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  1. Chicago/Grand Rapids/Cleveland

    Chicago was surprisingly calm! There were so many tickets available, and it was kind of cool. I wasn't completely sure if I was going to go initially, so I didn't buy any in advance like I had for Cleveland and Calvin. But I found some great seats off a guy on Craigslist, and only wanted face value for them. I more than happily obliged. I'm really happy there were no shanangins or anything like you had mentioned! As for Cleveland, if I had known what the situation was going to be with the letting the people in early and all, ahead of those that had waited in line, I would have left in a heartbeat to buy some stupid garbage in their store. I thought I had an advantage for arriving so early. I guess it was just incredibly disappointing to find out it did not make much of a difference. I'll keep that in mind next time I attend any show at the House of Blues. The people yelling during the show there were definitely not shouting terms of endearment. It's like they were ordering her around, and maybe drank too much or something. That's super exciting she loves it when people sing along (mostly because I LOVE singing along.) **On a side note, there is one thing that really bothers me when people singing along, and it's mostly on the song 'Us.' I sang in choirs for 14 years of my life, and one thing that really stuck with me is not to hold on to the 's' sound when singing. It just sounds like a big hiss or something. haha but I guess that is just a personal issue. It's still really awesome when everyone sings along. In response to Jack, I want to believe what he says so badly. It is so difficult for me to believe that it at least doesn't bother him on some level. And it really is their loss for not listening! Not only have his songs grown on me these past two weeks, but I seriously wish I could just have a conversation with him because he has to be one of the funniest guys alive. I'd love to hear his sarcastic remarks to just everyday life. Also, I really wish I could have attended the Milwaukee show. It sounded like another good time! Plus, I love the thought of anonymously meeting other members of the forum here.
  2. Chicago/Grand Rapids/Cleveland

    This is my first attempt at a topic post, so please be gentle. I'm sorry if I break some etiquette rules! I'm also sorry if this ends up to be a bit lengthy. First, let me start off by saying I went to see these three shows because I had the time and resources available...and Regina is just that awesome to me. However, after seeing these three shows, you can tell she has a very different enthusiasm level for different shows depending upon the atmosphere. The first concert I ever attended was practically perfect in every way (Upper Darby, PA this past May), and honestly I cannot recall the details that specifically to judge it side-by-side with these three shows. So the comparison will only be between these three shows and my own observations and interpretations. The Cleveland concert (my hometown) was something I had eagerly anticipated the moment the tour was announced. I knew I could plan it better and improve upon what I thought I didn't have the chance to experience while in Upper Darby. The House of Blues was a general admission, standing-room venue (with some reserved seats, but why sit so far away when you have a chance to be right at the stage?!) that kept the audience to a relatively small and intimate gathering. However, because it was general admission, I knew my spot would be based on how early I was willing to get there. I wanted to be first in line...but since I had to compromise with my friends who were willing to accompany me, we made it there two hours early and was tenth in line rather than first. oh well. haha Now I had thought this would basically secure a spot along the rail right at the stage, and I would get to take great pictures and have the best seat in the house. Little did I know that the House of Blues would sabotage my plans. They had informed people that if they spend $20 in their gift shop, they would be given an advantage to go in before the line that had formed. I did not expect a hundred people to have been let in before myself when the doors opened at seven. This was probably the most disappointing aspect of the show. It wasn't even only the fact these people were let in earlier, but some of them at the front were definitely not her biggest fans in the world, and continued to interrupt the show. Don't get me wrong, I feel like Regina was a trooper - keeping her cool the whole night and sounding magnificent as always - but there were glares towards stage right at the front of the crowd because they kept talking. I did not know this until later, but I'm fairly certain 2 songs were not sung that night. (Oh Marcello and Hotel Song). If these were sung in Cleveland, please feel free to remind me. I just cannot remember them though. After the show, she was really unable to stay long (I had originally attributed it to the cold and less-than-desirable weather), but maybe Cleveland fans had upset her enough that she didn't want to stay? That is all just speculation though. Anyway, I think opinion developed about the Cleveland show only after seeing the other two. ------------------------ Honestly, I cannot believe no one has posted from the Grand Rapids show! That was a show full of energy, and just incredible enthusiasm from the crowd and herself! She might have been a little sick or something, but you could definitely tell Regina was more than smiley about the show! (Maybe because it was Mathias' birthday and everyone had had a few drinks?) Regardless, the show was super awesome and she wore the dress that she wore in the Ne Me Quitte Pas video! Does everyone know what I'm talking about? If I ever get my pictures uploaded, you can see about what I am speaking. (Is that grammatically correct? Sorry, my mind wanders.) Really though, the show was fantastic, she was jamming out for a little while just to life, had a fun story about jumping on a trampoline in Detroit with her friend's little kid, and so much more giggly than the Cleveland show! Afterwards, there were about 20 of us that waited out in the cold to meet her, and she was more than happy to take pictures with us all and sign everyone's items. It was really cool to see some of the things people brought too! I'm pretty sure she signed someone's credit card, a girl had a copy of the Survival Guide to Soviet Kitsch, and another guy had a vinyl of Soviet Kitsch (at least I think it was that album). The group waiting was really talkative and really friendly. Also, none of the people that were waiting after the show claimed to go to Calvin College. Maybe we're all just crazy fans. ------------------------ For Chicago, the venue was incredibly beautiful, and the crowd I think was of 5,000 people-ish? This one had a little more noise to it though. People were still walking in the theater up until Jack's final song (maybe even after), and during the show people were still slightly chatty. However it was definitely a show that you could tell Regina was super lively! Maybe it was because she was really excited her 91-year-old family friend was in the audience, or maybe just loves the city of Chicago? (Both very acceptable reasons to me.) Whatever the case may be, she was really happy and even seemed extra talkative with the audience that night. She shared a few random stories with the crowd (one about the Scorpions and what she thinks every time she says hello to the city of Chicago, and some fun interactions with her Microphone tech guy and Jack). After the show she waited for every single person again to give an autograph and take pictures if they wanted. You could tell she was a walking zombie by the time everyone was finished though. She's just sooo freaking nice though! Basically still an amazing role model to me. Hopefully she'll go on tour again near me and I'll be more than happy to see her again. ----------------------- After my little tour, I wish I could have a little question and answer session with her. Maybe some of you have the same questions? (or maybe they've been answered long-ago and I just haven't read them) 1. Do you hate it when audience members shout out song suggestions? 2. Does it bother you when the audience sings along? 3. How do I become a roadie/employed by your tour? haha Also, I feel like I want to ask Jack some questions (more the social-scientist in me I guess), but I don't know if it is taboo or not! Please tell me someone has the same feelings about the subject of opening for his wife and having people still walk in the concert while he's performing his opening set. After hearing Jack, he is freaking hilarious! That's both on-stage and after the show. You can tell he has a great sense of humor and loves interacting with everyone that comes to talk with him after the show. Anyway, that's my gargantuan post. Here's one picture I have that I really like. Hope you all enjoy it too! (hopefully I posted it correctly too!)
  3. Need Cleveland Tix

