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  1. Tori Amos Poll

    quote: Originally posted by submergedcalamity: plus regina spektor hates that particular comparison. Hate it as much as she wants. The fact remains, they're in the same genre. This doesn't mean that they're the same. It just means that there are many parallels. Some similarities if you will. Some people are extremely offended at this. It puzzles me as to why. Of all people to be lumped in with, I would think it'd be far more offensive to be compared say to Ashleigh Simpson (sarcasm)
  2. Tori Amos Poll

    Since I instigated this scurmish, I'll explain in detail my position. Hopefully someone in the audience will understand. Both grew up in a household with strong religious ties. Both are child prodigies. Both are classically trained Both are obscure in their lyrical content. Both are exxagerative in the delivery of their vocals. (heavy breathing, etc) This is what attracted me to Tori, as what attracted me to Regina. Hopefully that clarifies some confusion. I do NOT think that Regina is a carbon of Tori by any stretch of the imagination. Nor do I think that Regina is trying to succeed where Tori has gone or follow in Toris steps. When I stated earlier that Tori paved the way, it was a stretch on Atlantic records part to even give Tori her own album. When Little Earthquakes came out, they weren't expecting it to do so well. It did, in a huge way. It wasn't really until then, that the industry noted that an obscure, and somewhat incomprehensible artist with bizzare lyrics could actually be marketable. They were surprised that it was a smash. Had Tori not been there it would have been a LOT harder for many artists in that same category to get where they are now, not just Regina. Regina is incredibly talented, and that is a feat in and of itself that a major label can recognize a mix of actual talent and marketability when the majority of the current crop of "artists" suck ass. Regina is one of the few musicians out there that actually have a deep talent and understanding of music. Hence why I like her so much.
  3. Tori Amos

    quote: Originally posted by Fran: hahaha...Alright. You can't argue fact! I agree with your research. (Although before it seemed more like you were battling out opinion, didn't this whole conversation start as 'genre'? In terms of the genre, I think Vooduguru may be correct...Most people I know who like Regina also love Tori...I think it's time for a poll!) Fran, thank you for understanding what I post. Thanks for keeping an open mind.
  4. Tori Amos

    quote: Originally posted by JohnnyC: Vooduguru, your last post was the most arrogant that I have ever read on these forums. Since I have disagreed with your opinions (and they ARE opinions, not fact) you've decided to attack me personally, and that shit don't fly brotha. Oh really? You called me dellusional, so the personal attack was initiated by you. Not I. Apparently you can dish it out but you can't take it. quote: Originally posted by JohnnyC: 1) I do not, nor have I ever relied on belittling comments when debating an issue (the proof is in every post I've ever made on here). Sarcasm is fun AND effective for making a point. Your excitement is not a necessity or priority when implementing it. Re-read your posts. You clearly have selective comprehension. As it is YOU who started off with the attacks and belittling. quote: Originally posted by JohnnyC: 2) My usage of sarcasm (ie. disagreeing with you) is not even remotely related to my experience in, or understanding of, the music industry. The proof you mention is absurd. Since you fail to rebut, it remains to be disproven. I will however offer up my own personal experience as evidence of the validity of my claim. Since 1994 I have written for a number of magazines reporting on many major and lesser known acts. I have interviewed numerous major names such as Tori Amos, Trent Reznor, Marilyn Manson, Lisa Loeb, Melissa Auf Der Maur, Jeff Turzo, Robert Smith, David Gahan, Randy Bradbury, Barry Gibb, just to name a few. I think I have a pretty good grasp on "genre" quote: Originally posted by JohnnyC: 3) You would venture a guess that I have "little experience in real life". I'm not even sure of what your intent is with that comment, however it's obvious that only a fool would make such an assumption based solely on the dialogue we've had here. Considering you've read between the lines of my posts and have developed some sort of bewildered paranoia about what it is you think I have stated, it lends a rather clear window into your psyche. quote: Originally posted by JohnnyC: 4) You order me to "appreciate artists that pave the way for others..." and you tell me to get over myself. I remind you that I simply disagree with your opinion. Tori has not paved the way for Regina. That disagreement does not constitute me being full of myself, nor does it render me unappreciative of artists breaking new musical ground for the masses. Your opinion is merely that. As is mine. If you're as intelligent as you think you are, you will carefully paruse our dialouge and realize that you instigated everything that you think you have. You need to read what is ACTUALLY written. Not what you're twisted little sense of reality leads you to believe what is being stated. quote: Originally posted by JohnnyC: I have already accepted your opinions, and stated my own. My comprehension is not lacking as you have claimed, and your few arguments for genre similarities are mediocre (not that it matters, as genres classification is often unavailing). YOU are the one that has started making belittling comments AND you're the first to have taken things to a personal level. Actually, as you and everyone else will see, that YOU sent over the first volley: quote: Originally posted by JohnnyC: I'd rather constantly vomit in pain for 87 years, than hear this comparison EVER again. The end. That doesn't exude the most warm and fuzzy oh so innocent of replies. then we move on to: quote: Originally posted by JohnnyC: Tori Amos is posting all of these comparisons herself so that we will listen to her music. Someone please stop her! A celebrity deathmatch comes to mind. Clearly Regina would destroy. Also, Amos sounds alot like Stamos... "ssssSTAMOS!" -Pricipal Scudworth Another innocent volley? You remind me of Hezbollah. quote: Originally posted by JohnnyC: Judging from your latest self-righteous post AND your inability to accept that I won't agree with you, it appears that You are the one that needs to "get over yourself". I'm very sorry to everyone else that has had to read this BS, but I assure you this is the last post from me on the matter. I could care less if YOU of all people agree with me. You are the only one in the attacking position. I just like to debate.
  5. Tori Amos

