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  1. reg in the news

    Hey it's Regi's birthday, let's have a Party!
  2. Regina is everywhere

    Regina will be doing her version of the Beatles 'And your bird can sing' for Netflix this summer:
  3. Regina is everywhere

    Someone posted a nice compilation of their top 20 Regina songs; I commented on them
  4. reg in the news

    Very nice detailed and appreciative article from The Guardian today...
  5. The New Record

    Another one from the show (via twitter)
  6. The New Record

    From the benefit last night:
  7. The New Record

    Since it's been so quiet here, I figured it was time for a bit of encouraging news... This item: LPs are expected this year from the following artists: The Strokes, Beck, Loretta Lynn, The Jayhawks, Springsteen, Frank Sinatra, Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Regina Spektor, Sam Smith, Devo and Ty Segall. The article URL:
  8. Regina is everywhere

    Since it is has been quiet here and a New Year is almost upon us, I thought this would be a good time to post a mention of Regina's My Dear Acquaintance (scroll down to #13 on the list)
  9. Regina is everywhere

    Well, her other half (JacK Dishel) posts quite often on FB so I presumed all was OK. More info: Regina will be at the Largo theater next month for all of you lucky people in the area:
  10. Regina is everywhere

    Regina just posted this Happy Hanukkah post via FB and instagram:
  11. Regina is everywhere

    Regina is in some impressive company in this article from the UK Telegraph
  12. Regina on West Coast Next Month

    Just posted on YouTube... it gets better after the blurry opening...
  13. Regina is everywhere

    Nice Regina mention in this UK magazine...
  14. Regina is everywhere

    Nice article on Begin to Hope by someone who 'gets it'..
  15. Your Mood in Terms of Regina Songs

    Nice to see another senior Regina fan... I am halfway through the 'magical decade' (collecting Social Security) and Regina's music has helped me through a couple of difficult medical procedures and given me much joy in general. My condolences on your loss...
  16. Regina is everywhere

    Anyone who knows ANYTHING about Regina would realize the LAST thing she would want to do is offend anyone...
  17. Regina is everywhere

    I don't get the whole 'cultural appropriation shtick myself... is everybody supposed to march in goosestep conformity with what their particular ethnic group/background/religion is perceived to be??
  18. Hava Nagila - the movie

    Regina has always been proud of her Jewish roots and a long delayed release has finally been announced:
  19. Regina is everywhere

    Nice article which points out the wisdom of Regi's 'perfect body' reference from 'Folding Chair'
  20. pictures and videos of interest...

    One of my favorite Regina photos ever; just posted from Facebook:
  21. Thanksgivinggg

    Happy Thanksgiving from Regi via her Facebook page:
  22. New songs posted on youtube

    It is definitely delis without a doubt. Any real NY deli is open very late
  23. New songs posted on youtube lists the lyrics for Party Upstairs: "There's a party upstairs, and you can go if you want to," "Where everybody knows what to do, what not to say / Just how to move to make you stay / And if you do it, too, you can fade away / And disappear on a giant wave / And every person on the street is someone that you want to meet. I'm never going home again / There's nothing there for me."
  24. Alec Baldwin presented Regina with the award:
  25. Human of the Year!