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  1. Concerts you've been to / Bands you've seen live

    quote: Originally posted by andreseng: quote: Originally posted by kali mac: I have a partially embarrassing list. Simple Plan (I was forced) At gunpoint? Might as well have been. I was NOT happy to be forced to listen to Pierre's whining all night.
  2. Concerts you've been to / Bands you've seen live

    I have a partially embarrassing list. Backstreet Boys x2 N'Sync Aaron Carter Christina Aguilera/Justin Timberlake Marc Jordan x3 Regina Spektor (duh) John Mayer Simple Plan (I was forced) Rough Trade
  3. What are you listening to right now?

    The Softies - You And Only You When I first bought this album (Holiday in Rhode Island), it was the only thing in my CD player for 6 months. Obsesssss
  4. List your top 10 favorite female artists.

    1. Regina Spektor 2. Tegan and Sara (actually, Sara should be first, since I like her voice better) 3. Bjork 4. Nellie McKay 5. Rose Melberg of The Softies (musical crack for the twee lover) 6. Stacey Kent 7. Feist 8. KT Tunstall 9. Natasha Bedingfield 10. Lily Allen
  5. Best brand of instant ramen?

    As far as I'm concerned, Mr Noodles is the ultimate ramen noodle. Particularly the beef flavor. And it's only 50 cents. Yummmmm.
  6. What are you listening to right now?

    quote: Originally posted by PerksOfAWallflower: im watching kates videos too... that is really weird. i think i need to check out this play "story of my life" looks really good and the way you rave about it kate...makes me think its great. ! is it playing outside of Canada? lol It was SO GOOD and I saw it 5 times when it was here... gah. All I know about its future whereabouts is that it's playing at NAMT (National Alliance of Musical Theatre) in October, but that's invitation-only, which is stupid. Hopefully one day it'll be on Broadway and I'll be able to sit front-row-centre and sing along with all the songs on opening night. I can only dream. And, yes, Feist is amazing. Gatekeeper is my fave. And Canadians absolutely do it better! Feist, Tegan and Sara, Alanis, Avril (err, maybe not)... Oh, currently listening to: Bjork - Hyperballad (Fluke Mix)
  7. NEW Regina Shows - Oct / Nov 2007 - OH, NE, MN, WI, MA, NY, CA, GA, VA

    I'm seeing her Oct 11th at the Kool Haus here in Toronto. YAY! So unbelievably excited (but that goes without saying).
  8. Name That reg Tune

    Consequence of Sounds "paved with cigarette butts"
  9. Are we ruining it for ourselves?

    quote: Originally posted by Stepped On A Syringe: people music is music, and shouldnt be confined to an official release or recording i have a feeeling that if loveology is released, it will never have the same emotion taht i connected with on our live rec. i love regina and her music. and the CDs are just milestones in her progression in the music industry. Precisely. p.s. I know I'm obsessed because when I read that post, I automatically started singing, "Music is just music! Music is just music! Music is just music like you!"

    I forgot "I'm just a happy hooker, riding bicycles and boys in the park." BRILLIANCE.
  11. What are you listening to right now?

    Acoustic version of Tegan and Sara's new single Back In Your Head. SOOOOO. GOOOOOD. What I'm about to say is deeply sacrilegious, but I *almost* love them more than Regina. Almost.
  12. An Epiphany! (sorta~~)

    Nnoooo, not true. I get most of my sheets from Regispek and have only transcribed a few on my own (The Wallet, Secret Stash, Human of the Year, Devil Come to Bethlehem), and sorta badly at that. Also I tend to go on autopilot and sing all of Regina's riffs without thinking about it... Jeremy mixes it up and gives everything his own unique sound which definitely deserves recognition.
  13. An Epiphany! (sorta~~)

    Blogged at ReSpektOnline, this is awesome!
  14. An Epiphany! (sorta~~)

    Aaaahhh you must make a video of yourself playing this if/when you work out a melody... That would be the most freaky-awesome thing ever! I wish Regina came to me in my dreams.. sigh.
  15. Email Directory

  16. Name That reg Tune

    Genius Next Door "double upside down"
  17. six-58.com/regina

    We've featured Film Score on our blog. Thanks!
  18. does regina frighten your parents?

