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  1. cleveland mishap!

    Hello all, I was at Regina's first show in Ohio. That Jack A kid shouldn't have made it anywhere near Regina..Regina played yet another song after Fidelity...Samson. Here's the setlist for Regi's first show in Ohio..(hopefully not her last): Aint No Cover On The Radio You The Flowers One More Time With Feeling Music Box Baby Jesus Better Bobbing For Apples That Time Apres Moi Poor Little Rich Boy Human Of The Year Summer In The City Field Below(best I've heard) Encore: The Ghost Of Corporate Future Us Real Love (she messed up but then again can you ever mess up Real Love?) Hotel Song w/Jack Fidelity Samson
  2. REGINA HITS OHIO!!!!!!!!!

    Yay to Perks..Cinci.. I'm going to my first Regina show in Cleveland! I'm taking my daughter along. The last time I was at the Agora Theatre was on Jan 11th for Fall Out Boy, New Found Glory and Permanent Me which I spent in the mosh pit! Last I knew, Regina shows were mosh-pit-free..which is good I can't wait to see her.. Peace, Dor
  3. One More Time With Feeling...

    Thanks from me also Eliana... Peace, Dor
  4. Bonaroo Video/Recording

    My thanks also to you,Eshbach,for that awesome Bonnaroo coverage of Regina. I downloaded it and watched it this morning.. ~Peace
  5. Lyrics Forum

    The Lyrics forum can't be used in any functional capacity and hasn't had any activity since March 22,2005. Why is it still a Forum? Perhaps that Forum could be removed or replaced!? ~Peace ...I hear in my mind...
  6. Lyrics Forum

    The Lyrics forum can't be used in any functional capacity and hasn't had any activity since March 22,2005. Why is it still a Forum? Perhaps that Forum could be removed or replaced!? ~Peace ...I hear in my mind...
  7. New EP on iTunes

    Now that's funny!hhhhmmm It certainly did change the meaning. For some reason that reminds me of an old Saturday Night Live in which they had a top 10 for most mistakenly heard lyrics: No.1 was Hendrix "Excuse me while I kiss the sky" on the list was: "Excuse me while I kiss this guy" One for Regina on the EP ~Peace
  8. New EP on iTunes

    THIS JUST IN! MARY ANN'S STILL AAAAAAA "BITCH" yep! OK Johnny C... I must say it... If Mary Ann would have been something else other than a would have been like hearing a Mr. Rogers remake. ..i brought my own shovel.. (doreesky eats crow!).. umm, I should have known better than to debate the post master! later JC! ~peace
  9. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VH1 Top 20

    quote: Originally posted by Dan the man: Vote now, vote often. We moved her from #17 to #10 to #5, lets go for #1. Regina is #3 this week!..I just drag her vid to the #1 spot and hit submit without any others in the rest of the boxes..ha! Thanks for the link..~Peace
  10. Tears and Regina

    Now that I've read the story on Hannah Szenes I probably will never be able to get through Eli,Eli without crying.....Szenes was a poet and playwright writing both in Hungarian and Hebrew. The following are four of her better known poems or songs. The best known of these is Halikha LeKesariya ("A Walk to Caesarea"), commonly known as Eli, Eli ("My God, My God"). Many singers have sung it; it was used to close some versions of the film Schindler's List: My God, My God, I pray that these things never end, The sand and the sea, The rush of the waters, The crash of the Heavens, The prayer of Man. אלי, אלי, שלא יגמר לעולם החול והים רישרוש של המים ברק השמים תפילת האדם The voice called, and I went. I went, because the voice called. The following lines are the last song she wrote after she was parachuted into a partisan camp in Yugoslavia: Blessed is the match consumed in kindling flame. Blessed is the flame that burns in the secret fastness of the heart. Blessed is the heart with strength to stop its beating for honor's sake. Blessed is the match consumed in kindling flame. The following lines were found in Hanna's death cell after her execution: One - two - three... eight feet long Two strides across, the rest is dark... Life is a fleeting question mark One - two - three... maybe another week. Or the next month may still find me here, But death, I feel is very near. I could have been 23 next July I gambled on what mattered most, the dice were cast. I lost. Also, "The Flowers"..because several close friends committed suicide.."Things I have loved ,I'm allowed to keep...I'll never know if I go to sleep"....oh,I'm crying ~Peace
  11. New EP on iTunes

    Not clean anymore! lol..What could Mary Ann be now!? ..Let's see ... Mary Ann's A Glitch! Mary Ann's A Ditch! Mary Ann's Kitsch!! hhmmm Who cares.. Because Regina has openly stated that she doesn't mind people sharing her music and taping her shows, I would buy it no matter what was on it just to support Regina who has given of herself so freely ...(I have pre-ordered it) ~Peace
  12. Why is lounge called lounge?

    Topic? I disagree and of course Eliana does as well but, will reluctantly give in.. I can only guess at best.. The song does sound like the stereotypical "lounge" music as if she were playing the song in a lounge. On the other hand, the song makes me want to I don't know.. ~D
  13. Help me find Insect Eyes by Devendra Banhart Here is the whole song set to a video on mySpace..I guess that's the best I can do if you don't want to spend the dollar..~Peace
  14. Birthday

    quote: Originally posted by ajk44035: Happy Birthday Girl! Sorry it's a little late, i was born on the same day. However I was born in 1969. Still, it's always nice to find an aquarius/pieces (cusp). I'm in cleveland ohio. I have never heard your music or even heard OF you until i did a search on Wikipedia for "the little prince" & your name was one of the references. then i read the article, went to your website, you sound cool. & that's pretty much the end. looking forward to hearing your music when i'm done with this email. take care thanks later 'gator ajk44035 welcome ajk."Cleveland Rocks,,Cleveland Rocks"..Ian Hunter(Mott The Hoople) lol..I do like Cleveland btw..~Peace
  15. Why is lounge called lounge?

    quote: Originally posted by Stepped On A Syringe: DIDNT I START A POST ABOUT THAT???/ i swear.... lol mmhmmm