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  1. i mostly just do stencils. easy to make and paint on the shirts
  2. 32 sons

    From my thoughts its about someone REMINDED of Oedipus, not themselves being him. and the '32 is still a goddamn number' means that no matter what, he's still her kid and even though its 32, it still holds the weight of the first or the last one born. yea, Oedipus Syndrome and wanting to make sure he keeps the line of succession because otherwise he has no chance at the throne.
  3. 154th dream

  4. quote: Originally posted by Pixygrl88: Ok, well I had a question. I've seen this song under a list of Regina's Spektor's songs and I was wondering if it existed...maybe under a different name? Its' lyrics are located on several does it exist? It's called "Definition of a Crazy Person" please. Thanks. You'll find that one under "i cut off my hair" on the set or i can just link to the download
  5. First time I heard was when she was on Conan spring last year, so that'd be Somedays. And the about a month later I was sent Poor Little Rich Boy, listened to that for a day and a half before I, uh, got, the rest of the album. Which I then replaced with the CD for Christmas. since then she's been 90% of my played music, and i listen to alot of music...
  6. Recording this tour?

    quote: Originally posted by defgav: Did your recording come out ok? I, too, recorded the recent San Diego show. Unfortunately the quality didn't turn out so great. But if anyone wants to check it out anyways, it's up on my site awesomesauce recording. though, i'd like to note to everyone else, you have to download from both the zip and the stuff linked on the site to get the whole show. yea. awesome
  7. i got it on VHS.. and then Leno repeated to last week when she played, so i got that too. yay
  8. well that was awesome how many stix did we see?
  9. Info on Nov. 16 Atlanta Show?

    Doors open probably at 7, Only Son is the opening act. He starts at about 8-8:30, and Regina comes on some time after. Only Son plays about 8 songs and there is a bit of a wait in between them. I suggest that if you can, WAIT AFTER THE SHOW to meet Regina, get a picture/autograph Just have patience, it always pays off when Regina is involved
  10. I keep thinking she's playing Conan, and every night I am wrong
  11. Time.

    9:30-10ish? I know she was done by 11
  12. The Meaning Behind 11:11?

    quote: Originally posted by lemonjelly: There's a clock by my front door and on the last three times I've looked at it, I've happened to look at it at exactly "11:11". that happens to me all the freaking time. anyone else celebrating saturday with some Regina?
  13. LA Show

    quote: Originally posted by TheLastLizard: Thank you, however, I think this issue has been brought up before. That is the issue with dimeadozen and a lot of us being unable to get an account. I've been trying to get an account for the past few months and I haven't had much luck. I realize that the file may be too big for yousendit. Perhaps you could do what someone else did a few days ago with the Portland show. That is, upload the LA show to the Regina g-mail account. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that we would all be very greatful if this could be done. If not, then no biggie. or, we could just have someone that has a dimeadozen account to donate it us? *cough*
  14. I guess Flickr is a good place to start. You can find some of them on Regina's site's picture page. Otherwise, I can only suggest sitting down and going through google's Image search And I bet the next few that post will have tons of pictures for us to love.
  15. Leno!

    That was awesome, anyone get the video?
  16. Leno!

    so, i spotted the perfect moment to get a screenshot for a wallpaper. click for 1024x768
  17. Regina on ABC Jimmy Kimmel

    she did, on leno she had some, i guess, flutters in her voice, most noticible on the 'hahahaha-heart' line. still awesome
  18. Regina on ABC Jimmy Kimmel

    did even better then on Leno! yarr
  19. DOWNLOAD Regina Portland '06 show here (mp3 ver)

    love 'em, minus the death by bass drum D:
  20. Leno!

    quote: Originally posted by Op: genkaar: rodney is the drummer? he's starting to get annoying.. i wish he wasnt in the shot yea, Rodney is the drummer, and I think Brett (or Brent) is the bassist, I can't remember the guitarist's name for the life of me. though, now after seeing the video again, she seems nervous, what with her wiping her hands off on her dress. though, that might be because the stage heat was getting to them edit: After listening to the portland show, Rodney, Brett, and Mike
  21. Leno!

    I thought Rodney in the back was pretty funny they kinda ignored the band camera-wise
  22. Regina Story

    its comin, and its goin...
  23. Leno!

    That was awesome, anyone get the video?
  24. Spreading Regina

    I work in a small gas station, and I leave Regina on for about 5 of my 8 hour shift. So far I've gotten about 3 people asking about her which really makes me happy when they do. and then i keep giving out random mixes of my favorite songs to friends that ask. its very very pleasing when people like her