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  1. Face The Music / Jeff Lynne

    While I agree with you bullet points, it will NOT be a serious tumble in her career.. this new album will attract more fans. I can't wait to see her in concert again
  2. Face The Music / Jeff Lynne

    I refuse to believe Regina can do anything wrong and that she chose her voice to be flat in this album and to add random instruments that don't even fit, there's no soul to it(and hardly any emphasis on anything). I just wish she would have made a studio recording of the old version of Blue Lips (one that lasts 5:01 and then she asks for more cello) since it IS one of my favorite songs by her. The live recording has so much to it.. it's so epic.. and it even gets me emotional. And to Joseph- Ya I've heard the better version of Blue Lips.. but it's live.. >_> Just like how I would have loved to seen All the Rowboats on far.. because I want better quality. At least Folding Chair was produced well compared to the original.
  3. Face The Music / Jeff Lynne

    Anyone else think Jeff Lynn looks like The Dude from The Big Lebowski? Ok he does, thank you for your input.
  4. Face The Music / Jeff Lynne

    He looks like a dirty hippie, I hate hippies!! Thanks for ruining Blue Lips, dipshit! By the way, take those glasses off, YOU'RE INSIDE! Respekt my authorateh!
  5. BLUE LIPS!!

    ...I had such high hopes for this song. Blue Lips is one of my favorite songs by her.. I thought with the "more cello" and a more clear recording would make it just amazing.. Guess I won't be getting rid of recording...
  6. I just listened to most of he unreleased songs tonight, so.. BLUE LIPS, definitely! Belt Man of a Thousand faces Human of the Year Just like the Movies Be Like A Cloud Rockland County All The Rowboats