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  1. This is probably a very stupid question...

    Does anyone else make a mint tea? I grow my own plants and I like to blend a mostly candy mint with spearmint in about 80:15 ratio. The other 5% is usually Wood Sorrel (a little wild clover-looking plant with heart shaped leaves, tastes lemony). I put some in a glass jar and brought it with me to college and my roommate thought I was a really open pot-head for a while!
  2. I thought the thread was "first regina song you listened to"

    I feel like an interloper of sorts. I heard the song "Fidelity" on MTV-U during breakfast one morning. I remember thinking that Regina had the most compelling voice I'd ever heard. I quickly youtubed her and listened to everything I could. I absolutely love oedipus and my only regret is not finding her sooner. I've since bought "Begin to Hope" and am going to order "Soviet Kitsch" once I get some money.
  3. Regina Demographics

    I'm 18. (but I'll be 19 in a month!)