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  1. i don't know the name, but Regina performed it at the show at the avalon in Boston and it went: MAry anns a bitch! and so forth?
  2. selling stuff?

    this is what was being sold at the avalon; Begin To Hope Begin To Hope Bonus CD Soviet Kitsch (i hope i spelled that right) Live At The Bullmoose (which i bought and is great!) Songs no 11:!1 A shirt A sketchbook I got the shirt too!
  3. just walking down the street in boston and...

    DAMN! i wish i could just walk around boston i LOVE boston
  4. Whos opening???

    not too be mean, but at the avalon i thought the vocalist had a REALLY bad voice
  5. Bringing Children to the Shows

    hey, i'm 11 i love the dresden dolls (which swears) and regina and amanda swear in both sarchastic and funny ways i say bring us! pre teens have a right to listen to vulgar music so we can grow up and do the same i'm not being sarchastic...
  6. Boston 10/06/06 Setlist

    cool thanks GREAT SHOW! EVeryone was staring at me: I wearing my Dresden Dolls sweatshirt and screaming my girlish scream at the end of every song!
  7. Rainrops

    i have that song on a mix CD i made for on the way to her show
  8. wowowowowowowowow how impressive
  9. Is Regina Pregnant?

    i saw regina on the 6th of october in boston at the avalon: she was great, beautiful, and looked in shape she wore normal clothes, and was gourgeous (no surprise) and that ice cream picture is my best friend!
  10. Regina Demographics

    ya, thats awesome! quote: Originally posted by jweprich: Hey NovemberRain! You like Bjork? Bless you! I discovored bjork when i was 10, im 13 now. soo.... OH u like KT tunstall? Well i just saw her the other week at the egyptian room in indianapolis, and i was the VERY front person in the VERY middle, right in from of the mic. MY arms could actually touch her mic, but the gaurds told me not to do that during the concert! Isnt that AWESOME?
  11. selling stuff?

    do you mean 11:11 CD? if so i am going mad AAHHH
  12. Regina Demographics

    quote: Originally posted by submergedcalamity: Just turned 14. Am I the youngest here? nope, i'm 11