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  1. Name That reg Tune

    Pound of Flesh. "...Rumours that are completely unsubstantiated..."
  2. Regina on XM Commercial

    I saw it too! I was sitting in our living room watching TV with my parents and I just yelled, "Oh my God!!! Turn it up, turn it up!!!!" lol AND... I was shopping last weekend and I heard "Fidelity" in some store...I think it may have been Rave 21 (note: the music was pretty much the only good thing in the store). And then I got all excited. And then I was happy. P.S.--> I think I heard Miss Regina on some other commercial, too...but I can't remember what it was now...or what song. Bah.
  3. begin to hope and blue lips

    Tonic, NY, 10-17-04. I got it from someone in the "Complete Spektography" topic...if you go back and skim through there you might be able to find the "original" yet.
  4. begin to hope and blue lips

    quote: Originally posted by Fran: Are you going to make another remix?! That would make me happy.
  5. track confussion

    "Ghetto"...hah...nice. ---------------------- I don't like having a million different genres in my iPod. So I have like hundreds of artists just listed as "rock." So I just call Regina....rock. Because it rocks for me! That was hilariously lame. Ahh I make myself laugh. lol
  6. Is Regina Pregnant?

    LMAO!!! That was great
  7. begin to hope and blue lips

    Well my Begin To Hope isn't that great...but I think my Blue Lips is pretty good. Here you be: http://www.stilllife.headlock.ws/04%20Blue%20Lips.mp3 I love Blue Lips. It's one of my favorite Regi songs. Enjoy. P.S. If anyone else has a better version, I want it, too. heh
  8. track confussion

    Okay, so I know I promised to get these up a long time ago, but...it seems I've inherited my father's incredible knack for procrastination... Anyway, here they are now. Enjoy. And I did, by the way, see another disc like this attached to an album a little while ago...can't remember what store it was in, though...might've been Wal-Mart...
  9. The Complete Spektography - Every. Single. Song.

    So seeing as how these are stared (well, all except one...), I'm pretty sure there's no one who'd have them, but...never hurts to ask, I guess.... These are the only songs I need to complete my collection. If anyone has any of these, I'd greatly appreciate them....and I'm willing to trade for whatever you need, as well, lol. *All is Love *Be Like A Cloud *By The Time You Read This Letter *In the Studio My Man *Oh, Marcello! *The Big Towns *The Floor Heard Everything *Woolen Gloves Thanks if anyone can come through.
  10. New Date(s): Fall US Tour

    Thanks. Yeah, I was going by Majestic Theatre, which is why I couldn't find anything except an old number that doesn't work anymore...but ticketmaster just added new info for the show the other night, and it does say it's all ages! So yay. So...anyone else going to the Madison show...? lol
  11. Good site for rare(ish) downloads?

    Yay it worked now. Thanks a bunches!
  12. The Complete Spektography - Every. Single. Song.

    They won't expire - when they're gone it's because I took them off my site. But I'm sure people will come around a couple months from now looking for 'em, so thanks for the new link.
  13. The Complete Spektography - Every. Single. Song.

    I decided to put them up on my site so other people would be able to download them, as well. They'll be up for...eh, a few weeks, I suppose... http://www.stilllife.headlock.ws/Small%20Town%20Moon.mp3 http://www.stilllife.headlock.ws/Hallelujah.mp3 http://www.stilllife.headlock.ws/Love%20Profusion.mp3 http://www.stilllife.headlock.ws/Open%20Up%20Your%20Heart.mp3 Yay. Enjoy.
  14. Curious...

    Well I do suppose now I'll have to go take a few listens and re-evaluate my conclusions... Why did I never realize that before? Now I'm having my "DUH!" moment...
  15. New Date(s): Fall US Tour

    Does anyone know if the Majestic in Madison is all ages? I tried to call them but the only number I found turned out to be out of service. I think I might cry if I can't get in to see Regina.... (haha)