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  1. Song chronology

    I saw Regina open for the Dresden Dolls on Febuary 4th, 2005, and she played "That Time".
  2. Boston 10/06/06 Setlist

    I'm pretty sure all the songs are here, but not so sure about the order-- 1. 8 Miles High (Aint No Cover)* 2. The Flowers* 6. Baby Jesus* 3. Summer in the City* 5. Poor Little Rich Boy* 6. Music Box* 7. Uh-Merica* 8. Bobbin' for Apples~ 9. That Time~ 10. On the Radio+ 11. Sailor Song+ 12. Fidelity+ 13. Apres Moi+ 14. Carbon Monoxide+ 15. Edit+ 16. Better+ 17. Your Honor+ (Encore) 18. Field Below* 19. Ghost of Corporate Future* 20. Us* 21. Sampson* 22. Hotel Song+ *solo piano ~solo electric guitar +with full band i'm pretty sure everyone in that club is now thoroughly in love with the girl, and thoroughly hating Boston Friday Night Disco. ps- fuck disco.

    They re-recorded the song for "Begin To Hope", with the tempo sped up slightly, and a string section in the background.
  4. Amanda Palmer Solo Show Cover

    Last night (2/4/06) Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls played "this is how it works (on the radio)" during her soloe show at the MFA....... just thought someone might appreciate it
  5. Amanda Palmer Solo Show Cover

    Last night (2/4/06) Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls played "this is how it works (on the radio)" during her soloe show at the MFA....... just thought someone might appreciate it
  6. Manchester, 26/01/06 - pics

    >What did the set list look like?
  7. song title? pound of flesh

    She actually told a group of fans it was "Pound of Flesh" when she opened for Keane in Boston at the Pavillion.
  8. Tonic - 7.27.05 - DVD!

    withakay- my name is sooo Eric....the regina concert is amazing...i cried during "this is how it works" because i could never hear the lyrics on my previous recording from radio city..the part "when you take the things you like*and try to love the things you took*and then you take that love you make* and stick it into some*someone else's heart*pumping someone else's blood*then walking arm and arm*you hope it don't get harmed*but even it does*you'll just do it all again*" its soo fucking true....its like i heard it for the first time........thank you again
  9. Tonic - 7.27.05 - DVD!

    i like reinhardt, but now i find out that there is yet another django (django huskins) worthy of attention....his new album is called "old ceremony"
  10. Tonic - 7.27.05 - DVD!

    I just got my dvd from the generous and overall lovely withakay....ITS AWESOME....worked perfectly, great sound and picture, its my new favorite movie....thanks again... P.S.- django- im guessing your a fan of django? That is cool...my bf just introduced me....its a good thing....
  11. gravediggers & machines

    Actually, "Consequence of Sound" from Songs refers to "Pavlov's Daughter"...its pretty crafty- "Did you know that the gravedigger's still Gettin' stuck in the machine Even though it's a whole other daydream. It's another town it's another world, Where the kids are asleep, where the loans are paid And the lawns are mowed. Whad'ya think? All the gravediggers were gone? Just cause one song is done There’s always another one, Waiting right around the bend, Till this one ends, Then it begins Quickly, then it starts all over again." -Consequence of Sound
  12. Offical Reggina Fan club

    I would be totally in. Anything to take my Regina-related fandom to another level......
  13. Boston Tonight

    Much like my present name, im 8thfloorwanderer on the Dolls forum. I posted a while back looking for you, and some fans helped me figure out who you were (because i am god awful with names!) Yeah, im sad that the Dolls are in Europe for the summer but I hope to see them sometime next year. Regina+Dresden Dolls= An orgasm of happiness. I wish they would pair up again...
  14. Boston Tonight

    Hey! Yeah, I posted on the Dresden Dolls forum looking for you. I am glad you enjoyed the Regina-ness as much as we did. Its a good things in this world of mediocre things...
  15. Boston Tonight

    I didn't have Sampson lyrics on my t-shirt (but my friends did)...mine had a picture of her in her soviet kitsch army hat and some assorted lyrics (including the amazing line "it was just january snow in denial..") Yeah...I fucking love 8th floor. Its so gorgeous. And seeing the dolls was too much for me to handle. It was all the things I love in life together in one convienant place... To answer yoru query TarTAR sauce....it was amazingly easy to meet regina at this show, but that was because she opened and everyone only cared about Keane. Which was sad. But I profited from it. But I still wish the audience didn't suck so much.