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  1. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    A review of what I've heard from this stream (First thoughts): The Calculation: Great song, really Kinks-esque in melody. Quite poppy. This album's On The Radio. Machine: YES! This is a return to Songs/SK era Regina. Quite interesting lyrically too. This is how I picture songs like Daniel Cowman would sound had they been recorded in a formal studio setting Human of the Year: It sounds perfect! Best track on the album, hands down. It's even better than I envisioned it, and the orchestration fits perfectly. Two Birds: Quirky and whimsical, with storybook style narrative. Classic Reg, in other words. Genius: Brilliant! Beautiful and haunting. Has an almost religious quality to it Wallet: I had not heard this in a previous live version, and I have to say it's a great song. I do think it's a bit overproduced though. One More Time With feeling: I actually quite like this version. Sure, it lost some of that raw emotion, but it seems to fit quite well. The vocoder parts kinda irk me, maybe it's just the fact that I'm not used to them Man of 1000 Faces: While a great recording, it suffers from the Blue Lips effect where the studio setting simply cannot capture the song's magic in full, or the outpouring of emotion that Regina puts into the live version. Overall, I love it and I cannot wait to buy it!!
  2. Regina Song Showdown!

    quote: Originally posted by Tamx: Genius V Bobbing For Apples
  3. Check this out!!


    quote: Originally posted by dananator3: this is kind of random but it amused me... there is this guy who i am friends with on facebook who is a super hardcore born-again christian, and he posts a different worship song everyday (no exaggeration, it gets annoying). well just now i looked, and he had posted the laughing with video. of course i immediately hit the like button, but then i realized that he was using it in his usual church-y context (nothing really wrong with that i guess, but it irked me a bit). so then to make myself feel better, i posted a comment saying "reg is the best!" with a link to the jool's performance of blue lips video. ... i couldn't help myself. haha. It would be odd if Regina gets labeled as a "Christian Artist" due to this song LOL, I wonder how your friend would react if he heard Baby Jesus
  5. Folding Chair

    It's growing on me!
  6. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    Am I the only one who is reminded of Bowwie's song Rock & Roll Suicide when hearing Man of 1000 Faces? On another note, I'm seriously hoping Machine contains a reference to the gravediggers who get stuck in it.
  7. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    Machine sounds like the heir to Consequence of Sounds The Calculation sounds interesting Human of the Year sounds AMAZING Two Birds sounds nice Genius sounds awesome too One More Time With Feeling sounds....radically different Man of 1000 faces sounds quite cool The Wallet sounds nice though slightly overproduced
  8. What are you listening to right now?

    Foreground by Grizzly Bear
  9. Top 5 Regina Songs

    No particular order: -Apres Moi -Daniel Cowman -Human of the Year -The Flowers -Ghost of Corporate Future
  10. Chemo Limo Remix

    Interestig, I never would have thought of sampling Chemo Limo for a hip hop song

    No one's laughing at God when someone decides to make a video which juxtaposes an amazing song with Hannah Montana crap.
  12. eet!!

    He produced all of BTH with obvious co-prouction from Regina herself
  13. eet!!

    Regina's music just seems to work better in a live context. I seriously look forward to the live version of Eet, as it will undoubtedly sound better live. Thankfully David Kahne is producing Human of the Year, he and Reg tend to work quite well together (see Apres Moi as a reference point)
  14. I saw the trailer on youtube a while ago, I'm looking forward to this movie!
  15. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    quote: Originally posted by SugarDrive: what do you mean by better? like the quality? It just sounds way nicer with the strings than with the synth-type arrangements, also Reg's vocal delivery in the Jools version undoubtedly tops the recorded version.
  16. "Far" Regina's Next Album :D

    quote: Originally posted by kaysntees: All I know about Jeff is that he's produced for The Beatles and Tom Petty and he was a part of ELO. Lynne never produced for The Beatles, that was all done by George Martin, and Phil Spector on Let it Be. I'm not thrilled with what he did with Folding Chair, though I did like the production on Blue Lips (though I think the version Reg played on Jools Holland worked infinitely better with it's lovely string arrangements)
  17. eet!!

    I like it a lot!
  18. Folding Chair

    Everything else from the album sounds great, though this song sounds like the original has been grated through Microsoft Songsmith. I feel that this album (at least the Jeff Lynne part) will be like 80s Leonard Cohen, brilliant songs with slightly cheesy production.
  19. Folding Chair

    I thought the opposite, actually. This is much more upbeat, while the original had quite a melancholic vibe going.
  20. Folding Chair

    It was going great until the guitars kicked in...
  21. Wow, I had completely forgotten this thread until the other day when I started thinking of ideas and such. I was thinking maybe the storyline could be structured in a non-linear way, we could play with the times and introduce flashbacks and stuff
  22. Regina on Jools next Tuesday

    The Jools Holland version of Blue Lips OWNS the studio version by far, even though I love the studio version.

    I had a completely different concept in my head for the video. I was thinking of something like the Play With Fire sequence in The Darjeeling Limited, for some reason. Regina walking through a series of living dioramas featuring the various scenarios depicted in the song. She is moving at normal speed but the dioramas are in slow motion. At the end, we see she is walking through a movie studio.

    After listening, I can kinda understand why she did not want these released. The melody in one sounds like Buildings. A really early version, perhaps? The person who posted the songs seems like a douchebag judging by their comment on the youtube page, really cynical attitude towards the whole thing.

    Wow, every time I check the Stix now there's something new!! Love the video