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  1. does Regina have a boyfriend?

    its the 10-25-06 Portland show yea
  2. All the rowboats

    and there's only one recording, which makes me saaaaad

    what dirty dirty music lovers you are her boots are always sexy, she wore giant red ones last show i saw

    i've always been partial to her boo-- er.. other, yes other i voted other
  5. Regina in next 007 movie!

    quote the text! it only brings you to your own myspace |:
  6. does Regina have a boyfriend?

    The current belief is Jack from Only Son i dunno
  7. calling those fluent in russian...

    i know know know i've seen it on brumstix before, and its driving me crazy trying to find it, but, a russian to english translator + this = The eighth floor the eighth floor all all must by me here highly goes home Karman empty although alms you request three rubles to vodka and loaf of white bread A now, probably increasingly more expensive and path those are forgotten by A above them of sail the first floor I small entire highly everything must by me eighth floor America I highly everything under me I highly…
  8. Thank God!

    I love the Fidelity video. But being a Minnesotian guy I can't wait for her schedule to finnally show a show in this state. A month or so ago Jack said they were coming this way after i commented on his myspace...
  9. Middle name.

    honestly, we need a list of questions to ask regina after some shows!
  10. um.. is regina anti vegan?

    quick, someone add this to a list of things to ask regina during the tour
  11. regina in ohio

    mmm-my town only has 3,800 or so... yea..I have to go to Minneapolis for regina ear lovin
  12. i think the biggest reason for reginitus is that there is so much live and cd stuff you can find and have hours of her to listen to.
  13. spektor strikes again

    that reminds me of one. *Between songs* Hoarse yelling: 'PLAY SAMSON, REGINA PLAY SAMSON' Regina: 'Your been drinkin a bit tonight?' Yelling Girl: 'A little... PLAY SAMSON' Regina: 'You straightedge, too?' Girl: 'SAAAAAAMSON' Regina: 'I'll play it in a few songs.' Girl: 'OKAAAAAY'
  14. Regina On TRL 3-15-07!!!

    holy crap! i just barely made it to seeing her on TRL. I spent the last hour driving around for the fun of it, came home, turned on the tv, looked at my email, saw the thing from the mailing list and QUICKLY flipped to MTV. gawd, almost missed it
  15. "Educate Me, Ms. Spektor..."

    other band wise? Harley Poe, Streetlight Manifesto, Matt Costa, Death Cab for Cutie, Arctic Monkeys, Only Son mostly whatever i can find that sounds great and happyish
  16. Top Three Songs

    1. Us 2. Apres Moi 3. Somedays / The Flowers
  17. yea, i've just gotten off a year and a half long regina-only kick about a month ago |: but thats just at work, at home i just leave itunes playing her most of the time
  18. Us: What Does It Mean?

    a guy I know has a big rant on how Us is about modern christianity, in fact I went and found it quote: They made a statue of us and put it on a mountain top now tourists come and stare at us blow bubbles with their gum take photographs have fun have fun There are a multitude of apostle/prophet statues that are constantly gawked at by tourists. they'll name a city after us and later say it's all our fault then they'll give us a talking to then they'll give us a talking to cause they've got years of experience The Vatican? We're living in a den of thieves rummaging for answers in the pages We're living in a den of thieves and it's contagious and it's contagious "And he taught, saying unto them, Is it not written, My house shall be called of all nations the house of prayer? but ye have made it a den of thieves." - Mark 11:17 We wear our scarves just like a noose but not cause we want eternal sleep and though our parts are slightly used new ones are slave labor you can keep New Testament, Old Testament we were fighting on how its a love song or not
  19. New Poster

    i almost bought that one off ebay... but i got this one because it was more unique. want a big copy, lemme know
  20. darkness in sunny regina...

    Belt is more of a Boyfriend/Husband beats Wife song then child abuse.
  21. lions and tigers and bearspektor oh my!

    she gave that little tidbit after one show i went to this october!
  22. quote: Regina's US tour is beginning to get underway... Pre-sales for Chicago at the Riviera Theatre start on 2/23 at 3:00PM CST and pre-sales for Vancouver, Portland, Seattle, Sacramento, San Diego and San Francisco will start on 2/27 at 10:00AM in each time zone of the performance. Please keep checking the official site for pre-sales in your city. More dates to be announced soon. Click herefor pre-sales...
  23. how to meet regina before or after the show?

    she'll most likely stay around and meet anyone that waits around the stage, i even suggest that when the band is cleaning up, ask them nicely to go get her
  24. how to meet regina before or after the show?

    just wait and wait, if you see a group of people staying around after the main floor starts clearing out, go over there and waaait