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  1. I have proclaimed the goal of my summer is to find the movie "Winning Girls Though Psychic Mind Control" or at least find more information on it. This thread will be a "homebase" for any info. I come up with and also a place where others are welcome to post any info. they may find or have. So far in the search I've concluded that the email address for the movie's production company is no longer viable. According to imdb the Cannery Filmworks only produced one movie, "Winning Girls...", so this might explain why george and Jonny C haven't had any luck in reciving an email reply. So with no contact to the production company I will try to contact the movie's director, it producers and also some the actors. I also found, on imdb, a company called Digital Film Group did the tape to film transfer fo the movie. I don't know alot about the film industry so if there is someone who does feel free to pop in... I realize that I have decided to take on a rather large challenge, but I see it as if a demo tape from 1999 can be found, then surely a definitive answer concerning this movie can be found also. So wish me a whole lotta luck and patience 'cause I have a feeling I'm gonna need 'em both.
  2. Dates and venues in blue are confirmed first performances. Everything else is provisional. Dates and venues in () indicate a performance on that date but I was unable to find a setlist or other proof other than here: Song chronology. (note: list is greatly out dated). I've linked my sources where possible (documenting sources is very important...), most of the dates came from recorded performances at reginaspektor.net and respeketonline.com. Please feel free to post corrections, etc. (a link to the source would be appreciated...) 1997-1998: article Better Lady Samson 20 Years of Snow 1999: Braille Chicken Song Cinderella Love Affair School Is Out Sunshine 2000: Mockingbird (Public Domain) article 2001: 2.99 Cent Blues 3/2001 Aching to Pupate 12/25/2001 Antenna Studios, NYC Back of a Truck 3/2001 Bon Idée 12/25/01 Antenna Studios, NYC Buildings 3/2001 Consequence of Sounds 12/25/2001 Antenna Studios, NYC Daniel Cowman 12/25/2001 Antenna Studios, NYC Flyin’ 3/2001 I Want to Sing 3/2001 Lacrimosa 12/25/2001 Antenna Studios, NYC Lounge 12/25/2001 Antenna Studios, NYC Lulliby 12/25/2001 Antenna Studios, NYC Marry Ann 3/2001 Ne Me Quitte Pas 12/25/2001 Antenna Studios, NYC Oedipus 12/25/2001 Antenna Studios, NYC One-String Blues 3/2001 Photo Album Pavlov’s Daughter 3/2001 Prisoners 12/25/2001 Antenna Studios, NYC Reading Time with Pickle 12/25/2001 Antenna Studios, NYC Rejazz 3/2001 Wasteside 3/2001 2002: A Lesson in How Fleeting Preservation Is 3/13/2002 The Living Room, NY AB 5/4/2002 The Sidewalk Café, NY Ain’t No Cover 4/17/2002 The Living Room, NY All Is Love (for Anders Griffen, All Over the Place) 2002 Ave Maria 12/19/2002 Tonic, NY article Baobabs 3/13/2002 The Living Room, NY Bear Spektor 4/17/2002 The Living Room, NY Belt 4/17/2002 The Living Room, NY BYOS 12/21/2002 Sidewalk Café, NY Carbon Monoxide 12/21/2002 Sidewalk Café, NY Chemo Limo 11/30/2002 Sidewalk Café, NY Dead Rat 4/17/2002 Sidewalk Café, NY Dusseldorf 12/21/2002 Sidewalk Café, NY Eighth Floor 3/08/2002 Fez, NY post In the Studio 5/4/2002 Sidewalk Café, NY (aborted) Kids (for Anders Griffen, All Over the Place) 2002 Music Box 12/21/2002 Sidewalk Café, NY Paris 12/21/2002 Sidewalk Café, NY Poor Little Rich Boy 5/4/2002 Sidewalk Café, NY Raindrops 12/25/2001 Antenna Studios, NYC | 4/17/02 The Living Room, NY Soho 3/13/2002 The Living Room, NY Sunset (for Anders Griffen, Ox) 2/20/2002 Sidewalk Café, NY post The Flowers 12/19/2002 Tonic, NY article & thread The Mustard Musketeers 3/13/2002 The Living Room, NY The Soup 12/21/2002 Sidewalk Café, NY 2003: A Cannon 12/29/2003 The Living Room, NY A Cooler Version of Yourself 12/29/2003 The Living Room, NY Be Like A Cloud 5/11/2003 Barbès, NY Dance Anthem of the 80’s 1/27/2003 Fez, NY post Dust to Dust 5/11/2003 Barbès, NY Folding Chair (8/8/2003 Le Figaro Café, NY) | 10/3/2003 Tonic, NY setlist Genius Next Door (8/8/2003 Le Figaro Café, NY) | 10/3/2003 Tonic, NY setlist Ghost of Corporate Future 2/09/2003 Maxwell's Hoboken, NJ Happy Hooker 5/5/2003 The C-Note, NY Making Records 5/5/2003 The C-Note, NY Modern Girls & Old Fashion Men 10/2003 Bear Creek Studio Seattle, WA Ode to Divorce 5/5/2003 The C-Note, NY Oh, Marcello! 