remotely in the neighbourhood of Düsseldorf! :s nevermind... if you meet dwarfs it doesn't have to be topographically correct ah, and this wise-crack reminds me of a series of books I read in my teens: "the secret diaries of Adrian Mole" by Sue Townsend.
  17. Favorite Places to Go Shopping

    I usually shop at H&M too. It's everywhere! I also like thrift shops. There are some nice things to be found there, Like the old dutch army wintercoat I have (long, warm and good-lookin').
  18. Led Zeppelin reunites

    I've read about it too. The concert was said to be quite amazing... my newspaper had a page-long report/review including the setlist. I don't know if they'll be touring. It's unlikely, this was a reunion as tribute to a deceased friend and collaborator (someone of their old record company or like that)
  19. Winter.

    It's quite winterish here. Cold, windy and rainy. I hope there will be a spell of frost this winter so we can ice-skate on the canals ... I even hope it'll freeze so hard we'll finally have another Elfstedentocht (ice-skating marathon of 200 kms through one of the northern provinces)... it's been like ten years since the last one, damn global warming!
  20. Music from the past

    I have no songs to post but some old artists I always recommend: - Buddy Holly - Gene Vincent - Elvis in his rockin' days - The Tielman Brothers (check them out on Youtube!) - Eddie Cochran - Charlie Parker - Miles Davis - Chet Baker - Ella Mae Morse - Aretha Franklin
  21. Favorite place to eat...

    In Utrecht (mid-netherlands) there's a great Pizzeria in a basement next to the canal called La Grotta (the cave), where you can see the pizza's being made. It's said this pizzaria has the thinnest crust in the country, in fact, the proprietor once told us that he always checks the thickness of crusts if he goes to a colleague. It has to be really thin: 'It's Pizza! not bread!'
  22. .

    hey, this is funny. In fact, both words can be Dutch as said above... but to be honest, I've never heard of it... Strikes me as something a Frisian or Tukker (eastern border region) might say... "'k bin sa kost lodder" (my ex-girlfriend might have said that once), or it could be an older turn of phrase that's not in use anymore. Anyways, Dutch is a compound language, a standardisation of the various dialects in the Rhine/meuse/sceldt-delta. Kost is a word for both value (cost) and indeed nourishment. The "kostwinner" is the person in a family who brings in the money and consequently the food (which costs money/wat geld kost). Lodder is an older word not widely used anymore but used to describe something which "sags", a person who has a sagging eyelid has a Lodderoog. as you usually sag when you get drowsy, the literal translation cleo mentioned is quite correct but I do believe that it's a dialect phrase, rather than standard Dutch.
  23. The Golden Compass

    Fear is an important thing in orthodox beliefs. Especially the fear of abandoning your faith for something else it appears... to see how fundamentalists cry wolf when Fantasy and science fiction books become popular, especially when there's a fictional pantheon of gods (or a fictional one-god) or magic/witchcraft... It's annoying. Believing is the hub of religion, and if you believe in a certain mythology (as holy-scriptures basically are), it isn't weird at all to think you might believe ANY book about magic, heroes and gods... "It's been written down" is a sentence used to convince atheïsts and agnostics to prove the truth of the holy bible, so anything written could be believable to children who see something in writing as truthfull as their parents used that argument to cement their offspring's faith. So there's the problem I think, as the faithfull are essentially gullible (they believe anything that is written in the scriptures and what the minister/priest tells them in sermons). The fear of coming to believe something else spawns from that gullabillity...
  24. Who likes anime?

    I'm not a conaisseur or a big fan of this genre of animation, but I did watch some with my brother and friends. - Hellsing - Afro Samurai (in fact, my hairgel is gone and now my hair is like that at the moment...) - Samurai Champloo - Sangokushi - Koutetsu Sangokushi - Record of Lodoss war - Eon Flux - Ghost in the Shell - Princess Monoke - Gyver The sangokushi animes I watched 'cause I read the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel, which is the Chinese equivalent of Le Morte D'Arthur. Both animes are a little disappointing once you've read the book.
  25. Sexuality

    quote: Originally posted by BitsOfBone: Surely not in America! I know that homosexuality is a criminal act in some places in the far East, but I think all those laws were gotten rid of years ago in the West... You never know though. I mean we still have ledgislation in the UK that states that we are to have at least an hours archary practice every Sunday... What a stupid law! Wowsers... that Archery Practice law is about 600 years old... maybe it's kept for the sake of history. I mean, the time that the British defended their country with bow and arrow is ancient history There's a lot of silly laws in this world and the silliest of the western world are to be found where? The United States! The various legislations in the US would be enough to fill more than 50 seasons of Southpark. I mean, illegal for more than 5 women to live in the same house? what about a family with 5 daughters (that's 6 women 'cause they have a mother too)... should they sent one away to be adopted? Most of the silly laws can't even be enforced... The "warn before you pass" law is restricted to cyclists in the Netherlands, we have to ring our bell (every bike must have a small bell on the steering handles) to notify the person we pass as bikes don't have rearview mirrors so an accident might happen. Off course my country has some strange legislative decrees, but these are decided on at the municipal level and I know they're there but not in my town Oh yeah, I almost forgot: It's illegal in NL to grow marihuana and cannabis but it's not illegal to sell it or posses less than 5 grams...