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  1. Regina-inspired ART WORK!!!

    "My Dear Acquaintance..."
  2. Regina-inspired ART WORK!!!

    "One More Time With Feeling"
  3. Regina-inspired ART WORK!!!

    "Time Is All Around"
  4. Our Regina art.

    Thanks kateatyou and kaoir! wow.. feeling the love already! lol Thanks for the warm welcome kaoir!!! i really appreciate it. Kateatyou i used pencil crayons and chalk pastels for "Time Is All Around" and "My Dear Acquaintance" and only pencil crayons (on black paper) for "One More Time With Feeling" I gave a friend the "One More Time With Feeling" piece because her mom died of cancer recently, and she told me that the hospital room her mom stayed in looked exactly like the one in the picture... (needless to say i was kinda shocked)
  5. Our Regina art.

    as many have said before... FINALLY!!!!! i found the thread! XD lol ok so i had been listening to her songs while doing these pieces: "Time Is All Around" "My Dear Acquaintance" "One More Time With Feeling"
  6. Regina Painting :P

    its all been said already... but this is awesome! i did a few pics of my own: http://reginaspektor.infopop.c...107688/m/99910059621 but this is really kl
  7. This a Regina Drawing

    niice i like!
  8. Im an aspiring graphic artist/illustrator from Jamaica, and a HUUUUUGE fan of Regina Spektor and her music Well i dedicate this photo album to art works i have done inspired by Regina Spektor and her songs and i encourage everyone else out there to feel free to post any artwork as well that you have done yourself or even found online I hope you all enjoy it and i'm looking forward to hearing from you guys
  9. my drawings of regina

    i cant see any of the images in this thread!!! i really would like to see the art everyone has been going so crazy about... HELP!