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  1. Bulletin Posts

    quote: Originally posted by Em Mitchell: Haha thank you! But.. why is this post under "Bulletin Posts"? The spider game is fun, my favourite is the one with the birds on a walk. I will try it! Thanks for advice
  2. Bulletin Posts

    quote: Originally posted by Em Mitchell: I may have put it in the bin.. désolé.. Yeah by URL I mean posting a picture on a forum. I can link to things like this, but I can't post things like pictures. P.S. That link leads to a really cool website with games. Not traditional games, but nice, artistic games. They're very cool. Em Mitchell, you have to host you picture on a website before posting it. For example, you can use or Then you just have to copy&paste the code which looks like in your post. PS: I have just killed many spiders in one of your games, thanks!
  3. Our Regina art.

    Haha, I definitely WANT to see your drawing Em Mitchell! What do you call the URL thing? Is is the way to post a picture on a forum?
  4. Come into my world..

    Django, is it the human of the year?
  5. Come into my world..

    quote: Originally posted by BitsOfBone: Is it Heroin boy? Yes it is! Well done BitsOfBone Your turn now.
  6. 1000 Albums to Hear

    Emilie Simon - Emilie Simon Mosaic - Woven hand In the mood for love OST This thread gives a lot of ideas, thanks!
  7. a place to post in french..if you so choose.

    You're welcome. In fact, the spoken text are from Camille's official website. You can listen to all of 16 here : ... http://camille-uk.emi-artistes.bizCAMILLE_UK/ambiance16.swf I've just discovered that the later is a new version of "Mon squelette". I think I have never heard it before. What about you Val ?? What a Camille's rambling! Funny Edit : I'm probably wrong: it is not new. But I didn't remember the end at all.
  8. Come into my world..

    Yes, thanks for explanations Django: impressive and interesting! quote: Originally posted by Em Mitchell: Reguddist, is is Lucille from Pavlov's Daughter? "No Em Mitchell, I'm not Lucille. I'm actually a man. In certain circumstances, I appreciate to be leaved alone. And I think it's quite normal. I would bet you would ask the same in these circumstances! "
  9. What are you listening to right now?

    Mistaken for strangers - The national
  10. Come into my world..

    The character is pretty foolhardy. "And I would be able to swim across several oceans, beyond doubt! I actually like water and I don't fear sharks at all. Don't worry about me."
  11. Your guilty pleasures (musicwise)

    CSS at one moment (but I'm almost cured )
  12. 1000 Albums to Hear

    Le fil - Camille Neon Bible - Arcade fire Funeral - Arcade fire Ballad of the broken seas - Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan
  13. Come into my world..

    In fact, I'm afraid that maybe I've assimilated several characters in my imagination.. I've just realized it. Sorry sorry. I correct the clue to make it less ambiguous : "So strange, I've sometimes the feeling I don't live in the same world as other's. People definitely doesn't understand me. They worried about me without reason and I have to sing a sweet lullaby to reassure them. I don't understand this worry. I actually feel so serene I could sleep in a lion cage."
  14. Come into my world..

    Here is the text "So strange, I've sometimes the feeling I don't live in the same world as yours. People definitely doesn't understand me. Even Regina! Sometimes she worried about me without true reason and I have to sing a sweet lullaby to reassure her. I actually don't understand her worries. For a couple of days I feel freaky serene." (I'm affraid it is too easy.)
  15. Come into my world..

    Nice text PerksOfAWallflower! I was not sure at the beginning but the more I read it, the more I thought it was the man from Blue lips. Now I'm going to choose another character.
  16. post your favorite photos of regina

    Thanks for explanations andreseng. And LOL val
  17. Happy New Year 2008

    quote: Originally posted by val: awww ! Am I really understanding as I should ??? It's worrying indeed. I thought Regina had got fully better already.
  18. post your favorite photos of regina

    I find this one is beautiful too. Edit : The colors are beautiful, but her face expression is actually not usual. She seems pensive and a little suspicious. What happened? That's the question..
  19. Happy New Year 2008

    That's such a charming attention. Happy new year!
  20. Come into my world..

    Not annoying at all.. It is poetic and sensitive. It reminds me of the person from the song "Blue lips", which I find very moving and profound. But it is probably not this one. Hmm, I'm going to think more about it.
  21. a place to post in french..if you so choose.

    quote: Originally posted by PerksOfAWallflower: i don't know any of he songs you guys are talking about! *Le cri (i have j'ai tort, is this song different?) *boys and girls *the Yvette's story and also who is Lââm? i'm so confused Sorry PerksOfAWallflower, I was afraid our talking was indeed confusing. Don't worry, the female French singer Lââm is not actually worth to listen. She's not considered in France as a good singer. Val and me were just kidding. But Lââm had a difficult life when she was young. She didn't know her parents. For this reason, she deserves compassion. The subject of Camille's Yvette text is precisely the story of a girl who didn't know her parents. The text is very funny, but it is a little "black humour" because this situation is actually very sad. (I hope my explanations make sense.) Here are the song and the two spoken texts . (Girls & Boys is a Prince cover.) In fact, Camille has made several covers, duets or little songs, which doesn't feature on her albums. (But not so many as Regina however! )
  22. new year, new life

    What a good piece of news Congrats!
  23. Come into my world..

    quote: Originally posted by graph theory: nope, but i see the similarities to the guy from buildings! cool- you're french! I'm reading pierre et jean by maupassant right now for a french literature exam tomorrow...est-ce que tu as un peu du sage francais pour moi? haha Wow, so many french-speaking persons here! I'm actually very bad @ litterature. I'm affraid I'm will not be able to help you. De quelle sagesse française as-tu besoin ? Edit : I believe I've never read this book.
  24. Come into my world..

    It reminds me of the man who hopes while looking at the tall buildings. But I guess it isn't him.
  25. Come into my world..

    Yes it is a charming song! Your go now.