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  1. Favorite Movie Quotes

    Ahh, someone beat me to The Princess Bride. I wanna bust out some quotes from a favorite movie of mine, Brick, but there's too many to choose from.
  2. What's wrong with Regina?

    So I heard that Reg cheated on her then boyfriend with the leader singer of the Strokes (Julian something or other, I don't listen to them enough to give a damn) when she was on tour with them. That good enough for ya? Sorry if the Strokes part sounded kinda crude, I've been watching The Wire a lot as of late.
  3. Dear Regina: You're sweet

    >_> I'm surprised by the amount of people so willing to lick a giant fake ice cream cone
  4. Alternate music video thoughts?

    She looks great in the chocolate factory video, and she looks adorable at the dj was asleep line, but it was kind of an awkward video. A chocolate factory? really?
  5. If you like Regina..

    Wow! Julia Marcell is stellar! Thanks.
  6. how did you get into regina?

    A friend had her listed on his favorite music list on Facebook and I'd taken a few bands from his list before, and I'd also seen Reg's name around a few times so I figured, hey, maybe she's good? So I gave Fidelity a listen and I kind of hated it at first and I thought, wow, why do people seem to like her? Anyway, flash forward to a few weeks later and I'm listening to Kate Nash and I see on that Regina Spektor is a related artist. I decided to give her another whirl by listening to some older material (Soviet Kitsch). And the rest, is history. That sounded more epic in my head.
  7. Regina lookalike!!

    Wow, it does look quite a bit like her. I wish more girls looked like Reg, specifically where I live... >_>
  8. Regina Song Showdown!

    Human of the Year. And I totally agree with Qedipus, I don't know why but I just really don't like Samson that much >_> Poor Little Rich Boy vs. Folding Chair
  9. FINALLY: "Emily the Strange" Proven to be Complete Crap

    Because Emily the Strange is a complete rip off of something else, not to mention that the consumers of said brand tend to be annoying. And as JohnnyC pointed out, said consumers often seem to be many members of Regina's fanbase, sadly.
  10. The Chronicles of Caspian Extras

    We started watching it today for my English Lit class and my teacher, being the nerd she is, bought the 3 disc set!
  11. Where does Regina live?

    Haha, I read that. Damn, she's making a lot more than I thought!
  12. Let's go to the Movies...

    I have yet to see Twilight, but due to the pressure of friends and family I've started reading the first book. It's so bad.
  13. Let's go to the Movies...

    I saw Quantum of Solace too! Not as good as Casino Royale but it was still fun. The action was quite intense, especially the last fight.
  14. new blog about perfoming with ben folds

    Celebrity crushes? Hmm, do you guys consider Regina Spektor to be a celebrity? I don't, but I live in Canada where no one seems to know who she is.
  15. Lets have a look...

    Thanks guys. And damn, yours is pretty crazy, with all the little Regina's