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  1. 2012-08-14 Los Angeles, CA | Greek Theatre

    She was absolutely FLAWLESS at this show. I always thought she was an incredible performer, but she has actually gotten even better. It's weird. I wouldn't think it possible. And she was not only flawless, but also warm and gracious (as always, I guess). Some idiotic drunk girls in front of us almost ruined the experience for me... They sang along LOUDLY & badly, the entire time and they stood up and danced for most of the show. And it's not like I had anything against them having a good time, but they were not respectful of anyone else whose idea of a good time didn't match their idea. Ugh. It was still an awesome show though. As I love the Greek, and Regina's performance was so overwhelmingly awesome that it mostly overshadowed the stupid people. But I am still slightly disappointed that Regina's shows have turned into "Regina's Greatest Hits Live". I miss the days when she would play non-album, unreleased tracks. Eh, oh well.
  2. Regina KCRW Los Angeles Show- Free Tickets

    I feel so goddamn lucky to have been there. And I've never considered myself lucky (until I met an awesome guy named Nathaniel - and he married me!). I guess my luck has changed! I was not even 6 feet away from her during this show. No one was in front of me. This was my 5th time seeing Regina live and it was the 1st time that I actually heard her voice. I mean, really heard it! She wouldn't have had to sing in a microphone for me to hear her beautiful voice. During the interview portion she was about 3 feet away. Haha! I mean like, right in front of me. If I were to stretch out my arm, I would have touched her. Since I was right in front of her, grinning like an idiot the whole time, at the end of the interview I had the ultimate moment. For 30 seconds she looked at me and she smiled (and I didn't stop smiling the ENTIRE time!!!). I could have died a happy woman that night. SOOOOOO AMAZING!!!! I have to thank the original poster for this again. And thanking isn't really enough. Nothing will top that. Ever.
  3. Regina KCRW Los Angeles Show- Free Tickets

    Thank you so so so so sooooo much, audiotaco!!! I am SO excited about this! You're my hero
  4. Regina KCRW Los Angeles Show- Free Tickets

    I would love 2 tickets! My name is Melissa Stickley. My email is: Melissa.Stickley@gmail.com
  5. 2012-08-14 Los Angeles, CA | Greek Theatre

    SOOOOOO excited about (later tonight, really) tomorrow!!!! I still can't believe that I scored 2ND ROW ORCHESTRA PIT tickets!!!!! I've never seen her this close at a seated show. And I haven't seen her since the first round of the "Far" tour...so it's been a while. I'm bringing my mopey husband along. I can't let him ruin how excited I am (remember, he says that he can't stand her - but he sings her songs when I'm not even playing the music!!! Liar!!! lol!) If anyone wants to say hello to me, let me know where to meet you at the greek
  6. 2012-08-14 Los Angeles, CA | Greek Theatre

    quote: Originally posted by Be like the water, people.: Melissa! No joke, i was just thinking about you yesterday, and i was sad that you hadn't been around lately, and now here you are! Hi! p.s. i have nothing to add about this show. Sorry for off-topic posts lol i hope you all have a lot of fun, of course! Yay Hi!!! How have you been?! Yeah, I'm back on here. I won't be on as much as I was before because I have a job now! Haha! But I'll be on here like crazy again once I don't anymore!
  7. 2012-08-14 Los Angeles, CA | Greek Theatre

    Um, Regina at the Greek?!?!? YESSSS!!! This is one of my favorite venues! I think any seat is a good seat (although I've never been further than halfway back). I have to go! And I'll bring my hubby too. He says he doesn't like Regina - but he's in denial. He'll be a fan after that night!
  8. Melissa Trinchere

    Thanks you guys. I'm so lucky to belong to this beautiful Reg community and to be supported by you beautiful people! I'm getting all misty eyed. I'll be doing some more Regina covers in my boyfriend's living room. Coming soon! Stay tuned! Haha. EDIT: You know, I've never listened to "Ave Maria"! I'm curious as to what you're talking about now.
  9. What are you Eeting right now?

    I'm eating super ripe strawberries! (just got finished stuffing my face with gluten free crackers & hummus) It's that time of the month
  10. Melissa Trinchere

    New YouTube vids up! http://www.youtube.com/MelissaTrinchere
  11. Melissa Trinchere

    If you want the hard copy of "Seasons" - you can get it here: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/MelissaTrinchere3
  12. Six Thoughts...

    quote: Originally posted by ThisIsHowItWorks: quote: Originally posted by PilingAndTwisting: 3. I can't sleep, there's too much to think about. Look at you, lifting lines from your own song... haha. yeah
  13. Your Mood in Terms of Regina Songs

    80% Two Birds 20% A Cooler Version
  14. Six Thoughts...

    1. Why do I cry so much? 2. I need to go to sleep. 3. I can't sleep, there's too much to think about. 4. I need to find a good wireless bra. 5. Wish it were my spring break (break from what?) 6. "Maybe a bright sandy beach, is gonna bring you back...back...back"
  15. Which Reginaism fits your day?

    "Born of a sign that carries water...but in a month that brings just...ice"