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  1. ...The computer drums do work on Machine and Dance Anthem, though considering the subtext of both these songs. On BTH, the computer drums are way more subtle, and are only really dominant in two or three songs. They don't really get in the way as they do on certain Far tracks. To be honest, I think BTH was a stronger album production-wise, though some of the songs on Far are stronger than those on BTH.

  2. Haha, I love that word, it's one of the funniest insults ever.

    My favorite cuss expression in Spanish is "Me cago en la leche" which literally means "I shit on the milk". You use it when you're angry about something.

  3. quote:
    Originally posted by bum bum bum:

    Just read this on the guitarist of Fall Out Boys twitter..

    "Nothing like a gross Regina Spektor song playing over the plane speakers to make you want to shove freshly sharpened pencils into your ears."

    ouch.. he can't even have a little respect for a fellow musician? You really have to consider the source I guess. Just one extra reason for me not to listen to Fall Out Boy ever..

    Emo crap like FOB makes ME want to shove pencils

    in my ears. Seriously, Regina has a thousand times more talent than the member of every stupid emo band combined.

  4. The whole album is great, except for Folding Chair

    which was a MASSIVE disappointment, IMO. Dance Anthem, Genius, HOTY, The Wallet, MOATF, all sound awesome in my view, even OMTWF and Blue Lips sound

    great despite not being what I expected, but Folding Chair just sounds...wrong, for some reason.

  5. Mary Ann in Sailor Song refers to the sea. In Italian the word for sea is 'mare' which could sort of sounds like Mary, and the sea is unpredictable and annoying, in other words, a bitch.

    I think the line about kissing you till your lips bleed sorta gives it away. The sea is being personified as a woman in the song.