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  1. Its now sitting on the New Releases section of the store, you can get it for free for a while! I KNOW I DID
  2. Bulletin Posts

    Dear Winter, *flips the bird* thank you, - Ian
  3. "The Drop To The Top"- Only Son

    i always wished to find some bootlegs, he plays 2-3 'new' songs at shows that you can't find or maybe i've just never bothered to look
  4. Today is Eleven Eleven Day!

    listening now, and reburning a copy of the cd to have with today
  5. Most Played?

    vell, i leave my music on all the time, even when i'm gone, sewww... (and its all regina most of the time) sewww, since i last reset my library us - 893 Apres moi - 873 The flowers - 777 On the Radio - 765 Field Below - 734 Fidelity - 723 before the last time i reset it, i made up an excel spreadsheet to see how much i played her over a year, and it was about 20,000 times
  6. Minnesota

    hehe! i just got back from my wonderful weekend in st. paul. oh, god, it was awesome. i didn't get in on the meeting her again business because i asked one of the security that i was standing by if she was going to, and he said she wasn't. and about the people talking during the concert, yea, i was right next to the bar, and people drinking suck. and someone tried to call me during the first set of encoring, wouldn't have been one of you that i ignored, would it?
  7. Minnesota

    Who else besides me from brumstix is going to it's show? eh eh?
  8. Minnesota

    Who else besides me from brumstix is going to it's show? eh eh?
  9. college paper on a regina song

    I'd do Apres Moi, myeslf poems and histories and all sorts of awesome!
  10. World Clock

    personally, i like colonization because of the idea of one big boom and we're ****ed while we're still only here like, suddendeath apocalypseboom

    mines the 4th! i have work and school
  12. Is This The Whole Tour ?

    Minnesota! YES!
  13. Hey Reginites

    y hello thar
  14. See a doctor about your reginitis!

    cute, very cute
  15. Leaving! farewell for now!

    i'm leaving...fff-for breakfast?