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  1. What are you listening to right now?

    i'm listening to a playlist of what everyone else said they were listening to in this thread, starting at page 529 good way to find new music for sure edit:wow that consequence of sounds jam is great!!
  2. Six Thoughts...

    1_i need to do work 2_i'm procrastinating by catching up on brumstix 3_it reminds me of senior year in high school 4_and how i tried to be so hip back then 5_but in hindsight i think i was actually pretty cool 6_i wanna be cool again
  3. Anders Griffen

    anders griffen is fantastic
  4. What are you Eeting right now?

    Watermelon: 1. quenches your thirst 2. washes your face 3. makes you have to pee
  5. pictures and videos of interest...

    i just randomly came to this video and it made me really happy it's surprising how happy little things make me.
  6. pictures and videos of interest...

    i don't think i can ever get caught up with all i've missed
  7. who have you converted to Reginaism?

  8. who have you converted to Reginaism?

    ooh, ne me quitte pas is a good first example...nice and upbeat. i'll have to try it. also hotel song.... tried that and all the person took out of it was the cocaine lyric....... -__- the call is good, but you're right - it's not the most typical of her work
  9. Freshmeat at College. tips?

    yeah, seriously - it's refreshing. branch out. it's a great opportunity for growth
  10. Six Thoughts...

    1. i have about 52398620672036 posts to read to get caught up again with this forum. 2. getting excited to go back to school 3. getting sad to leave home 4. getting lonely at home 5. if you repeat a word again and again, it loses its meaning 6. apparently this also works with heartbreak
  11. Freshmeat at College. tips?

    quote: Originally posted by Sgtcampsalot: -Also, one big thing to remember, is that all the class-systems, and social pressures that existed in High School DO NOT apply here any more! agreed. be yourself, have fun, work hard, people will like you.
  12. Wee Rants

    the boy i like likes me then doesn't then likes me then doesn't... sigh.
  13. Barnes & Noble (NYC), August 18, 2009

    dammit i didn't know about thissss. i was at this barnes & noble like last week!!
  14. who have you converted to Reginaism?

    a lot of my friends/family don't like her voice.. (rather they simply don't understand her unparalleled talent) any suggestions on how to convert them? even when i show them a more mainstream example like fidelity... (i knew that the screaming at the end of The Virgin Queen might scare them off even though it still gives me tingles).. so i went with something poppy and likeable - and STILL they don't enjoy/understand i dunno, maybe some people will just never get it? i'll never understand
  15. new music suggestions