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  1. Name that Reg Tune... in other words

    "If I don't get my socks on right, they slide right off of my fee-ee-ee-eet..." - Carbon Monoxide "The undertakers are becoming glued to the apparatus, the leftovers are getting small, smaller..."
  2. 20 Years of Snow

    Haha... sorry. xD I have a pretty dark mind...
  3. regina lyric chain game!

    "Good night my lover, good night my son..." - Ain't No Cover
  4. Similar songs to "Pavlov's Daughter"

    "Consequence of Sounds" from Songs is kind of a sequel to "Pavlov's Daughter". Regina's back to rapping and apparently, the gravediggers are still getting stuck in the machine even though it's a whole other daydream...
  5. regina lyric chain game!

    Oh, there's nothing like emptying a cartridge at the sun... - Uh-Merica
  6. Name that Reg Tune... in other words

    "I need your money... it'll help me..." - Ode to Divorce And the exceptionally intelligent neighbor was unconscious, concocting that the remedy was: 'la petite mort'.
  7. Pavlov's Daughter

    Something I found interesting that might explain the recurring "gravediggers" in Regina's songs: Maybe the gravediggers are representing a critical inner voice? Here in Pavlov's Daughter they're screaming her name, as if taunting her. And then they're back in Consequence of Sounds, where she talks about how her rhyme ain't good just yet, her brain and tongue aren't friends so far and she can't always say what she means and the gravediggers are "still getting stuck in the machine", always following her, repeating her name and reminding her of her flaws even though it's a "whole other daydream". "Whatdja think all the gravediggers were gone? Just 'cause one song is done, there's always another one, waiting right around the bend 'till this one ends then it begins squeaky clean and it starts all over again..." I think the gravediggers are the "clowns" or "fools" ( in her mind that always taunt her and keep trying to get the better of her, especially when writing songs or lyrics...
  8. 20 Years of Snow

    I actually was not too fond of this song the first time I heard it and I had no idea what it was about... but then I heard the demo version and it became my favorite thing ever. When I heard the demo I suddenly had a clear picture in my mind of what I thought it was about: "He's a wounded animal He lives in a matchbox He's a wounded animal And he's been coming around here He's a dying breed He's a dying breed.." Okay, so I think the song is mostly sung from the POV of a teenage boy living in a town in the south and he's describing these two people that start to move into the town - a father and daughter. He first describes the father and how emotionally wounded he is (probably from his wife leaving/dying), like a little animal (the matchbox may have something to do with him being a smoker). But he describes him as a "dying breed". Even though it's clear he's been wounded somehow, lives in a cloud of smoke, he's a good, well-meaning person and there's not many people like him in the world. "His daughter is twenty years of snow falling She's twenty years of strangers looking into each other's eyes She's twenty years of clean She never truly hated anyone or anything..." Now he describes his daughter. She is twenty years of pure... clean... she's a virgin, and the "stranger" line probably means that she's never meaningfully had a connection with someone. She doesn't even know what "hate" feels like. She's been trapped in a "snow globe" her whole life, longing to truly see what's truly out in the outside world. It is almost unreal how pure she is. Since his father is wounded and has lost everything, he is the one who keeps her in this perpetual "snow globe", trying to keep her perfect and protected as she is the only thing he has in the world. "She's a dying breed She's a dying breed..." Now, here, when the music changes, this gives me the impression that the teenage boy singing the song is in love in her and how there are not enough people in the world like her. "She says, I'd prefer the moss I'd prefer the mouth A baby of the swamps A baby of the south..." Okay, now here's when the POV switches over to the daughter. This is where we hear her side of the story. She is twenty years of clean, but she does not want to be. She "prefers the moss", she wants to see something REAL, she wants to experience the world truly for what it is - not the distorted view of which her father only wants her to see through the "snow globe". She continues to talk of the south, the swamps, the mouth etc. as the things that she really wants to see and experience. "I'm twenty years of clean I never truly hated anyone or anything Twenty years of clean Twenty years of clean..." In the demo version when Regi sings this, it sounds exactly like an admission and a plea. As if the daughter is saying to the teenage boy, "Look, please... I'm twenty years of clean. I've never got to 'hate' or 'feel' anything. Please. I need to." And the teenage boy doesn't approve, because he loves her for what she already is and is scared for her, but eventually she somehow gets free, either the boy helps her or she does it herself. "But I got to get me out of here This place is full of dirty old men And the navigators with their mappy maps And moldy heads and pissing on sugar cubes..." This is when she realizes that she's made a mistake. She is somewhere (a bar or a club probably) where dirty old men are staring at her, everything is filthy and she now feels more trapped than she ever has in her life. "While you Stare at your boots And the words float out like holograms And the words float out like holograms And the words float out like holograms They say, feel the waltz Feel the waltz Come on, baby, baby, now feel the waltz Feel the waltz Feel the waltz Come on, baby, baby, now feel the waltz..." She's trying to get out of wherever she is, staring down at her boots. The words flying out like holograms are the dirty old men talking to her trying to get her attention. They're saying to her "feel the waltz" and forcing her to dance with them and they possibly rape her. The end with "uh uh uhh uhhh uhhh uhhhhhhh..." is probably her being raped and losing her innocence. She is no longer "clean".
  9. Name that Reg Tune... in other words

    "And Michael, and Mary, and Bugsy, and Buster were occupied..." - The Soup (good one!)
  10. It's listed on as a compilation of the White Sessions from 2005 and 2009, unofficially released in France: EDIT: Yeah, what kaoir said.
  11. Name that Reg Tune... in other words

    "And also a dog!" - The Bronx "Our absence will not be observed due to the fact that we fail to possess any type of occupation that is unceasing."
  12. regina lyric chain game!

    I'll put on a fake mustache; I'll drink Heineken, eat cornflakes... - Aching to Pupate
  13. The Complete Spektography - Every. Single. Song.

    quote: Originally posted by Common Loon: Hey guys! I have a couple of dumb questions. First: Where can I find the Hotel Song demo? The posts I've found where people were offering it had links that either had expired or were from Megaupload. Second: There's an official pre-Begin to Hope version of "Uh-Merica" out there somewhere, right? I can't find the "Carbon Monoxide" single it's supposedly attached to on iTunes or Amazon. Here is a link to the Hotel Song demo. The "Uh-Merica" version you're talking about (which was attached to the Carbon Monoxide single) was actually just a live version - not a "studio" recorded one. It was from a concert she did at Irving Plaza on September 15th, 2005. That file is also included for download in the above link (although its a version recorded by a fan that I found on That single unfortunately isn't available in iTunes U.S., just overseas.
  14. Music Box is checked off in the original post... has that version really been found?!