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  1. Ah I was just thinking about what I would get if I were to consider a Regina-related tattoo. It's a definite obvious choice but "you are my sweetest downfall" would be one of the major possibilities for me. Also "you can't outwait fate." (I'm more into small text tats than images, especially since Regina writes such beautiful lyrics)

  2. quote:
    Originally posted by andreseng:

    Originally posted by kali mac:

    Ace Young singing whatever song he is doing on the Jerry Lewis telethon. wtf. Why is this guy famous?

    Wasn't he on American Id-iot?

    AB - reg

    Yep. Sad to say, that was the best season of AI to date. (But not because of him. Shudder.)

    Tegan and Sara - Nineteen (acoustic)

    a.k.a. the song that makes me truly & deeply appreciate Sara's talent for harmonizing

  3. Empress of the World by Sara Ryan is pretty much my favorite book ever - followed closely by Hard Love by Ellen Wittlinger. Both were a great comfort to me when I came out as bisexual earlier this year. So well-written and real. Each and every character is perfectly crafted.

  4. My collection is all small & sad compared to yours...


    BTH special edition

    Mary Ann Meets the Gravediggers (autographed!)

    Live at the Bull Moose

    Other merch:

    Red Russian doll tee


    2 little buttons

    & a framed photo of me with Regina Smiler

    & a shirt I designed & stenciled myself

    &, soon, a respektonline shirt!

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    Originally posted by PerksOfAWallflower:

    and also youre going to think im a freak for mentioning this.. but i was watching your youtube the other day.. your cute interviews.. and thought it very wierd.....my moms name is Elaine too! ive never known any other Elaine other than my mother. maybe its a more popular name in canada? i just thought that was kind of funny. AND i have a little brother that plays the drums.. also wierd.

    Wow that's crazy. It's not really a popular name here either.. my mom's the only one I've ever heard of besides the Seinfeld character.

    p.s. I explained the kali but not the mac. Frankly I have no idea where the mac came from. I was a disillusioned, hallucinating adolescent.

  6. I'm a member of the ReSpektOnline.com team & just wanted to say, if you end up releasing the audio, we'd be very happy to host it so people can download it. E-mail us at respektonline [at] gmail [dot] com if you're interested.

  7. omgggg.

    Let's become a barbershop quartet.

    We'll work out all the harmonies beforehand, so we'll just jump in & start singing with her when she starts. And then she'll look surprised for a moment, but then she'll keep going, and we'll finish the song. After the show, she'll approach us and say, "You guys are so good! You should be a permanent part of my show!" We, of course, will say yes, and will tour around the world with Regina forevermore.

    Wistful sigh.