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  1. misheard lyrics

    Just realised today that for a veeery long time I thought "when you OD'ed" means orgasm. LOL. I had no idea, I'm way to naive
  2. Regina songs that are hard to listen to

    Lately I'm having a heard time listening to Chemo Limo (though I always loved it and still love it so much, but...) - it just makes me REALLY sad. OMG, what you're saying about 'Buildings', I will listen to it in a totally different way!!
  3. School Is Out

    I love this song SOOOO MUCH, too. And I didn't know about the controversy, just found it on youtube one day and fell in love with it, maybe because it feels so much like me I guess. The lyrics and melody combined perfectly transport that feeling... I don't get the meaning of all the lines (but when do I ever in Regi's songs) but the "teddy bear heaven" line I got kinda wrong first, and thought it maybe was about a schoolfriend who had died as a kid. I like your interpreations a lot better!
  4. misheard lyrics

    Oops I got it wrong then... (Good!) Cause I thought I was a bit crazy haha. Oh god, the way she sings those lines kill me a bit... Thanks, now the meanies make sense too
  5. Introduce Yourself! Brümstix Questionnaire

    quote: Originally posted by almostspotless: Me too actually, I've been super into British tv. I was a bit late on the Downton Abbey bandwagon and just got into it a few weeks ago, but I watched the first and second seasons in about 3 days. Completely addicted. Just a few weeks ago? Oh I can understand your addiction then. It's better to be late with a show because you don't have to wait for the new season as long as the others Haha. I tend to "marathon" tv shows too. It's the best!! The new episodes of DA will be lovely... sighh
  6. misheard lyrics

    hey ho, it's way past midnight but isn't that the proper time to stick around here? I just read throught that section and realized how often I'm wrong jeez. I should put up a challenge for myself: Properly learn 1 Regina song every day! The first thing I wanted to say was, that until the concert 2 days ago I had never doubted she sang "it didn't matter that our anger couldn't even reach the bottom of a bathtub" instead of ANKER! Idk, she kinda pronounced it less softly during the concert and suddenly it hit me! But on the album I never would've thought about the obvious, lol. And isn't it kinda nice and poetic, how the anger doesn't reach the bottom? 2nd... quote: Originally posted by ThisIsHowItWorks: In Chemo Limo, I always heard the line "Michael sat on my knees and whispered to me all about the meanies" as "My kids sat on my knees and whispered to me all about the meaning." OMG, are you serious, it's NOT ?? Nooooo, my world breaks a little bit apart! I seriously always heard Michael, also meanies, though I had no idea what that could be For a very long time I always heard "This shit is making me dead" instead of TIRED and I admit I was a bit disappointed when I found out because "dead" seemed "stronger." In 20 years of Snow I heard 'boots' but, regarding the words flowing out of them, books def makes more sense "sure likes the spa" that one as well! "complimentary souls" and that one! complimentary souls, that's nice too, like they are so similar, those bastards... "But I love a mother." And finally this one. I hear that too!! Definitely though, it sounds so much like it.... (good night good people)
  7. i love you all.

    Oh, this is lovely, a thread to express your love! ♥ I am just at the moment digging deeper into these pages and I'm so happy, I would want to read everything at once if I had the time!! The discussions about songs and their meanings make me so happy and remind me how much they mean to me ugh, that almost makes me cry, at least a bit teary I swear. Such beautiful songs and lyrics and I don't really know any people to discuss them with so it's nice to read your opinions! Love you all even I don't know you yet!
  8. Introduce Yourself! Brümstix Questionnaire

    quote: Originally posted by almostspotless: Oh good, now we can sing it in our heads together! Also, you like Downton Abbey? I am completely obsessed with it! So looking forward to the third season! I love a lot of british productions lately And yeah, I was so addicted to Downton Abbey that I watched the whole second series on New Year's Day. What a long time ago! Those tv shows always make you wait so long...
  9. Introduce Yourself! Brümstix Questionnaire

    quote: Originally posted by almostspotless: Whenever I see your username, I always sing it to the tune of "Amy Amy Amy" in my head hahahaa. Was that intentional, or am I just a nut? Omg Why haven't I thought of that. Unintentional but maybe subconsciously? I love that Gonna sing it too now hehee!
  10. 2012-07-18 Konzerthaus, Vienna

