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  1. So, this Thursday I got to show her the shirt after the show... She loved it Meeting Jack was kinda cool, too. I made fun of his whistling when he came out during Regina's playing and stood next to me. awesome night
  2. so, if any of you are going to the Minneapolis show next month, I'll have it on >.> yay preorder'd
  3. ReginaFanLocations!

    up in Evelth, Minnesota here
  4. Yea, I was too floored by seeing Regina that I didn't notice my camera settings till halfway through Screencaps of videos can make awesome desktops I have too much spare time yea
  5. Regina Demographics

    its my birthday tomorrow, i level up to 19
  6. And this time it was a shirt I've got a couple of wallpapers sitting around, too. You all wouldn't be interested would you?