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  1. Chicago show?

    Hello fans! Your tickets for Regina Spektor at Riviera Theatre on May 13th have been mailed. They will arrive in a plain white envelope marked Dated Material Enclosed. Keep an eye out for them! Enjoy the show! Concertmaps i got that in my e-mail just now and i am super excited!!!! i always like having my tickets in hand.
  2. this is too funny WATCH AND LAUGH

  3. this is too funny WATCH AND LAUGH

  4. Regina Live at her Alma Mater, SUNY Purchase (NY) - Complete Concert

    thanks a lot.
  5. Opportunity knocks...SUNY Purchase tickets available

    So how was the show!?!?
  6. Opportunity knocks...SUNY Purchase tickets available

    have fun at the show tonight!
  7. Chicago show?

    yes, I believe it's sold out.
  8. For those of you who bought pre-sale San Diego...

    ::sigh:: i am sure they will come soon enough.
  9. Bonnaroo!!

    today when i was driving i saw this car with a bumper sticker that said bonnaroo on it. i thought of this forum right away!
  10. For those of you who bought pre-sale San Diego...

    I bought two tickets to the Chicago show through the pre-sale and still haven't gotton mine yet in the mail. I know it does say 1 week before show but sheesh let us have them now. I know people who have ordered off of ticketmaster and they already have their tickets in hand The Chicago show is now sold out so that maked me want to have my tickets close to me even more ya know?
  11. 2 Chicago tickets for sale.

    No there was no extra for shipping. it says they should come within a week of the show. i just wish they would send them when we order them so we can have them by now. On the 24th it will be a month since i ordered mine (opening of the presale) EDIT: I looked at my invoice again and it says 2.00 shipping fee so i am assuming they can show up anytime...i saw on some other forum pics of tickets through ticketmaster so i guess some poeple have the tickets in hand...i don't yet. i am waiting patiently
  12. DOWNLOAD Regina - Glasgow, Scotland - 2007.02.19

    thanks much for this!
  13. Whyn't You Help A Brother Out!?

    omg i love reno 911 that sh*t is so funny haha i still have yet to see the movie though..someday soon i hope. i think she should do some work with timbaland or perhaps go old school with run dmc haha
  14. Loose Women??

    i have been looking for a video or even audio for it and can't find anything
  15. Loose Women??

    I never heard of it either, i want to see it too of course!