    I wish I had tickets for everyone here! I really hope I see you all down there! And by see you, I mean we can all talk about our experience there on this forum, and maybe meet each other unknowingly as we wait until hours after the show for a chance to see her. :) I really hope you all can make it!
  4. Cleveland HoB October 12, 2012

    This is awesome! A new forum is up, and only one day until I get to see her again! I can't wait and I hope everyone that wanted a ticket, got one! I hope to see everyone there!
  5. 2012 Fall Tour

    I'm a little sad to see not everywhere has sold out immediately on pre-sale, but very glad to see there is a lot of hype in Cleveland! I'm lucky enough to have gotten four beautiful tickets. (which were all general admission in case anyone was curious.) I hope to see at least a few of you there. And who knows, I might make the effort to come to the show in Gran Rapids as well on Monday. Is anyone going to that show?
  6. 2012 Fall Tour

    Only a little more than seven hours! I'm slightly excited. I'm hoping they are general admission tickets too. I really would prefer to stand up close to the stage than sit in seats. You know, be a little closer to someone so perfect.
  7. 2012 Fall Tour

    The pre-sale will sell extremely fast. The regular tickets, probably still fast. Also, I'm curious what will be available for the House of Blues pre-sale. It's a standing room theater, with a small number of reserved seats on the second floor. I kind of don't want seats on the second floor, as I'd rather be right up front and close to the stage. Does anyone think they will be general admission tickets that are sold pre-sale to the Cleveland show? (or maybe anyone that has experience with pre-sales for this type of venue?)
  8. 2012 Fall Tour

    quote: Originally posted by savannahspektor: I noticed that the Grand Rapids show says all ages next to it and its the only one. Im thirteen (almost fourteen so it sucks), does that mean i cant go if it doesnt say all ages?! Or do I have to be a certain age?? Ugh. If I can't go I'm gonna be really pissed off I think it really depends on the venue and whether or not if they serve alcohol. However, since you'll be with adults (presumably over 21), you will probably have no problem going to the concert.
  9. 2012 Fall Tour

