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  1. Come into my world..

    quote: Originally posted by BitsOfBone: Do you mean the Spektors Thesaurus? What an idea for a thread! And... Back on topic - Stabbing in the dark here but is it 'the pickle'? Not really considered a character, but was once a living organism *checks spelling of commonly miss spelt word... phew* Yes BitsOfBone: the "Spektors Thesaurus". But maybe it is finally better that each one imagine his own Spektors Thesaurus. I have the feeling we would have an amazing huge number of different definitions for each word! And that's a very good thing! No it isn't the pickle but it could have been. Good attempt! Here comes another clue : "I sometimes feel guilty because I used to be pretty noisy (moreover I remember my noise and another one overlapped), but Regina visibly doesn't hold it against me. " Edit : Sorry, I cannot understand the sentence "*checks spelling of commonly miss spelt word... phew*". Can someone translate or explain it please?
  2. What are you listening to right now?

    You - "Reg" () I've just discovered this song and like it.
  3. Come into my world..

    All this regijargon definitely overcomes me! Reginite, reginka... Has someone ever thought about writing the thesaurus Regina talks about. It would be very helpful! Here comes the text : "I guess some of you will say I'm not actually a character but I think you're wrong. I have the feeling I'm a real character in Regina's heart. I think I definitely impressed her memories and she'll never forget me. When she thinks about me, Regina's emotions overcome her and everything fades away."
  4. Come into my world..

    Woowooow, I can't believe it was the right answer. Thanks Em Mitchell! (The story about your Ipod is funny but freaky. I hope it works now.) I'm going to think about a story about a character but it won't be quite a bed of roses with my lame English. The main difficulty will be to understand my sentences.
  5. a capella jess....

    Wow, I would be very pleased to listen to your cover of "Quand je marche"! In fact, Camille's forum is at this time a real scorched earth. The mood of the forum is very very bad. People are aggressive and there is a sort of "communication breakdown"... So different from the mood it used to be 2 years ago. People were friendly and the forum was very convivial. Sad... (Of course, your French is largely good enough to participate in a French forum, beyond doubt!)
  6. Come into my world..

    I guess I will say another stupidity but I say it anyway (My reginewb status allows me to ) : The poor little rich boy's girlfriend? (The idea of the thread is very very good!)
  7. Bulletin Posts

    Andreseng, the very fast version of "Consequence of sounds" in your huge zip is amazing. The studio version is great but this one rocks even more!
  8. a place to post in french..if you so choose.

    Em Mitchell, "Comptine d'un autre été" est aussi ma chanson préférée dans cette BO. I remember I used to listen to it very often 5 years ago. PerksOfAWallflower, you can listen to (and more) this Feist's song here. I remember I appreciated this movie. I remember well the first part with S. Buscemi. There were a lot of stereotypes on how american people consider France : very funny And there was a Camille's song in the movie (a Janine).
  9. Happy New Year 2008

    Here we have already reached 2008. Happy new year everybody
  10. What are you listening to right now?

    quote: Originally posted by andreseng: quote: Originally posted by blahh: little boxes - jenny lewis and jonathan rice Where's that??? Would love to hear her take.... Here it is andreseng
  11. Bulletin Posts

    Wow!! That's precisely what I intended to do. What a precious collection! Thanks thanks thanks a lot!
  12. Bulletin Posts

    Thanks for regucating me andreseng! I will try to be a studious regipupil I'm downloading the huge huge file at the present time. Thanks again!
  13. Bulletin Posts

    quote: Originally posted by andreseng: Don't worry about it. Oh and by the way that would be a reginewb! Thanks, Regijargon is pretty fussy! I've a lot to learn here.
  14. What are you listening to right now?

    Dizzy with wonder - Anja Garbarek
  15. Bulletin Posts

    quote: Originally posted by andreseng: Okay then, before I breakout in laughter, tell me this, what does the reg in your handle "reguddist" signify? I'm feeling pretty stupid but I didn't make the link at all. As a lame excuse, I could say I'm a Regnewb!
  16. Bulletin Posts

    I'm feeling dumb because it took me 2 weeks to get why everybody wrote "Reg" everywhere on this forum. Previously I wondered what "Reg" was. Don't laugh @ me please!
  17. New music we should all hear

    quote: Originally posted by mooebon: I just heard Joanna Newsom for the first time recently and really like her. I am not familiar with her lyrics but your post makes me curious to check them out. Have you looked them up on some lyric sites? In fact, I bought her cd "Ys" and the jacket contains the lyrics. Fortunately! (my English is far to bad to allow me to understand the lyrics by hear! ). But I cannot understand them anyway. I understand certain sentences but the whole texts make usually no sense for me. But the melodies are beautiful, evocative and moving (especially "Only skin"). I downloaded a live video (which she apparently allowed, according to the uploader) and I extracted audio. After that, I found the studio version less moving. I definitely prefer this live version. (I've just uploaded it here , if you want to listen to it). I would be grateful if you accept to explain me the global meaning of the songs. Edit : you can find the lyrics here .
  18. a capella jess....

    Wow, very impressive! You actually are famous on Camille's forum! Your covers were much appreciated. Especially, "Pâle septembre" is a very very good cover. Congratulations on it. An don't worry about your accent. It places an additional value on your cover. Very nice job. And your Regina covers are great too. I think you should definitively try to cover a "Janine". Or "Vous" ?
  19. What are you listening to right now?

    It's all a lie - Keren Ann quote: Originally posted by kaysntees: Vous - Camille What a good taste! Lyrics are funny, I like this song.
  20. Our Regina art.

    quote: Originally posted by val: Mh, yes, yes... I think i'm gonna have a try at this too... as soon as I can. Good idea Val! Last drawings of Camille in your Sketchbook 1 are very good I'm looking forward to your Regina-art. And congratulations on all drawings in this topic!
  21. Bulletin Posts

    quote: Originally posted by andreseng: quote: Originally posted by reguddist: Em Mitchell, Ghost of corporate future's advice would probably be "Put on your shoes" NEGATIVE! Everyone knows the ghost said, "Take off both your shoes whatever chances you get, especially when they're wet." "And Em Mitchell's feet are frozen, They need to be defrosted." andreseng, it was an emergency case! I'm quite certain ghost of corporate future would have tolerated this exception.
  22. quote: Originally posted by Stepped On A Syringe: My Dear Acquaintance Merci beaucoup ! The song isn't available on French iTunes. I like the idea of the sounds in the background. (Not surprising... In fact I think I like all of Regina's ideas)
  23. Bulletin Posts

    Em Mitchell, Ghost of corporate future's advice would probably be "Put on your shoes"
  24. Ms Indie Rock 2007

    The anti-semitic comment is such a ridiculous and nauseating jumble of old stereotypes. Beurrrrk.
  25. New music we should all hear

    quote: Originally posted by Ms.Eloise: -Joanna Newsom, The Milk-eyed mender Some kind of fairy singing with a baby voice and playing the harp. It took me time but I'm now fond of her album "Ys". It's amazing how the mind can travel while listening to her magnificent melodies. However, I cannot understand a large part of the lyrics. There are a lot of strange words and phrases which I don't know. I think I've approximately understood "Monkey and bear", but the other songs remain hermetic for me. So I wonder if the lyrics really make precise sense for you (in this case I will try to persevere). Do you think these songs are metaphors of events of her personal life ? Or something else ? These so long texts are quite mysterious for me. Thank you