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  1. New EP on CD outside US?

    Itunes Physical CD which do i want, regina now or regina later?
  2. 2007 US Spring Tour Announced!

    holy crap, chicago is already sold out
  3. regina hates Songs?!

    people constantly believe they can do better with the skills they've learned since the last work
  4. 2007 US Spring Tour Announced!

    quote: Regina's US tour is beginning to get underway... Pre-sales for Chicago at the Riviera Theatre start on 2/23 at 3:00PM CST and pre-sales for Vancouver, Portland, Seattle, Sacramento, San Diego and San Francisco will start on 2/27 at 10:00AM in each time zone of the performance. Please keep checking the official site for pre-sales in your city. More dates to be announced soon. Click herefor pre-sales...
  5. Regina married?

    rumor has it known that she cheated on one guy in the Strokes with another guy in the Strokes while on tour and now she's hitting up Jack from Only Son
  6. Love's a Whore video

    teehee, BORAT shirt
  7. New EP on iTunes

    personally, it makes you feel great yelling the unclean version of that line along with regina at a show, there's nothing like it
  8. remeber when i would only smoke parliments...

    she mentioned on a myspace blog a while back that she USED to smoke, and then realised it was stupid and bad and quit
  9. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VH1 Top 20

    then i guess the vote button disappears on saturday mornings O_o

    Happy Happy Birrrthday!
  11. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VH1 Top 20

    quote: You must complete the entire grid to have a chance of winning. To enter, hit the "ENTER NOW" button on your submit confirmation screen. awwwwww, you have to fill the whole thing now to vote
  12. Carson Daly again

    The 13th of Feb we'll have Regina on Carson Daly again! yay! i hope we get someone getting another high res recording *cough*
  13. Carson Daly again

    andreseng has won the office of one of my favorite stixers
  14. Carson Daly again

    i needed to sleep for my class, and so i set my vcr 24 hours too early ;_;
  15. Carson Daly again

  16. Only Son's (Jack)

    his new video is cool too!
  17. someone on the LJ community posted a GREAT quality version of it and then posted the mp3 woot
  18. Love You're a Whore

    someone on the LJ community posted a GREAT quality version of it and then posted the mp3 woot
  19. dusseldorf interpretations

    Kitsch is something tacky, so Soviet Kitsch would be a Russian in bad taste the witch bit would go along with russians and germans not liking each other?
  20. New here

    quote: Originally posted by Dan the man: Welcome to the church of Regina! we await her return! WELCOME DIBLASIO
  21. Regina Videography

    Eli Eli if you can find it
  22. how did you get into regina?

    First I saw her on Conan last year, thought she was pretty cool, month later a friend sent me a copy of Poor Little Rich Boy, i spent 3 days listening to that constantly before i went and got the full album. and i've listened to her for about 80% of my music since >.< (and i listen to music all the time)
  23. 11:11 Charity request!

    how can you not burn it? i've never had problems with burning itunes tracks. I'm also intrested in finding a true cd version of it