    Regina sadly does frighten/unnerve/annoy my parents at times. I hate it when I'm playing one of her songs on piano and one of my parents comes along and says, "That's kind of repetitive." or whatever. Yes, it's repetitive, but it's BRILLIANT!
  19. ReSpektOnline.com

    quote: Originally posted by Stepped On A Syringe: Kate, do you check the emails, or does ur partner? I do see them but Jonny does most/all of the answering. At least, he did today because I was sleeping..
  20. A NEW, NEW better!

    quote: Originally posted by 1953: If there's any song that I think truly deserves a studio recording of, it's Loveology, instead of all these new versions of Better. (even as much as I admire her choice to release a piano/vocal version) Agreed... It would have to have strings, but an otherwise fairly simple mix (I'm thinking something like what Joanna Newsom did on Ys). Oh, beautiful Loveology.
  21. ReSpektOnline.com

    Ever since the early days of Regina’s blossoming fame, there have been fan sites designed to distribute content to diehard Regina fans. Audio, video, links, sheet music, and the sense of community were offered by these websites. However, many of these sites have serious problems, whether they were too difficult to navigate, or didn’t have enough content, or didn’t offer enough to keep fans interested. That’s why we’re launching ReSpektOnline.com. Created and operated by two “old-school” diehard Regina fans, this new fan site is a one-stop resource for all things Regina. It offers mp3s of live performances and random studio sessions, videos of the antifolk goddess herself, and links to other sites that may be of interest, among other things. Most interesting of all the site’s features will be the users section. Many of Regina’s fans are musicians who enjoy covering their favorite Regina songs. The users page will catalogue the very best Regina covers available, offering video links, and downloadable audio rips so you can listen to the covers at your leisure. With Regina’s fanbase, it’s always been about community, and we want to keep that alive by allowing you to see that you are not the only one who is crazy about Regina! The website is now accessible at respektonline.com. We hope you’ll check it out. Feel free to write us at respektonline [at] gmail [dot] com with any suggestions, questions or comments you might have about the site. Thanks! Also, visit our blog to stay updated – blog.respektonline.com
  22. Kaile

    quote: Originally posted by andreseng: quote: Originally posted by kali mac: Aw, people know who I am! I'm shocked & flattered! Kate- You are so modest! I wish I had a dollar for everytime someone posts "There's this girl on YouTube......" here. Maybe you should Trademark that! This is the only place in the world where I'd be respected for being that girl who plays a million Regina songs... That makes me happy I'm going to make a separate thread about this soon, but maybe you guys would be interested to know - I've been appointed project manager at a brand-new Regina fansite, respektonline.com. It's a great resource for audio/video content, and it has a page devoted to awesome Regina covers (I'm up there, but I pale in comparison to the brilliantly talented people we found). Check it out & let me know what you think!
  23. List your top 10 favorite female artists.

    I can't put them in order, but... Regina Spektor Feist Tegan and Sara KT Tunstall Lily Allen Nellie McKay Vanessa Carlton Stacey Kent Ani DiFranco Natasha Bedingfield

    The one in my sig. "I'm sorry-ology. Forgive me-ology." That whole section of that song. "If you often smile but often don't smile, which do you do more often - smile, or not?" "Don't you know that I belong arm in arm with you, baby?" "You can't outwait fate." "A sunset couldn't save me now."
  25. Kaile

    Aw, people know who I am! I'm shocked & flattered! Regina has been a huge inspiration to me in my music... Before I started listening to her & playing her songs on piano, my songwriting style was very bland & boring. I'd only write about what was happening to me directly. Since becoming obsessed with her a few years ago, I've learned that songwriting can be just as creative and out-there as fictional storytelling.