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  1. quote: Originally posted by Barth: quote: Originally posted by SchoolIsOut: As far as "I Cut Off My Hair" being "The Party" on WWSFTCS, I tweeted to Reginapolis about it and here's what they had to say: "@mouseology No, it won't be! "The Party" is a new song. If it was the same song, there would've been copyright removals already! :-)" If that's the case, then I'm not as heartbroken as I would've been, cause now we have this super amazing demo version I don't understand the Reginapolis answer. Ne Me Quitte Pas and All the Rowboats have escaped the copyright removal issue. The way i see it, WB has put copyright claims in on unauthorized "leaks" and personal photographs which Regina asked to be keep private. She has never tried to stomp on personal recordings or any of the other theoretical copyright violations that are all over these websites. maybe you don't pay much attention to tumblr...because this is not true at all. there are a few reg fan blogs who got copyright removals for posting live songs or what you refer to as "personal recordings". there is an ongoing war between warner and tumblr. they can remove anything at anytime and often abuse that power like all other labels. alot of times the artists dont even authorize the removals...the labels act on their behalf.
  2. "Official" video for Call Them Brothers

    The vid is on twitvid if anyone missed it: Someone should grab it before it's gone again.
  3. Regina and Jack getting married in December?

    I don't know what's real or what isn't, but there's some pretty real-looking wedding photos floating around tumblr right now. Unless someone took the time to very skillfully and convincingly photoshop Regina into a wedding dress and Jack into a tux, I'd say this absolutely did happen and we should leave it at that. Congrats to the boths of 'em!
  4. Reg's New Apartment

    quote: Originally posted by JohnnyC: I would love to know when giving someone a gift became an invasion of their space. OBVIOUSLY delivering something to her address would be crossing the lines of decency and respect - but nobody here is advocating that! Essentially the idea is to send her "fan mail" in The form of a housewarming gift to let her know that we are happy for her, and to maybe have a little piece of the stix in her home and her heart. If anyone sees this as somehow wrong, then well, I'm sorry but I respectfully disagree. The sad reality here is that this is SO NOT THE FIRST TIME that stixers have planned on grouping together to send Regina something. Guess what... It never amounts to more than chatter. One exception was back when some fellow Toronto fans sent Regina their protest signs from before a show (protesting the people that were protesting Regina) - and Reg said that the signs were now sitting in her kitchen or something. I don't see a problem with sending her a gift. I guess some people tend to overreact and get uneasy about these things, and that's understandable too. I think you should totally do it. Best of luck.
  5. The Hives and regina connection

    quote: Originally posted by Sugardrive: i don't think its a coincidence at all. its almost pisses me off that someone"borrowed" her amazing lyrical style. on the other hand...there are only so many combinations of words. I don't think it's a ripoff at all. People have been using that expression (or some form of it) for ages.
  6. One Second Audio Quiz

    I guessed You a few pages back. I was 100% sure, but JC said it's not...
  7. One Second Audio Quiz

    Wow, I'm quite shocked that this is still going on. Maybe it's not a song at all. Perhaps it's an Interlude Give us the answer already!!!
  8. One Second Audio Quiz

    quote: Originally posted by JohnnyC: quote: Originally posted by kaysntees: I feel like if I don't get this right I'll just be the dunce of this thread: Samson. Your dunce cap is in the mail... perhaps by the time it gets there you can return it to sender, but only if you come up with a better answer first. The far more obvious one, in-fact. quote: Originally posted by GeniusNextDoor: No way! I even matched the clip up with the recording and everything. this is impossible. I'll post the longer clip when someone gets it. Are you dropping clues in your posts? Is it Bartender? I'm about to give up and go to bed. My brain cells no worky after midnight.
  9. One Second Audio Quiz

    Is it the Bear Spektor song?
  10. One Second Audio Quiz

    Nah, don't give it away yet...
  11. One Second Audio Quiz

    Sounds like...You?
  12. Survival Guide to Soviet Kitsch Zine

    quote: Originally posted by Peter Pan: I paid about $30 for my Survival Guide less than a year ago.....I'm just amazed how much they have gone up in such a short time. Yeah the tape was just a one off so the eleventy billion dollars was, in my opinion, justified lol. How much did you pay for the demo tape? LOL. I don't mind paying $147 for the survival guide. It's a gift for one of my friends and worth every penny!
  13. Survival Guide to Soviet Kitsch Zine

    quote: Originally posted by andreseng: i sniped one. You just need to ignore till the last 15 seconds. Don't run it up now..... Yeah, but with ebay's retarded auto-bid system, it gets to be quite expensive. Anyway, I won!!!!!!!
  14. One more date added: Israel@60

    That last one was like the calm before the storm There was someone standing right beside me who kept talking and talking during the show. She said she was a huge Regina fan but had only heard two of her songs -- Fidelity and Samson. And someone else said "How many albums does she have? I only know one."
  15. One more date added: Israel@60