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  1. On The Radio

    It's a song about life. Pure and simple. I remember a radio interview in which the interviewer asked Regina about the song, but she diverted the question and said, "I can tell you about the video I did for it...". We all know Regina prefers not to talk about the story behind the song, and I'm with her on that. The personal interpretations are much more interesting. But you've gotta think she had a pretty amazing, intense epiphany about life the day she wrote this song. The lyrics are just totally spot-on... a song full of universal truths. Some of the best lyrics ever written, for sure.
  2. Underrated Regina Song Showdown

    You know, I could do the process of elimination thing, but I know what my final pick would be anyway... The Noise Everyone seems to have forgotten about this one. It's such a beautiful song.
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  6. New song on iTunes (edit: it's up now)

    quote: Originally posted by Bonzomaniac: Looks like Reg is using the layered vocals again like she did with Real Love. For some reason, it reminds me of Judee Sill. A fellow Judee fan! I guess I can hear the resemblance (especially with the choir in "The Donor", now that I think about it), but I would have never made the connection myself. I really like the choir vocals in this song, but I could do without the gunfire noises.
  7. regina's tributes.

    Regina interpolates the Sugarcubes song in "Soho". She's also covered Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah".
  8. Vocal Chords of Steel i tell you!

    Regina has an absoutely amazing, strong, powerful voice. She has great, great control and has so many unique nuances in it. I've always said that Regina uses her voice like a piano (wheras most of us would use our voices more like violins). The way she seperates the notes, portamento, near the end of "Us" (the last two "contagious"), or in the middle of "Time Is All Around" (when she sings "around") right before the second verse, or at the end of "Better" (the final time she sings "better"). Also, the many trills she does. Like when she sings "Fidelity" live ("I hear in my mind"), or at the end of "My Man" ("when I know I'll come back"). It's almost mechanical. As mentioned before, that part in "Back of a Truck" when she sings "mi-mi-mi-mi-mine". (Generally, her vocal in that song is fantastic.) She does the same thing in "You" and "Long Brown Hair", alternating between the chest and head voice.Once again, great control. She could sing "Dance Anthem of the '80s" at double-tempo and would have no vocal limitation. I agree with kaysntrees about"The Virgin Queen". The vocals are great, the gibberish singing is great... there's just an amazing energy in that entire performance. "2.99¢ Blues" is another song that really displays Regina's vocal ability. She does something really cool near the end, at around 3:13. And of course, the song's climax is also a notable vocal feat. Need I mentioned when she belts it out? "Us", "Making Records", "Fidelity", "20 Years of Snow", "A Lesson in How Fleeting Preservation Is", "Your Honor", "human of the year", "open", "Carbon Monoxide", the list goes on and on...
  9. Is it me or does she sound a lot like Regina?

    Casey Dienel is a true talent. There are some similarities between her and Regina, but she is definitely her own artist. I find she's a bit more candid in her singing and playing than Regina is. Check this article out for an interview and some good songs.
  10. MONTRÉAL: DOWNLOAD the Show here! (plus reviews & pics)

    Hate to dig up this old topic again, but it's been almost a year, so I think it's safe to say that we can share the songs. I really would like to have the whole show, and especially these versions of the new songs. Thanks in advance, Johnny.
  11. AHHH! Has anyone else noticed?!

    It is a possibility that Regina was familiar with Björk's music at the time. It certainly would have made discovering the song a lot easier. Who deliberately searches for a song with their name for the title?
  12. Demos

    I found some information on the original topic at hand. Looking at the December 22, 2002 entry in an old version of Regina's website (here) she says she is going to her "second annual 'two Jews on Christmas session' with Joe Mendelson." So I'd assume that all fifteen songs from the demo were from this session. (It didn't make sense to me that "20 Years of Snow" was recorded for the Songs session at a fast tempo when, three months later, it is being performed at almost half that speed and with a missing outro.) As for contacting semilit, typing the username in Google search engine yields a few more registrations on other websites... maybe someone who has an account on any of them can contact him/her from there...?
  13. Regigantic List of Song Recordings

    I didn't know you were referring exclusively to the Wiki page; I was talking about Reginapolis. Now I understand that the Wiki page is only temporary, to collect all known recordings.
  14. Regigantic List of Song Recordings

    I think a more practical approach would be to do something like this: (Click on a date at the bottom of that page to see an example of a setlist page.) If you would want to follow this kind of example, the pages can be altered to include links to recordings. I just don't think a page with listing every recording available is the best way to go about this sort of thing. It could be divided more cohesively.
  15. An up-to-date Regina fansite?

    I have a few small things to say: I'm glad to see the fansite up and all the thoughts and ideas that are being put into it. Seems like it's going to be great. I'd be happy to contribute to the website occasionally (news, lyrics, timeline) if any help is needed. Just a little, mostly unrelated complaint: I don't like the new fabricated songtitles i.e. "Stop Right Now" and "Defintion of a Crazy Person". I've always known these songs as "the clocks were asleep" and "I cut off my hair". Since when were these new titles the accepted ones? Regina never confirmed the titles to these songs (among others) anyway.