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  1. Download Regina Spektor live 2006-10-03 (SBD)

    Rad. Thanks!
  2. I would love to get a copy of it, if anyone has it thanks so much!
  3. Providence Set List

    While I do like Regina better solo, it was nice to hear some of the BTH songs with the full band (since that is how they're recorded) I did enjoy the set list more from Boston earlier this year, but really, why bother just complaining about it? Either go and enjoy it, or stay at home and miss the fun everyone else is having. Don't bring your hate to the boards.
  4. Did anyone record the Providence show? (9.21.06)

    yeah, i noticed that as well... i was considering just recording it myself, but i didn't want the distraction. hopefully it'll pop up at some point
  5. Providence Set List

    I'm pretty sure she played Samson during the encore, no? She also played Human of the Year in there someplace i was the idiot who yelled out "I LOVE YOU REGINA!" right after Ain't No Cover... she said "I love you too!".... I almost died haha
  6. Did anyone record the Providence show? (9.21.06)

    I would love to get a copy of it, if anyone has it thanks so much!
  7. Aquarius mp3 anyone??

    i have an Aquairius mp3... not sure how i could get it to you, maybe rapidshare?
  8. Regina's BBC3 session torrented

    coolness. thanks.
  9. Favorite Line from Begin to Hope!

    The whole album is good lines... but if I had to pick one, at the moment it would be... Summer in the city, I'm so lonely lonely lonely I've been hallucinating you, babe, at the backs of other women And I tap on their shoulder and they turn around smiling But there's no recognition in their eyes
  10. Bad Reviews

    I have read a couple of fair reviews, but most of the ones I have seen have been quite positive. There will always be the people out there who don't get it... guess they just miss out. I, for one, love the album. So frankly, I don't really care what the reviewers say.
  11. 6/14/06 Conan O'Brien

    She does indeed look beautiful with the straight hair. But, then again she always looks beautiful. Sounds like she plays a wrong note at one point? Doesn't matter, though, she sounded amazing as always. And yeah, she does seem very shy and modest all the time. I don't think it's an act. I had the great pleasure to meet her in Boston a few months ago, and when I gushed compliments she seemed genuinly appreciative and humbled. Just another reason why we all lover her so. <3
  12. Summer in the City

    anyone have a live version of this song anywhere? She didn't play it when i saw her in Boston. At the moment it's my favorite song on BTH and I'd love to hear it live. Thanks for helping (if you can haha)
  13. Summer in the City

    Yeah. I love the sharp, immediate turn in tone of the song. But I still heard a few people laughing at "telling strangers personal things" Maybe it's just the way Regina sings it, but for me, that's the line that makes me start to want to cry, and then it's nothing but heartbreak from there. Dare I say a masterpiece? I think I just did.
  14. Summer in the City

    Thanks so much! Can't believe people in the crowd are laughing at (with?) the lyrics. They're clever, as always, but jeez... it's one of the most heartbreaking songs I've heard in a long time. Oh well, as long as they're enjoying it
  15. Summer in the City

    anyone have a live version of this song anywhere? She didn't play it when i saw her in Boston. At the moment it's my favorite song on BTH and I'd love to hear it live. Thanks for helping (if you can haha)
  16. Lucky to get my copy!

    I work in an indipendantly owned chain of music stores in new england. My store got over 20 copies, and 4 special editions. We sold out of the special edition, but we got plently of the regular ones left if anyone wants to drive to RI haha. Indy music stores are teh win.
  17. Winning Girls through Psychic Mind Control

    it's the INTERNET Movie Database hehe
  18. Begin To Hope REVIEWS

    pitchfork review...
  19. Fiona Apple tour....

    I'll be at the Boston show too. Can't wait to see her and Damien. If only Regina was playing with them for a triple bill... well, probably good that she isn't... I might literally explode if that was the case.
  20. Press for Begin to Hope

    Funny, I just read a review somplace that said Begin to Hope was much more focuses and consistant than her previous albums. Guess that's why they call them opinions. Doesn't really matter, we're all going to buy it tomorrow anyway (even though most of us already have had it for weeks, if not months.) <3
  21. DOWNLOAD Regina 2006-04-09 Boston, MA

    thanks! been looking for a recording of this since the show
  22. "Better" music video

    just on a technical note, i think actually the footage shown on the TV is from a second camera. the TV footage moves sometimes when the camera we're watching isn't.
  23. 2006-04-21 Wellesley, MA | New Tour Date

    I really wanted to go too. A friend of mine lives within walking distace of the venue, but I'm going away that weekend, so I can't make it Have fun everyone who is going. Blow Regina a kiss for me
  24. Regina. Us. TV Commercial.

    Hmm never thought of it that way Johnny... but the artists still own their music (or part of it, right?) so if they don't want their music selling cheeseburgers or SUVs they can prevent it, or am I being niave here? Oh, and talk about work perks, I got on the guest list for the private boston show last week and got to meet Regina through my job. Think that takes the cake haha
  25. Regina. Us. TV Commercial.

    well, just remember, Moby wasn't that good in the first place... selling out just made him worse haha. Regina is too much of an artist to let silly things like that comprimise who she is or what she does with her music.