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  1. July 15, 2012 Crocus City Hall, Moscow

    in the concert's video, at 1:13:00, during the repeat of Firewood, that stupid voice is heard clearly... quote: Originally posted by sweetness in my lungs: ^What happened during Firewood?
  2. July 15, 2012 Crocus City Hall, Moscow

    I finally came back at home after a long trip from Moscow to Italy... Jack was funny, he speaks russian badly as me - maybe чуть хуже :-) - Regina was amazing as ever... Great concert, of course, but I would kill the stupid that ruined "Firewood" the first time and tried to ruin also the second try... I arrived at Crocus City Hall very early, maybe I could have stand close to the scene but I didn't understand if the Fan Zone was for everyone or not... How it works??? P.S. Sorry for my awful english :-)
  3. July 14 Stereleto Festival St. Petersburg, Russia

    Oh, I much appreciate the fact that she wrote me a song I think for Regina it will be a special concert, she comes back in Moscow after so many years! And me also, I come back there after twenty years, in that times I was a young student of russian... that's another - small - connection with her :-)
  4. July 14 Stereleto Festival St. Petersburg, Russia

    hahaha after my first time in NY for the HIAS benefit, I'll go to Moscow in july ("if Regina doesn't go to Italy, then Marcello must go to Regina..."), I hope I bought a ticket (on-line, in russian: who knows... ) , so hopefully I'll tell you about russian welcome to Regina in a couple of months
  5. European Tour

    @ Moscow, the 15 July? Where it will be??? A festival?? I want to go there!!!
  6. Regina's Playlist & mini interview!

    yes, the interviewer has an overly-concise style :-) , but the interview continues (or begins) here:
  7. HIAS Benefit - 2/23/11

    quote: Originally posted by dentistgirl: Hello! It is good to have you here! Are you really coming all the way from Italy?! That's dedication, but she is totally worth it. =) Yessss!!! It will be my first live concert of Regi, so I'm very excited Ah, and I'm agree with you: she deserves it!
  8. HIAS Benefit - 2/23/11

    quote: Originally posted by Kateateyou: It's only about 25,000km (15,534 miles).. 212 day walk. And a little bit of kayaking over the Pacific Ocean. You're unlucky, I'll be there, my ticket has just arrived and only 7.300 km to go from my house to Frederick Rose Hall! P.S.Hello all, It's my first post, my name is Marcello (Oh, Marcello!... ), I'm from Messina, Italy... My english is awful, so I'm forced to be a lurker, sorry... But of course me too I love Regina ;-)