    Does anyone know what the cost of pre-sale tickets will be in Cleveland? Should I expect the price LiveNation tells me? Or is anyone thinking they will be a different price?
  10. 2012 Fall Tour

    quote: Originally posted by Barth: quote: Originally posted by Wishful Friend: Does anyone know if there are some sort of VIP tickets available for any of the shows? Because I'm more than willing to spend the money to be backstage during her show and meet her again. That would not be very reg-like, would it? To let people pay more to get closer to her? I wasn't sure. Though I can't really speak as to what her thoughts are. I guess I was just hoping such a thing existed. Oh well. I'm still very excited to see her again! And to Savannahspektor, I just waited outside where her tour bus was and she was nice enough to take pictures with everyone. It was an experience of a lifetime for me, and I'm hoping this time it's even better.
  11. 2012 Fall Tour

    Does anyone know if there are some sort of VIP tickets available for any of the shows? Because I'm more than willing to spend the money to be backstage during her show and meet her again.
  12. 2012 Fall Tour

    I think this was the best news I could have possibly come home to tonight. I'm pretty sure I think about meeting her again on a daily basis. Cleveland is probably a sure thing for me, but what about Gran Rapids and Chicago? Anyone down for all those shows? I know I'll never be able to get enough! I'm so happy right now!!!! I'm sure everyone else feels pretty similar.
  13. Luzern - KKL - 20 July

    Aw, Joga! This was such a sad story!! I'm so sorry your fan art was not taken personally by her! I'm positive she would have been so grateful to have it too. Hopefully she's on a quest right now to find you and thank you herself! I'm really happy you got to see her live. I still think it's an experience we all should have. Hopefully you'll have another chance soon.
  14. Introduce Yourself! Brümstix Questionnaire

    Stats Name or nickname: Tom Age: 25 Gender: Male Orientation: Straight Location: Cleveland, Ohio Languages: English Life Occupation: Property and Preservation Specialist Interests: singing, board games, traveling, practically every sport Political Views: I would believe it's pretty progressive, but have dreams for a much better government than the two-party system. Maybe one day that everyone will actually work together for logical goals, and no more back-room deals and honest, open policies. Maybe I'm just an ideologue. Lead by example, right? We can do it, people! Religious Views: Theist. Most of the religions have great ideas at their core. Favorite Things Foods: Authentic Asian cuisine. Especially seafood and sushi. Color: Blue Books: Crime and Punishment has always stuck with me, but Harry Potter will always hold a special place in my heart. There are always the classics, but now I mostly read crime mystery novels. TV: Satirical comedies (The Daily Show and Colbert Report) but dramas with good story lines are always entertaining to me. I wish the networks would give them a chance to actually play out a story before they cancel the show! Geez! Movies: I love watching terrible horror films! I don't know why, but they are just incredibly funny to me. But all time favorite is Shawshank Redemption. Mostly because of Morgan Freeman though. Like Regina, most anything he decides to do is golden. Music: Besides Regina? I really love a cappella and barbershop music. Musicals are great, but most any music for me, even the occasional country music or rap song is even entertaining. Misc Origin or meaning of your Username: no idea. I'm not good with coming up with names on the spot. Haha sorry! First time you heard Regina: My good friend gave me "On the Radio" on a mix cd she gave me in 2007 I think. I have been in love ever since. Top 5 Regina Spektor songs: On the Radio, One More Time With Feeling, Ne Me Quitte Pas, How, and The Call. Random fact about yourself: I own way too many ties. Who/What inspires you: I wish I knew someone specifically, but I admire Regina for all of her originality and determined attitude to do what she loves. Ghandi said, "Be the change you want to see in the world." So I will try my best! Best thing about last year: Discovering Reddit/Imgur maybe? Looking forward to this year: The Color Run is on Saturday! but I'm definitely looking forward to traveling to see another one of Regina's shows this year! Also, I'm really glad to be a part of this community. Thank you all.
  15. Regina on the Colbert Report June 7th

    quote: Originally posted by RJLupin2: It's up on their website now! The bonus song's Ballad of a Politician, by the way! Makes sense. Hahahahahahahaha oh geez. She's so political...but I love it. Also, I love seeing her perform live, and that was a great song choice for the show.