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  1. New North-American shows announced!

    Hey Christy-Ann, thx for your short review :-) Is it true that she did The Virgin Queen? According to this article http://www.discovervancouver.c...-with-regina-spektor she played it (but Solo on Guitar??). Sounds like the writer of the article doesn't know all of Regina's Songs... I think there's only one early recording of that great song, so I would be more than happy if she played it again :-)
  2. Myth show moved to State Theatre Sep 11 2009

    Is there still no recording of lacrimosa out?
  3. Gloria Theatre, Cologne, Germany (7-02-2009)

    Any infos about the setlist?
  4. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    Me too, please :-)
  5. Email Directory

    I'd love to hear Riot Gear, the live version is so great :-) created a temporary adress, could someone please send it to me? Thank you very much
  6. Shows in Germany

    I wanted to go to Cologne on the 2nd, but since none of my friends got time and I don't want to go alone I haven't ordered a ticket yet... Also thougt about going to Paris on the 1st instead to Cologne...
  7. eet!!

    i love the video and i love the song
  8. eet!!

    eet is out... haven't even viewed it yet :-) just wanted to post
  9. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    On German Amazon is a tracklist for the special edition… quote: Titelverzeichnis 1. The Calculation 2. Eet 3. Blue Lips 4. Folding Chair 5. Machine 6. Laughing With 7. Human Of The Year 8. Two Birds 9. Dance Anthem Of The 80's 10. Genius Next Door 11. Wallet E) 12. One More Time With Feeling 13. Man Of A Thousand Faces 14. Time Is All Around (Non-album Trac ) 15. The Sword & The Pen (Non-album Tra K) 16. Laughing With (Video) 17. Dance Anthem Of The 80's [Viral Vi Eo] 18. Eet [Viral Video] 19. Man Of A Thousand Faces [Viral Vid O] there are videos for eet and man of a thousand faces, that's great... but no riot gear
  10. You can hear the song "Hell No" on YouTube. Regina's voice sounds great with this guitar tunes... Different than her usual style. I like it