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  1. vell, i leave my music on all the time, even when i'm gone, sewww... (and its all regina most of the time) sewww, since i last reset my library

    us - 893

    Apres moi - 873

    The flowers - 777

    On the Radio - 765

    Field Below - 734

    Fidelity - 723

    Big Grin

    before the last time i reset it, i made up an excel spreadsheet to see how much i played her over a year, and it was about 20,000 times

  2. hehe! i just got back from my wonderful weekend in st. paul. oh, god, it was awesome.

    i didn't get in on the meeting her again business because i asked one of the security that i was standing by if she was going to, and he said she wasn't.

    and about the people talking during the concert, yea, i was right next to the bar, and people drinking suck.

    and someone tried to call me during the first set of encoring, wouldn't have been one of you that i ignored, would it?