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    Regina, I hope you take a nice long rest, and enjoy time at home with your family, and friends. you have been giving your fans 110% for a while now. It is time now for you to rest for as long as you need too, and enjoy just waking up in your home, to a hot bowl of home made soup and your family. OK.. Now a Question for the Forum... If someone were to send Regina a get well gift, is her manager "Ron Shapiro" the point of contact, and will his office really get the item sent, to Regina? Has onyone here ever tried to send anything to Regina? (Letters, gifts etc...?) Thanks.
  2. Hammerstein 2007-10-16 - Flac Download

    For you MAC Users... here is a link to a FLAC to MP3 converter. You can download it as a trial for a few days, and convert FLACs to MP3. Tell you what.. the MP3 Conversion sounds good, but Dan's original FLAC files sound SO MUCH BETTER! In a pinch though, to put songs on your iPod, or to listen to them in a MP3 CD Player, the conversion is still quite enjoyable! Have PHUN!
  3. Hammerstein Ballroom

    quote: Originally posted by morricone1900: Sadly, I'm still using OS 10.3.9, and COG only works on 10.4 and above. I suppose I should upgrade to Tiger (I sort of refuse to upgrade to Leopard on my particular laptop), but that's not going to happen tonight! But thanks for the tip. Morricone1900, Check again..!!! I downloaded COG 0.05 - IT DOES work on 10.3.9 I am using it on 10.3.9 and it works GREAT!
  4. 5 Questions to Regina Spektor - Interview on Oct 4, 2007

    I guess so. WOW.
  5. Regina vs. Tori

    An interesting little competition I just ran into. Thought I would Share it. (Regina is in the lead... albeit I do Like them BOTH!... but I like Regina better!)
  6. Regina vs. Tori

    An interesting little competition I just ran into. Thought I would Share it. (Regina is in the lead... albeit I do Like them BOTH!... but I like Regina better!)
  7. Hammerstein Ballroom

    OK OK OK... ater reading all your posts, I had to see what was so incredible about FLAC, and Dan's recording, that I did it! See my post here. DAN!!!.. check your Paypal account. I sent a little something your way. Everyone else.. you might want to note that Dan has a cool little Paypal Donation thingy on the right column of his web site. Anyone who can show him a little love.. I am sure he would appreciate it. (Especially if you downloaded the concert. .
  8. Hammerstein 2007-10-16 - Flac Download

    OH, and this is where I started, after a friend referred me here.. TONS of FLAC stuff for any type of computer or OS. Enjoy
  9. Hammerstein 2007-10-16 - Flac Download

    DAN, FANTASTIC RECORDING!!!!!... I just invested about 45 minutes to figure out how to get something for my MAC that will play these files! Shit, it is like I am standing right back in my spot 30 feet from Regina, barely left of center.... LOVE IT. Thanks! ANY of you MAC users out there.. here is what I finally found, and downloaded. Took all of 5 minutes to download, install, and begin playing Dan's Files.
  10. Hammerstein Ballroom

    quote: Originally posted by mooebon: quote: Originally posted by Mark C (PuzzleMaker): I look forward to hearing any recordings... I assume you saw the post above by Dan Lynch?? He made a beautiful recording of the whole thing!! And Morricone has a great one of Small Town Moon, which was my favorite of the night. Mooebon, Yes, I saw Dan's Post. I downloaded his FLAC files, and appreciate his efforts, however I do not have time to try to figure out how to listen to them on my MAC. I also have no clue how to convert them. Bummer. I guess I am stuck, patiently waiting for someone to post usable MP3s for me to enjoy.
  11. Hammerstein Ballroom

    WOW!!!!! What a Show! Got there kind of Late... I wsa in line down by the Subway Sandwich store, at the end of the block near 9th. While in line, the girl in front of me and I got to talking a little. Turns out she went to Highschool wirh Regina. Too COOL!. I can not remember the last time I stood in one place for so darn long without moving an inch. It took me over an hour to get the feeling back in my legs. But I would do it a million times over to see such a great show. I look forward to hearing any recordings... She was sure into messing up a lot tonight... too cute. What energy she had.. WOW WOW WOW.. she was totally psyched to be playing in NYC....
  12. Boston?

    Two writeups about the Boston Show. BOSTON GLOBE Story BOSTON HERALD Story
  13. Boston?

    Interesting event in Boston.. not about the actual Show, but rather, Regina's unique night in Boston during her visit.
  14. Hammerstein Ballroom

    Mooebon, Hey there. Thanks for the Heads up. I'll be bringing the Extra ticket with me. I am wearing a LOUD Red Ferarri Formula ONE Racing Shirt, and I am pretty tall as well. (6'3") MY cousin is 6'4" so we should stand out in a crowd so to speak. If you know anyone who needs a single ticket, just have them look for me. I hope to get there around 4:30 - 5:30 or so to get a decent chance of being up close. Have a great time tonight everyone. I am looking forward to possibly meeting a few of you that I currently only know by reading your posts. If you see me (It will be hard to miss me.), do not hesitate to say Hello! Ciao.
  15. Hammerstein Ballroom

    Mooebon, Did you get a ticket for the Show? It is 5PM Sunday Afternoon, and my friend and I just spoke. He will not be able to make it down with me. Work has him too busy. Thus I have ONE extra Floor Ticket. Let me know how I can get in touch with you so we can exchange Cell #s. or something. I plan to get into the City between 3:00 and 5:00. Want to walk around and do a little photography possibly. OK... let me know if you want it.