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  1. Australian Tour?

    I met Regi after the Tuesday night Opera House show She was just beautiful and I'm so grateful to have met her!!
  2. Australian Tour?

    So is nobody from Brumstix going to the Tuesday night Opera House show??? I'm SO EXCITED FOR IT. I saw Reggie on SYTYCD tonight and it's really hit me that I get to see her again
  3. Australian Tour?

    Getting so excited for the Sydney show!!!!! If anybody wants to meet up with me, add me on Facebook first! I'm Alexandra Carroll.
  4. anybody after sydney tickets?

    Hello! I have some friends that I think would be super interested. Do you have Facebook? Add me I'm: Alexandra Carroll I live in Australia anddddd my display picture is a girl in a white dress.
  5. Australian Tour?

    quote: Originally posted by peter pan: Seriously she is the most obliging artist you could ever meet. She will talk and have pictures taken with all the fans who are willing to stay to see her. Usually 90mins to 2hrs after the show. It can be cold and uncomfortable but well worth it in the end. Hey hey peter pan, we should meet up @ the opera house and say hey and all that jazz. Do you think we'll be able to meet Reg at the Sydney Opera House? I'm keen to hang around afterwards to meet her..... would srsly make my life hehe.
  6. Australian Tour?

    anybody going to the sydney show? (and anybody know how to register for the pre sale tix?) xxxx ps SOOO EXCITED pps sorry its been so long guys.......
  7. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    I bought my copy on Friday afternoon <3 it. I got a special ed with a DVD of her music vids too. EEEEEEEEEE! Can someone post Riot Gear and any of the other bonus tracks?? I only got Time.I.A.A. and T.S.A.T.Pen on my album...
  8. Least favorite Regina Song?

    I don't dislike any Reg songs, but I usually skip over Field Below. It was amazing live, though.
  9. Say hello for real.

    I thought we could all post videos saying HELLO to fellow 'stixers. Here's a vid my mates and I (drunkenly) made the other night to Dance Anthem of the 80s. I'll make a proper 'hello' vid soon. Kudos to MySpace
  10. Say hello for real.

    I thought we could all post videos saying HELLO to fellow 'stixers. Here's a vid my mates and I (drunkenly) made the other night to Dance Anthem of the 80s. I'll make a proper 'hello' vid soon. Kudos to MySpace
  11. fidelity377, those piccies are just ADORB! that outfit is perfect on regina. <3
  12. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    ^Exactly! ~*special*~ Hehe! And I'll admit I'm having a little too much fun singing, "I've got a perfect body, but sometimes I forget, I've got a perfect body 'cos my eyelashes catch my sweat, YES THEY DO! THEY DO-O-O-O-O!" Am I right in thinking that the freakin' Aussie release date has been pushed back?!
  13. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    EEEE! Far is AMAZING (as predicted by everybody). Lawd, I can't stop listening. It just feels like I'm home when I listen to her music. BEAUTIFUL. *fangasms*
  14. I need some help finding a song.

    I, too, would like this recording. I think I have it somewhere at home on my PC, but that's 4 hours away so... (Off-topic, but are you a fan of the Ben Moody from Evanescence? Or is that your name? Or are you referring to a totally different Ben Moody? Hehe!)
  15. Our Regina art.

    Amazing work, kaysntees!
  16. If your friend likes Mandy Moore's music then you might be fighting a lost battle, hahaha. >.<
  17. Dance Anthem of the 80s video!

    Hi guys! Long time no speak. Ummm so yeah, basically Reggie can do no wrong. 3 tracks in and b-e-a-utiful. Can't wait til June 23

    Awww thanks everybody! I've been informed that I'm apparently turning into (or already am?) a 'bad stixer'. So! For the new year this must change!!!!! But thanks again for the b'day wishes (& ta for directing me here George!!)
  19. photos of ourselves !

    heeeeeheee i thought id post for ya george! get on msn now!
  20. photos of ourselves !

    andre is cute. 'nuff said. ~ 2 new piccies! :
  21. Name That reg Tune

    wowww i havent listened properly to reg in so long, i cant even pick what song those lyrics are from (((
  22. WHEN!!!

    quote: Originally posted by andreseng: Yes, she has.....She specifically spoke of getting back in to the studio right around now actually. But with her extended illness things may have changed. im really out of the loop-but what is her extended illness????
  23. *hugs* see im back already. and yay for making this thread off topic haha (sry). LEAD ME TO THE BEST THREADS! :]
  24. New music we should all hear

    kelly sweet. 'dream on' is amaZing.
  25. What are you listening to right now?

    i'll be there for you-the remembrandts :]