2/15/2003 The C-Note, NY Patron Saint (8/8/2003 Le Figaro Café, NY) | 8/19/2003 Sin-é, NY Sailor Song 2/15/2003 The C-Note, NY Secret Stash (8/8/2003 Le Figaro Café, NY) | 8/19/2003 Sin-é, NY Silly Eye-color Generalizations 5/11/2003 Barbès, NY Somedays 5/5/2003 The C-Note, NY Summer in the City 10/3/2003 Tonic, NY setlist The Bronx 2/9/2003 Maxwell's Hoboken, NJ thread The Clocks Were Asleep 10/3/2003 Tonic, NY The Devil Come to Bethlehem (8/8/2003 Le Figaro Café, NY) | 8/19/2003 Sin-é, NY 'the floor heard everything' 2/15/2003 The C-Note, NY That Time 10/3/2003 Tonic, NY setlist Uh-Merica 5/31/2003 Sin-é, NY Us 2/15/2003 The C-Note, NY Woolen Gloves 5/11/2003 Barbès, NY Your Honor 2/15/2003 The C-Note, NY 2004: Après Moi 7/10/2004 Tonic, NY Aquarius 6/29/2004 Sin-e, NY Baby Jesus 2/14/2004 Tonic, NY Bartender 7/10/2004 Tonic, NY Blue Lips 10/13/2004 | 10/15/04 The Housing Works, NY mp3 (listen) Bobbing for Apples 2/14/2004 Tonic, NY setlist Dog and Pony 2/14/2004 Tonic, NY setlist Edit 9/09/2004 The Knitting Factory, NY post Fire (for Kimya Dawson, Hidden Vagenda) 10/5/2004 Hero 7/10/2004 Tonic, NY I Cut Off My Hair 7/10/2004 Tonic, NY Long Brown Hair 10/15/2004 The Housing Works, NY Loveology 9/09/2004 The Knitting Factory post Lucky Penny 7/10/2004 Tonic, NY Mermaid 2/14/2004 Tonic, NY setlist My Man 2/14/2004 Tonic, NY setlist Reginasaurus 7/10/2004 Tonic, NY The Virgin Queen 11/15/2004 Bush Hall London, UK The Wallet 7/10/2004 Tonic, NY Uncle Bobby 9/9/2004 The Knitting Factory, NY You 9/09/2004 The Knitting Factory post 2005: All the Rowboats 1/26/2005 Hotel Café Los Angeles, CA Another Town 8/23/2005 Cabaret Voltaire Edinburgh, UK Begin to Hope 3/24/2005 The North Star Philadelphia, PA post By The Time You Read This Letter 3/24/2005 The North Star Philadelphia, PA setlist Chelsea Hotel #2 (Lenard Cohen Cover) 9/13/2005 Soundcheck WNYC broadcast Fidelity 1/13/2005 The Next Big Thing NPR broadcast Field Below 5/27/2005 Tonic, NY Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen Cover) 9/13/2005 Jewish Music and Heritage Festival Hotel Song 3/30/2005 The Bowery Ballroom, NY Love Profusion 9/13/2005 Jewish Music and Heritage Festival On the Radio 6/7/2005 Radio City, NY Open 1/21/2005 The Bowery Ballroom, NY Opposite Ends (for The Crimea, White Russian Galaxy) 2005 St. Louis, MO link Pound of Flesh 1/21/2005 The Bowery Ballroom, NY The Noise 6/5/2005 Bull Moose, ME Voice on Tape (for Jenny Owen Youngs, Batten the Hatches) 2005 2006: Dulce et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori 4/9/2006 The Axis Boston, MA Halikha LeKesariya (Eli, Eli) 6/1/2006 Angel Orensanz Center, NY Human of the Year 4/9/2006 The Axis Boston, MA Little Boxes (Malvina Reynolds cover) 10/16/2006 Weeds Season 2 Episode 10 link Love, You’re a Whore 11/20/2006 The Warsaw, NY thread Small Town Moon 2/1/2006 Cabaret Voltaire Edinburgh, UK setlist 2007: Hell No (with Sondre Lerche, Dan in Real Life Soundtrack) 10/2007 Man of a Thousand Faces 1/20/2007 Messiah College Grantham, PA thread My Dear Acquaintance (A Happy New Year) (Peggy Lee cover) 11/3/2007 The Palms, NV One More Time With Feeling 7/9/2007 Brisbane, Australia Real Love (John Lennon cover, Instant Karma: The Campaign to Save Darfur) 3/28/2007 SUNY Purchase, NY 2008: The Call (Prince Caspian Soundtrack) 4/2008 You Don’t Know Me (with Ben Folds, Way to Normal) 7/2008 2009 Carefully Laid Plans 7/24/2009 Apple Store SoHo, NY The Calculation 6/2009 Eet 06/02/2009 Ink Stains 06/17/2009 The Beacon Theatre, NYC setlist Laughing With 05/07/2009 myspace release Machine 6/2009 Riot Gear 06/17/2009 The Beacon Theatre, NYC Sword & Pen 06/2009 Two Birds 6/2009
  3. Song Chronology II