    quote: Originally posted by JohnnyC: I concede. The photos have proven the indisputable facts. Regina obviously would not have been conceived had Tori Amos not been born first! I know that makes her no less important than say, a younger sibling would be, but hey, at least Regina gets all the hand-me-downs right? Like dillusional fans for instance... Your sarcasm is about as exciting as day old toast. I wish for just a moment, you would let your brain actually comprehend what it is I posted earlier. For some reason, you're taking it as a personal assault that I place Tori and Regina in the same genre. You would probably be just as offended if I said Regina was comprable to a succubus. The fact remains that both are child prodigies raised in a devoted religious background, play piano, and are rather abstract in their writing and playing style. You cannot debate with me so you rely on belittling commentary that takes the conversation nowhere. This simply proves that you have little experience in the music industry and frankly I'd venture a guess, you have little experience in real life. Get over yourself JohnnyC and appreciate artists that pave the way for others to express themselves the way they want.
  6. Tori Amos

    There are similarities. For some reason, JohnnyC thinks that I am trying to take away from Reginas individuality, that couldn't be farther from reality. Oh look, I'm a poet, and don't even know it. Since the industry actually controls a lot of things, it's just interesting to see patterns emerge. Much like the 80's hair band, the 90's boy bands scene etc.
  7. Genre...

    The fans have nothing to do with it. You should realize that the music industry has more to do with marketability than talent. The majority of the acts out there may have talent, but IMO their talent is limited. Personally I despise musicians that don't write their own material. All one needs to do is listen to anything R&B, hip hop or many rap acts and for the most part they're puppets. Hell, just look at Taylor Hicks. He has about as much charisma as stale toast. What I meant was that Tori, had she not been given the shot (which almost happened) It would most likely have been far more difficult for a major label to pick Regina (and a sleu of other acts) to get signed to said major label. Tori proved that a rather obscure and breathy vocalist/pianist could have long term profitability, which quite frankly is all the music industry cares about. If the industry could make urine in a cup profitable, they'd do it. Now, before you go and read between the lines again, and come up with your own unusual and misconstrued comprehension of what I'm stating, I'll cut you off at the pass. Regina has everything that I adore about a musician. She's talented, attractive, and has an obscure lyric set which requires the listener to pay attention to the music rather than just zone out and tap to the rythym. This is something that about 90% of the current "popular" acts are missing. Where most of the other acts will come and go, artists like Regina, Tori, etc have staying power.
  8. Genre...

    It seems as though you have a difficult time comprehending what I've posted. I did not say that you were uneducated, I stated that perhaps you should educate yourself a bit on Toris history. However, that is your choice. But to sit there and just redundantly bash someone else who quite frankly paved the way for artists of this genre in this generation is purely ignorant on your part. Do what you will, no one will control your opinion, nor will anyone control mine. Have a great evening.
  9. Tori Amos

    Give thanks to JohnnyC for directing me to this thread. There are clear indicators of Toris influence in Reginas music and quite frankly her image. But the similarities are very subtle. In no way am I suggesting that Regina is trying to mimic Tori in any way, but given that I've been following Tori for 13 years, seen her live 10 times, and have met her about 6 times, it's not that far of a stretch to say that on a few levels there is an influence there. Notwithstanding, Regina has a far more interesting presentation and delivery of her own music. If this wasn't the case, than she wouldn't have come this far. She would have been written off as a Tori carbon copy. But seeing as this isn't the case, she has made an impact and she will share in similar success. IMAO Regina shouldn't dislike the comparisons between herself and Tori, rather embrace them. They both are very attractive and unique artists with unique styles and playing characteristics that seperate them by miles, however to use a bit of a metaphore, they use similar colors in their music. I hope that Regina enjoys monumental success and I eagerly await a west coast tour. Her concert would be an absolute joy to attend.
  10. Genre...

    Well gee thanks for your rather candid and graphic response. If you read my post correctly I simply stated that the genre is what I was comparing, not the actual artists. Tori is a rather accomplished artist with an extremely devoted fan base. Regina Spektor will no doubt become just as successful. It is my own fault for placing this in the wrong section, and for that I apologize. If you consider them having far more differences than similarities, you clearly have never listened to Tori. Perhaps you should educate yourself, rather than spew forth hatred and discontent for a successful female musician that has been through her own trials and despite a number of hardships, has become very successful. Have a fantastic week.
  11. Genre...

    Is it just me, or are Regina and Tori Amos in a very similar genre of music? I always put Tori, Bjork, Fiona, and a handful of other women under the same umbrella. I like em all.
  12. Genre...

    Is it just me, or are Regina and Tori Amos in a very similar genre of music? I always put Tori, Bjork, Fiona, and a handful of other women under the same umbrella. I like em all.
  13. New Date(s): Fall US Tour

    I would like to invite Regina to Utah, I think she would do well in this area.