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  1. "8th Floor" recording

    I'm looking for a recording of "8th Floor" that is of relatively good quality. I have both that are available on reginaspektor.net, but neither are that great. I'm kinda assuming no one'll be able to help me, since I figure if a good recording was floating around anywhere out there I would have found it by now, but...can't hurt to try, right...?
  2. Name That reg Tune

    Pound of Flesh. "...Rumours that are completely unsubstantiated..."
  3. Regina on XM Commercial

    I saw it too! I was sitting in our living room watching TV with my parents and I just yelled, "Oh my God!!! Turn it up, turn it up!!!!" lol AND... I was shopping last weekend and I heard "Fidelity" in some store...I think it may have been Rave 21 (note: the music was pretty much the only good thing in the store). And then I got all excited. And then I was happy. P.S.--> I think I heard Miss Regina on some other commercial, too...but I can't remember what it was now...or what song. Bah.
  4. begin to hope and blue lips

    Tonic, NY, 10-17-04. I got it from someone in the "Complete Spektography" topic...if you go back and skim through there you might be able to find the "original" yet.
  5. begin to hope and blue lips

    quote: Originally posted by Fran: Are you going to make another remix?! That would make me happy.
  6. track confussion

    "Ghetto"...hah...nice. ---------------------- I don't like having a million different genres in my iPod. So I have like hundreds of artists just listed as "rock." So I just call Regina....rock. Because it rocks for me! That was hilariously lame. Ahh I make myself laugh. lol
  7. Is Regina Pregnant?

    LMAO!!! That was great
  8. begin to hope and blue lips

    Well my Begin To Hope isn't that great...but I think my Blue Lips is pretty good. Here you be: http://www.stilllife.headlock.ws/04%20Blue%20Lips.mp3 I love Blue Lips. It's one of my favorite Regi songs. Enjoy. P.S. If anyone else has a better version, I want it, too. heh
  9. track confussion

    Okay, so I know I promised to get these up a long time ago, but...it seems I've inherited my father's incredible knack for procrastination... Anyway, here they are now. Enjoy. And I did, by the way, see another disc like this attached to an album a little while ago...can't remember what store it was in, though...might've been Wal-Mart...
  10. The Complete Spektography - Every. Single. Song.

    So seeing as how these are stared (well, all except one...), I'm pretty sure there's no one who'd have them, but...never hurts to ask, I guess.... These are the only songs I need to complete my collection. If anyone has any of these, I'd greatly appreciate them....and I'm willing to trade for whatever you need, as well, lol. *All is Love *Be Like A Cloud *By The Time You Read This Letter *In the Studio My Man *Oh, Marcello! *The Big Towns *The Floor Heard Everything *Woolen Gloves Thanks if anyone can come through.
  11. New Date(s): Fall US Tour

    Thanks. Yeah, I was going by Majestic Theatre, which is why I couldn't find anything except an old number that doesn't work anymore...but ticketmaster just added new info for the show the other night, and it does say it's all ages! So yay. So...anyone else going to the Madison show...? lol
  12. Good site for rare(ish) downloads?

    Yay it worked now. Thanks a bunches!
  13. The Complete Spektography - Every. Single. Song.

    They won't expire - when they're gone it's because I took them off my site. But I'm sure people will come around a couple months from now looking for 'em, so thanks for the new link.
  14. The Complete Spektography - Every. Single. Song.

    I decided to put them up on my site so other people would be able to download them, as well. They'll be up for...eh, a few weeks, I suppose... http://www.stilllife.headlock.ws/Small%20Town%20Moon.mp3 http://www.stilllife.headlock.ws/Hallelujah.mp3 http://www.stilllife.headlock.ws/Love%20Profusion.mp3 http://www.stilllife.headlock.ws/Open%20Up%20Your%20Heart.mp3 Yay. Enjoy.
  15. Curious...

    Well I do suppose now I'll have to go take a few listens and re-evaluate my conclusions... Why did I never realize that before? Now I'm having my "DUH!" moment...
  16. New Date(s): Fall US Tour

    Does anyone know if the Majestic in Madison is all ages? I tried to call them but the only number I found turned out to be out of service. I think I might cry if I can't get in to see Regina.... (haha)
  17. Curious...

    Oedipus is about incest...? :\
  18. Good site for rare(ish) downloads?

    It says there are no download spaces available or something like that...maybe it's just the time I'm trying to access it or something...
  19. The Complete Spektography - Every. Single. Song.

    I can email you Hallelujah, Love Profusion, Open, and Small Town Moon.... Or I do suppose I could host them on my site for a while, until you have a chance to download them.... I'm not particularly partial to filesharing sites since it's just so easy for me to do it on my own.
  20. Good site for rare(ish) downloads?

    Would it be too much to ask you to send some of them to me, too...? There's only like 16 songs I don't have, and a few of them are in that list. BYOS Raindrops Scarecrow and Fungus Soup The Devil Come to Bethlehem The Noise The Virgin Queen Thank you so much, if it's not too much trouble. beautiful_dreamer_2008@hotmail.com (lame, I know, but it's kinda like my junk mail/downloads address - don't pick on me ;P)
  21. track confussion

    You're right, and I agree. But I was silently hoping that there were actually other people in this God-forsaken city who like her as much as I do and used what little power they have to show her off to the best of their ability...lol.
  22. track confussion

    lol. I'll get right on that, as soon as I can find my camera... GUESS WHAT?!?!?! I was in the store I bought Begin To Hope in the other day and they now have to album right in front on top of the counter and it's the store's PICK OF THE MONTH!!!!! I saw that and I got all excited...hehe. I know the guy who owns the store and I was like, "Who decides this?!?!?" hoping that he would say something like it's the employee's personal favorite or it goes by most popular records sold, that sort of thing. Unfortunately, he said they get paid by the record company to put it out in the spotlight like that. I was thinking, trust me, you definitely don't have to be paid off in order to put that there, lol. Instead, I said, "Well it definitely deserves to be there." blah. Anyway, the point I was originally going to get to: all the albums in the store now don't have that promo disc, either. So now I'm thinking maybe it was just a one-time, new-release thing... Pics will be up by tonight, cross my heart, hope to live.
  23. FIDELITY music video

    quote: Originally posted by submergedcalamity: OMG IS SHE GOING TO BE AN ARTIST ON THE RISE!?!?! ARE WE GOING TO HAVE TO START PAYING 100 BUCKS FOR SOLDOUT TICKETS!?? ARE WE GOING TO HAVE TO HEAR PEOPLE SINGING HER SONGS IN THE STREET LIKE JAMES BLUNT!?!?!? lol - I've been wondering that forever and while the fact that's she's gaining fame is good for her, it's almost kinda sad for us...lol. This video is too cute. The ending with the two of them playing with the sand is just adorable. I love it.
  24. New Date(s): Fall US Tour

    AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's coming to Madison!!!!!!!!!!!! I think the rest of my day will now be fabulous. lol
  25. New Date(s): Fall US Tour

    quote: Originally posted by lackenir: If she goes to Chicago, she might as well just swing by Ohio and stop in Cleveland or Columbus or something. I hope. Hah, if she stops by Chicago she might as well just swing by Milwaukee so I can see her. I would have absolutely no problem with going to Chicago to see her, but I can't go on my own and there's no one who'd take me.