    Hi, Yes it's been an enternity awhile since I last updated the post and I apologize for the lapse. I will definitely give this post a thourough updated once exams are over and I take a week long nap to recover from the gaunlet of a semester I've had. (If you like free time and sleep you probably shouldn't choose to major in biology...) Anyway, thanks for bringing this to my attention; I had sorta forgotten about it since I don't really come on the boards that often. p.s.- NEW RECORD, WOOT!!!!
  4. General Questions

    Quickening has more than one meaning apparently... From Wikipedia: "In pregnancy terms, the moment of quickening refers to the initial motion of the fetus in the uterus as it is perceived or felt by the pregnant woman." I learned something new today. If you're writing a song or poetry I think it's perfectly alright to have grammatical errors if it works for the piece you are writing.
  5. Let's go to the Movies...

    'ello Bits! I saw Gulliver's Travels yesterday. I thought it was o.k., it had a few laughs here and there but not up to Jack Black's usual stuff. Movie didn't really follow the book though... I think I found the group of seven year olds sitting in the row in front of me more entertaining; which is weird for me because I hate it when people sit in front of me, especially small kids, but these kids were cute and the didn't cry or talk during the movie.
  6. Let's go to the Movies...

    DOBBY DIED!!!!! WHY!?!?!?! HEDWIG DIED TOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! (if by some miracle she isn't really dead, don't correct me. I haven't read the book, it's on my to do list o.k.?) I think my favorite part of the movie, other than all of it, was the story of the deathly hallows. I thought it was really neat how it was illustrated. Also, Ron saved Harry's life. It's about time Ron started being useful. Like really useful... ANNDDDD... Neville is a total BAMF.
  7. Let's go to the Movies...

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was frakking awesome!! Why is there no discussion aboutit?!?! SOMEONE DISCUSS IT WITH MEEEEEEEEE!!!! kthanks.
  8. Jenny's got a new song

    Thanks for posting the videos! The second **New Song is called 'Thanks, Mesopotamia!' and is from 2008...
  9. 1999 demo tape