    Hi! Wow, thanks for the setlist! I tried to make one as well, but I ended up not being sure about a few songs, haha. My memory seems not the best anymore. But I was so happy when she played The Calculation and On the Radio so early on because I was thinking of those songs lately a lot ) Now I checked mine with yours and we have the same songs, except that for some reason I thought she also did 'One more time with feeling' but I'm probably wrong. Sadly I couldn't find any pictures online, the few news articles I read featured a totally different picture, please what?! Are you at home, too by now? Did you have a good trip with your mom? Yeah I finally got a cab when it was already 1 am and that was the best way to get to my friend's flat, I called her in her sleep and she let me in and thankgod, she wasn't mad We had to get up at 6.30 the next morning because she had to go to work, and I left Vienna for home pretty early too. I would've gone shopping but no shops open before 9 or 10!! So I was already on my way back home then. Ohhh! ) Have you already seen this video of 'Call them brothers'?? Just saw that it was there, I'm so happy...! I gotta go now! All the best
  11. Introduce Yourself! Brümstix Questionnaire

    boy I would've loved to know Regina since I was 13... *feels sorry for self* But yeah I'm new so I thought I'd do this. Stats Name or nickname: Eva (I was really not creative, can one change that afterwards? Age: born in summer of 1989 Relationship status: half-happy, half-sad single Location: a little place in Austria Languages: Austrian, German, English... Life Occupation: Farmer and occasional writer Hobbies: Internet, films, music ohh and books, if I got the time! Interests: everything and nothing Political Views: Idk, every person should have the same rights?! that's basically it. Religious Views: atheist or maybe agnostic, maybe Favorite Things Foods: vegetarian lasagne, homemade Color: Red, absolutely Books: John Irving. and others TV: this year? Once upon a time, Dr Who, Downton Abbey, Sherlock (just to name those who'll come back) Oh and I watched and loved Big Love. Movies: well good ones! (old/new/whatever) Music: FM4, Regina (she does get played there but not enough), Rufus Wainwright, 100s others like... (random!) Amy Winehouse, The White Stripes, Okkervil River, older stuff... Misc Origin or meaning of your Username: keeping that empty... First time you heard Regina: An episode of Grey's Anatomy when Addison told Callie she had an abortion. Haha. Later on the radio the same song (Fidelity) and having a lightbulb moment. Top 5 Regina Spektor songs: Hmm. Just gonna pick ones that come to my mind ok, Summer in the City. Wallet. Back of a Truck. Ghost of Corporate Future. 20 years of Snow. BYOS haha no I surely can't pick 5 tsss bcs srs I love them all. Random fact about yourself: My cat's name is Yentl. I regret nothing! Who/What inspires you: People who stand up for what they believe in, great art and talent, the beauty of the world Best thing about last year: my only "big" trips so far to Venice and Rome Looking forward to this year: Already happened, first the Rufus concert and now Regina!! A good year already
  12. My Regina (DIY) T-shirt

    Thanks guys, you are so sweet. I'll just stick to "for the amount of effort and time invested, it did turn out fine" so, this was the final version, with more clouds... I still can't quite believe Regina actually saw me in that. gahhhhhhh. Don't know if I'm more happy or embarrassed, LOL! I hope she was too tired to be able to see it properly haha. So, YES, we waited after the concert for her to come out and she signed stuff and seemed very tired but was lovely and it was an amazing concert, amazing night ) I uploaded some pics (but none from during the concert cos they always get fuzzy :/...) but I'll stalk the internet until I find some, she was so beautiful in the red blouse and long black skirt... blog-regina concert PS: I too, always thought that she'd first flip over the penny to make it a lucky one, and yeah then drops the dime, and the dollar, and so on
  13. My Regina (DIY) T-shirt

    Ok, I'm nuts. I'll have to take the train in 2,5 hours but I made this only 5 mins ago... my regi shirt I'm gonna add some more fluffy clouds since they actually look better than the big one... and then'll hopefully have the courage to wear this hahah...
  14. My Regina (DIY) T-shirt

    Oh wow, thanks guys !! Now if I had amazing drawing skills I would make two coins with the heads... maybe I'll find a way to put a sort of draft on my shirt first. Nevermind that the concert is in a bit more than 24 hours xD
  15. My Regina (DIY) T-shirt

    thanks! ^^ I wanted to write the whole Bear Spektor song but it's actually quite long, for writing it on a shirt! But ugh I love it hehe But I might as well try the penny now, it shouldn't be too hard to draw? B-) Cool! Hey thanks for that! I'll add a pic when I'm done! Oh I'm sure Vienna will be great!!)