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  1. pictures and videos of interest...

    check this out! it's my friend stephanie, and she is really quite good. i happen to think this is a video of interest.
  2. 11:11 Survivor Round1

    i would say buildings is my least favorite song on this album, i actually really like i want to sing and sunshine is my favorite song on this album.
  3. "8th Floor" recording

    yea this recording is great! thank you.
  4. "8th Floor" recording

    i was on youtube today and i came across this recording of 8th floor the song is so good and this recording is from 2006. im wondering, does anyone have this recording?
  5. Your Regina Collection!

    What songs are on the CD with the hair and the scissors? I've never seen that before.
  6. Top 5 Regina Songs

    Current Top 5 1. Dance Anthem Of the 80s 2. Just Like The Movies 3. On The Radio 4. Virgen Queen 5. Ode To Divorce Delicious.
  7. Well we can hope that the recording of the flowers is gonna have some little flair to it. Maybe its just a really great version of it.
  8. Did anyone notice that on the itunes page for Far on the second paragraph they say The Flower opposed to The Flowers? Just wondering. I'm wondering if itunes is aware of this little mistake.
  9. 1999 demo tape

    Do you guys think that Regina would be mad at the fans who listened to the 30 second demos and full recording of School is Out now that they have been leaked? Maybe after this she just won't mind.
  10. Explain Your Name Here!!

    My name is the same as the song, but i just LOVE this song. I cant get it out of my head. I'm the Hero of the Story Don't need to be saved.