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  1. Review of "Far"

    quote: Originally posted by andreseng: Bottom line truly is all that matters is what you think. Speaking of which: is this forum just for reviewing other reviews, or can we discuss what WE think about the album?!
  2. Regina faking?

    Sorry, I got the distinct feeling she was faking at the last concert I went to. But it's not a bad thing: it shows she's human. Isn't that what we love about Regina? I think she can be so much in her own world, that if she didn't make any mistakes she could just play an entire set without saying anything to the audience. I think she can get overwhelmed by audiences.
  3. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    Wow...I was going to log in to tell you that I just heard "On The Radio" used in some random Korean TV ad...I wasn't prepared for the news that Regina's new album is coming out this month! About time! I'll be back to let you know my feelings towards the album on June 22nd...I'm hoping I feel more than "meh"...My Regina fascination/obsession has somewhat faded in recent years...Here's hoping the spark is set aflame once more. ~Fran
  4. I rather dislike kate nash

    You also get a free download if you go to her new website and sign up:
  5. Prince Caspian Soundtrack

    Well, if you're serious about making films (not over analyzing them) than I strongly suggest you go to college and not university! And be prepared to work for free for a year in the industry before you get paid...That's about what half my friends did and I couldn't afford to do, hence the reason I'm in Korea...Talk to JohnnyC too! What ya wanna know? You can email me and pick my brain so others don't annoyed we're straying from the theme of the thread...
  6. Prince Caspian Soundtrack

    Hey Yo, Long time no talk! I'm living in South Korea right now and totally disconnected from everything Regina. Last night I met up with some "way-guks" (aka foreigners)and reminisced about Bonnaroo 2007...Of course Regina was brought up, and it was brought to my attention that she has a "new song" called "Hell No"...Then a few hours later I went to see Prince Caspian and FLIPPED at the end when I instantly recognized Regina's voice! 2 songs in 1 day! What a find... Now, on to some less than happy ideas (I hope I'm not repeating anything, but I don't have time to read the entire thread like I used to): I must say that, from a filmic perspective, putting a song with lyrics in the last scene TOTALLY ruined the flow of the film! The rest of the film was an orchestral score, why the hell would you throw in lyrics in the last scene?! It makes the film feel like it's already over when it hasn't even finished yet! Do you know what I mean? It's like it's supposed to be one of those cheezy songs that starts when credits roll, it's not supposed to be in the film. And so two big parts of my identity have just collided, previous Regina OBSESSION (seriously, you guys had no idea...) and film student graduate-ness...I still want to say I'm a film student, but I graduated, so what the hell do I call myself? Film graduate? That just doesn't work. Anyways, despite my LOVE for Regina, I just didn't like where they placed the song in the film. It's a beautiful song, just not well used. In my opinion. Now now all you defensive Regina fans, I hope you don't start ripping on me for expressing my honest opinion. I know how feisty you can be... Love (not war!), Fran PS HOLLLLLLLLLLA JohnnyC! I quit facebook so I have no idea what you're up to these days.
  7. Regina Dance remix on myspace

    ooooh, I love the '80s re-mix...I think this is probably something like what the song is "supposed" to sound like...Being that it's called "Dance Rhythm of the '80s"...The computer voice needs to get lost, more synths needed... 99 Red Balloons...
  8. Kate Nash

    So I looked up this music video cause this song plays EVERY HOUR in the store I work at right now...And I realized I'd seen the video before I knew the song...I remember thinking "Who is this girl? This is SUCH a regina wannabe video!" (aka the animation and the retro dresses etc) And then I FREAKED when she said "SICK" cause it was just the way Regina says it...And I didn't know how to take it, like an homage or what...Anyways! SOOO here's the video. What do you guys think? And happy news: Fidelity started playing in my store now, so apparently corporate office has finally decided Regina is pop.
  9. Regina Collapses

    Poor Regina! I hope she's okay...That poor girl is being worked to the bone. Can you imagine being on tour for 2 years?! It's ridiculous. I guess that's the life of a musician?
  10. Regina Collapses

    Poor Regina! I hope she's okay...That poor girl is being worked to the bone. Can you imagine being on tour for 2 years?! It's ridiculous. I guess that's the life of a musician?
  11. dusseldorf interpretations

    In the "Begin to Hope" album the lyrics indeed state: "In Frankfurt I heard eins zwei drei counting cookies and no one was shot. In Berlin stopped by the Polizei for drunk driving and everyone smiled. In Prague I knew I'd been a witch, burnt alive, a pyre of soviet kitsch it made me miss my Moscow muttdom it made me miss my New York nothing..." I always interpreted this passage as the narrator "hearing" the voices of the past (aka Nazi Germany and soldiers counting off before shooting someone). This might resonate with Regina, especially since she is Jewish. As for the counting cookies part, I'm not sure...But I find it acts kind of like cute "comic relief"...Instead of death and pain, you hear about cookies! As for the part about her being a witch, perhaps she is talking about reincarnation. Kitsch conveniently and comically rhymes with witch, which (haha) is also a reference to her earlier musical compilation. Muttdom does indeed seem to refer to being a mixed breed of sorts. My favorite line from Dusseldorf is "In Paris I saw a big fish, swimming slow, in the Seine it made me hopeful that someday our water would be breathable again"...I love it all though...
  12. Regina on Vh1!

    quote: Originally posted by Stepped On A Syringe: macs love it they do its like mac video audio candy haha...The VLC icon does kind of look like "candy corn"...GUYS! HELP! I have VLC and it's still not working on my mac! Any ideas? Am I supposed to paste the link or am I supposed to be able to save the movie "as source"?
  13. We should all do this..

    quote: Originally posted by busology82: ! you have yours signed!? Good job. You said you wanted to trade it for something AF related? I don't know what that means...But I'm up for a trade!
  14. Fidelity in a movie trailer

    I can see this as a KT Tunstall/The Devil Wears Prada shot to stardom for Regina...It's hitting the same target audience!
  15. Ohhhh, I thought that might be the case. Well, I guess it's more valuble if you get one of the originals, but you could always send the pdf to a printer if you were that desperate. Were the books in hard or soft cover?