    Posted on Andrew Futral's tumblr. "Went up to SUNY Purchase with Rachel to visit old professors. Jim MacElwaine (former head of the music program) had Regina Spektor’s demo that she sent to get into the program on his wall. Kinda cool right?"
  10. MusicLover's Politics Thread

    quote: Originally posted by MusicLover_2007: quote: Originally posted by RJLupin2: It could also just be that the Presidential election gets more build up then these elections and are generally seen as less glorious and important. Which shows the immaturity of the "youth vote". They don't seem to understand the layer cake that is government. Local/state/federal. Older voters do and in greater numbers. Are we talk'in like a red velvet cake or like an apple crumb cake? Or possibly cupcakes are involved in some way? If you're going to use metaphors you should be more specific.
  11. Bulletin Posts

    Seriously, you guys.
  12. Jenny's got a new song

    quote: Originally posted by eshbach: quote: Originally posted by fidelity377: JENNY REPLIED TO ME ON FACEBOOK. I'm like crying right now! (of happiness!) Haha, she replied to me too, right in the comments of the kickstarter thing... Originally I thought it would be perfect for Jenny to cover "Big Eater" by The Bad Plus, but lately I've been thinking (since she likes drawing dinosaurs so much) that maybe "Reginasaurus" should be the cover Someone asked Jenny on her formspring what her favorite reg songs were and the two I remember were Baobabs and Belt (don't remember the others, sorry!). I think Jenny would do an incredible cover of Baobabs.
  13. Favorite Movie Quotes

    Start with 'Mean Girls' 'One time she punched me in the face... it was awesome.' and go...
  14. When Failing in an Argument,

    Present the following validation: Teddy Roosevelt riding a moose through water Your opponent's point is thus rendered invalid.
  15. When Failing in an Argument,

    Present the following validation: Teddy Roosevelt riding a moose through water Your opponent's point is thus rendered invalid.
  16. Jenny's got a new song

    Found the picture: http://reginaspektor.infopop.c...511086771#6511086771
  17. Jenny's got a new song

    reg has the same guitar strap, y/y?
  18. Bulletin Posts

    oh hey brumstixs, long time no see (type?). Just thought I'd stop and say hello. You're looking good by the way, what nice spiral galaxies you have...
  19. quote: Originally posted by Reginaoverdose: ^^ hahahaha, the guy in the horse costume?? Same guy?
  20. Let's go to the Movies...

    quote: Originally posted by Rosa!: Last night I saw Edward Scissorhands for the first time since I was four, I think. And I like it a lot. I couldn't not watch it...it just drew me in. And then I watched Beetlejuice! My favorite scene is the dinner party...ha ha. Tim Burton is a genius. I love all of his movies; The Nightmare Before Christmas being my absolute favorite. I pretty much watched it everyday when I was little. I always thought Edward killed Vincent Price's character when Price gave Edward the wax hands. I just realized a few months ago that Price had a heart attack when I re-watched the movie for the first time in several years. oops. Anyway, Burton's remaking Frankenweenie. p.s.- Did you ever watch the Beetlejuice cartoons?
  21. Raw Milk = no way!

    quote: Originally posted by Sgtcampsalot: Goat dairy in general is delicious. It's practically a delicacy, raw or not. Raw Milk? Sounds good. The only issue is that with huge ass farms now, you don't know what's safe or not. But, if the raw milk is being distributed by actual independent companies that specialize in it, ergo they have to guarantee that it's safe, then I'm totally down for it. Now where they hell do I find it?? I agree, I would never drink raw milk from a large scale farm operation. I would only buy it from a local producer. That way I'm helping the local economy and I know exactly where the product is coming from.
  22. Raw Milk = no way!

    Raw goat's milk is really good. It's very creamy tasting, and has a really high fat content. :/
  23. pets?

    Sharon has a fascination with boxes and also paper products. Joey only has three legs, but he doesn't seem to notice, so I don't bring it up in conversation. Any girl would kill to have Andy's eyelashes. Technically they all don't belong to me, but I take care of them on a daily basis so I claim them.
  24. Eet is 2nd single/Win far

    quote: Originally posted by dentistgirl: I really must be waking up at the wrong time. Can't get reg or ingrid to save my life, but, by god, i see Miley Cyrus EVERY SINGLE MORNING. Nothing like starting the day off right... Vh1 played Miley's song twice within one hour. Eet came on around 9am so try watching at that time, Vh1 tends to play the same songs around the same time.
  25. Eet is 2nd single/Win far

    I'm watching Eet on Vh1. Like, as I am typing.