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  1. Chicago/Grand Rapids/Cleveland

    I imagine that would have been my reaction if it had happened to me (I'm really short, I would have seen nothing had I not been up front). Fortunately, my two friends and I arrived rather early (I'd guess 3PM) after a long road trip and chatted with someone in the ticket window who informed us of it. Given that we needed dinner anyways, it worked nicely. And I'd agree that she definitely enjoys when people sing along to an extent - you can sometimes even see her form a smile when the rouse picks up a bit in the lively songs, but she definitely has a limit, and some songs just need their quiet atmosphere to accompany them. As far as requests and such, I'd imagine she's aware of them, because even Jack was joking about how she knows everybody wants her to play certain songs (..which was followed by jokes of using old copies of 11:11 as coffee coasters. He assured us he was joking, but I still can't help but cry on the inside).
  2. Chicago/Grand Rapids/Cleveland

    Oh Marcello was sung in Cleveland, I believe she skipped over Hotel Song due to being flustered with the audience.
  3. Cleveland HoB October 12, 2012

    It's funny, because judging by your video, I was just slightly to the left of you, and I definitely remember the constant singing (I was mouthing the words myself, not audible though, I'm awful lol), but all that talking was not going around right where I was. Maybe I was just so lost in the performance that I didn't notice, but listening to your audio makes me feel like I was at a different performance entirely, so odd..
  4. Cleveland HoB October 12, 2012

    My friend took this, though you can pretty much tell what the dress looks like from the first picture on the page. It was a really cute outfit indeed.
  5. Cleveland HoB October 12, 2012

    She was absolutely flawless and fantastic, not that I really expected otherwise. When she came out afterwards to meet the fans who were waiting, she was really brief and only signed things (no pictures ) because they "wanted to keep her warm". To be fair, it was pretty nippy. Meeting her again briefly was still such a great experience, and I now have Soviet Kitsch signed. Hurray! :3